Jan 1Samoleons.
Jan 2Face the Music.
Jan 3Irony.
Jan 4Enemas of the State.
Jan 5Buggy.
Jan 6Got Sand?
Jan 7Save The Whales.
Jan 8Soopermarket.
Jan 9Turkey and Mayo.
Jan 10Tell Me.
Jan 11Every Race Is.
Jan 12The Promised Land.
Jan 13Hung.
Jan 14Trapped.
Jan 15Hang In There.
Jan 16Home on the Range.
Jan 17What Do You Do With Trash?
Jan 18The Sixth Sense.
Jan 19Drag Queens.
Jan 20Fifty Caliber.
Jan 21Sausage Fest.
Jan 22Dead or Alive.
Jan 23Assets.
Jan 24Ten.
Jan 25He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands.
Jan 26Alcohol, Jalapeños, & Firearms.
Jan 27Minutemen.
Jan 28Barn Find.
Jan 29They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
Jan 30Roger That.
Jan 31Forget It.
Feb 1Bug Out.
Feb 2High Times.
Feb 3His Hair was…Perfect.
Feb 4The High Hard One.
Feb 5Everybody Knows. (Apologies to Leonard Cohen)
Feb 6Turkey Shoot.
Feb 7Carrot and Stick.
Feb 8On The Tit.
Feb 9Not a Government Farm.
Feb 10Third Time’s the Charm.
Feb 11Get Real.
Feb 12White Pilled.
Feb 13Be Here Now.
Feb 14Feewings.
Feb 15First Rule of America is the First Amendment.
Feb 16Sexual Congress.
Feb 17To Protect and Serve.
Feb 18Come Again.
Feb 19Agency.
Feb 20Oats.
Feb 21Bottled Up.
Feb 22Cleanup On Sister Three.
Feb 23Male Bonding.
Feb 24The Help.
Feb 25To Establish New Safeguards.
Feb 26Ten Percenter.
Feb 27Answer Me.
Feb 28Just Stop.
Mar 1Some Never Will Catch Up.
Mar 2FAFO.
Mar 3Home On The Range.
Mar 4Finding My Religion.
Mar 5Fun Tzu.
Mar 6The Word®.
Mar 7Creepy Ai.
Mar 8Family Abuse.
Mar 9Real, Real, Real.
Mar 10Boldly.
Mar 11Temptation.
Mar 12Straddling the Question.
Mar 13Floaters.
Mar 14Junk Proposition.
Mar 15Maybe.
Mar 16Restored.
Mar 17Whip It Good.
Mar 18Give ’em Medal.
Mar 19The Classics.
Mar 20Governors.
Mar 21On It.
Mar 22Banana Split.
Mar 23French Mandalorian!
Mar 24Omelets, etc.
Mar 25Let’s Swing.
Mar 26Pizza Delivery.
Mar 27Asleep.
Mar 28Pick One.
Mar 29Blue Ticks.
Mar 30The View.
Mar 31Fruit Basket.
Apr 1Bully Beef.
Apr 2Free Speech is Major League.
Apr 3OrangeMan Bad Chili.
Apr 4History R US.
Apr 5Let’s Make a Clean Breast of It.
Apr 6Rotten.
Apr 7Busted Agin.
Apr 8Circulation.
Apr 9Debit Ain’t Real.
Apr 10What is The White House in Spanish?
Apr 11Traces of Inanity.
Apr 12Ya Gotta Have Faith, Man.
Apr 13Knox, Knox.
Apr 14Ol’ Yellen.
Apr 15What a Drag.
Apr 16When The Man Comes Around.
Apr 17Verbs ‘n Stuff.
Apr 18Affiliations.
Apr 19Samplers.
Apr 20Money Transparency.
Apr 21Price.
Apr 22Head Case.
Apr 23Times are Trough.
Apr 24Bad Dog.
Apr 25Ten Percent Solution.
Apr 26Pogo Shtik.
Apr 27Trophy Mount.
Apr 28Kool Aid.
Apr 29Dipolar.
Apr 30Air Sam.
May 1Tour Bus.
May 2They Suck.
May 3This Is Deep.
May 4It’s All in the Delivery.
May 5End Run.
May 6To Serve and Protect.
May 7Bitch.
May 8Arrested Development.
May 9How.
May 10Deadeye.
May 11Halfway There!
May 12String Theory.
May 13Switch.
May 14There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills.
May 15Top. People.
May 16Labels.
May 17Float That Out.
May 18Perspective.
May 19Down That Road.
May 20Gun Lovers.
May 21Concealed.
May 22Over the Fence, and Through the Border, to America’s House We Go.
May 23When I Hear it.
May 24Dirty Jobs Done Dirt Cheap.
May 25Give It Up.
May 26Cool.
May 27Bone Up.
May 28His Master’s Voice-Again.
May 29Busted.

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