Day By Day


Jan 1Not So Much As A Guess.
Jan 2Low Tech.
Jan 3Lessons.
Jan 4Hot Bot.
Jan 5Not There.
Jan 6TMI.
Jan 7O for Three.
Jan 8Burnin’ Down The House.
Jan 9Nukular Holocaust.
Jan 10Dr Evil.
Jan 11Brain Freeze.
Jan 12Space.
Jan 13Train Kept a Rollin’.
Jan 14Checks & Balances.
Jan 15Ironistran.
Jan 16Simple.
Jan 17DriveBy.
Jan 18Blue Red Cleavage.
Jan 19Savages!
Jan 20Transformers.
Jan 21Curves.
Jan 22President Holiday.
Jan 23The Bird.
Jan 24Keystone Kops.
Jan 25Big Guns.
Jan 26The Lesson.
Jan 27Wide Open
Jan 28The Transfer.
Jan 29Houston.
Jan 30Crosstalk.
Jan 31Rattler.
Feb 1Maiden America.
Feb 2Biden Levels.
Feb 3Up Against the Wall.
Feb 4You.
Feb 5Semi-Weird.
Feb 6Eraser.
Feb 7No Question.
Feb 8Spotify Sunset.
Feb 9Plane Nuz.
Feb 10Down With the Nuz.
Feb 11Okay, Then.
Feb 12Term Limits.
Feb 13Good Press.
Feb 14No Rules.
Feb 15Carpet Cleaner.
Feb 16Somewhere Else.
Feb 17Durty Dawg.
Feb 18Heads Up!
Feb 19Mandarin Orange Alert.
Feb 20Safety First.
Feb 21Keep On Truckin’.
Feb 22Thrown For A Loop.
Feb 23Patriot.
Feb 24Behind the 8 Ball.
Feb 25Nailed It.
Feb 26Padawans.
Feb 27As American as American Pie.
Feb 28Clown World.
Mar 1A Cut Above.
Mar 2The Devil’s Dictionary.
Mar 3The Birds.
Mar 4Hanging Around.
Mar 5Rocky Road.
Mar 6Thirsty.
Mar 7In The Know.
Mar 8Surrender.
Mar 9Credit Run.
Mar 10Statesman.
Mar 11The Mean.
Mar 12The Show Must Go On!
Mar 13Dial In the Adjustments.
Mar 14Under The Hood.
Mar 15Dust In the Wind.
Mar 16Icy Hot.
Mar 17The Prophet.
Mar 18It’s a Holdup.
Mar 19Few Words.
Mar 20Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.
Mar 21Democrat Beer Goggles.
Mar 22NeverLand.
Mar 23Peters.
Mar 24Wish.
Mar 25Get The Net.
Mar 26Mambo!
Mar 27Operators.
Mar 28U2?
Mar 29UNbelievable.
Mar 30Too Late.
Mar 31Expand On That.
Apr 1Rhetoric.
Apr 2Force of Will.
Apr 3Soaps.
Apr 4Vaxxidents.
Apr 5Sub it Out.
Apr 6Sunrise.
Apr 7Safe Sex.
Apr 8A Drink and a Show.
Apr 9Hindsight.
Apr 10Got to Earn those Wings.
Apr 11Babel.
Apr 12Young Bloods.
Apr 13Zer Tinder.
Apr 14Casablanca.
Apr 15The Silence of the Lambs.
Apr 16Roma.
Apr 17Apocalypse Now.
Apr 18Time Bomb.
Apr 19Praetorians.
Apr 20Up Front.
Apr 21We’re Fucked.
Apr 22Cute As a Button.
Apr 23Rabbit Runs.
Apr 24Dawgs Heel.
Apr 25Call It.
Apr 26Whistle While U Work.
Apr 27Vegas Rules.
Apr 28White Whine.
Apr 29Fast One.
Apr 30In Vina Veritas.
May 1The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.
May 2No S••t Sherlock.
May 3Stunning.
May 4Hard Times Ahead.
May 5License to Squeal.
May 6Ragtime.
May 7Amazons.
May 8Trophy Princesses.
May 9Living Room Talk.
May 10Short Time.
May 11The Hard Questions.
May 12Bugout.
May 13Cooked.
May 14Wasted.
May 15America’s Taken a Bath.
May 16Lunch Bullies.
May 17Carnies.