Day By Day


Jan 1Happy Yuge Year!
Jan 2World Class Piece.
Jan 3Russian To Judgement.
Jan 4Spork Off.
Jan 5Black Jaysus.
Jan 6The Undead.
Jan 7beta Times.
Jan 8Beta Testing.
Jan 9Nowhere Man.
Jan 10Limits.
Jan 11Vag Patrol.
Jan 12Cats,Dawgs,Mice.
Jan 13Children.
Jan 14No Rabbiting.
Jan 15People Power.
Jan 16Circus Circus.
Jan 16The Mirror Crack’d.
Jan 18Poundings.
Jan 19Can’t Top That.
Jan 20The Art of the Deal.
Jan 21Rack ‘Em Up.
Jan 22Men & Women.
Jan 23Born Slaves.
Jan 24The Farce Awakens.
Jan 25Material.
Jan 26Just Bag It.
Jan 27Immaculate.
Jan 28Lip Service.
Jan 29Schooling.
Jan 30No Thit.
Jan 30No More Footstools.
Feb 1For Real.
Feb 2Q Ship of State.
Feb 3Dawggies.
Feb 4Top Dawg.
Feb 5Grab Me Some-
Feb 6Snowflake Special.
Feb 7Bill Them.
Feb 8Real Enuff.
Feb 9Been There, Done That.
Feb 10#ShePersisted.
Feb 11What Brung Ya.
Feb 12Bushwhacked.
Feb 13The Red & the Blue.
Feb 14Imports.
Feb 15Too Many Cooks.
Feb 16Go With the Flow.
Feb 17Ebb Tide.
Feb 18A Real Standup Job.
Feb 19As Time Goes By.
Feb 20Red Meat.
Feb 21Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.
Feb 22The Upper Crust.
Feb 23Enemies.
Feb 24Women.
Feb 25Safe Space.
Feb 26Evolution Redux.
Feb 27End of Story.
Feb 28This…is CNN.
Mar 1Hard.
Mar 2The Act.
Mar 3Flexibility.
Mar 4In Deep State.
Mar 5Projectionists.
Mar 6Time to Kick Ass.
Mar 7Dick.
Mar 8Walking the Walk.
Mar 9Just Lie Back.
Mar 10Keepin’ Up.
Mar 11Where’s the Beef?
Mar 12The Spies who Shagged Us.
Mar 13Dirty Hands.
Mar 14Reaching Across the Aisle.
Mar 15Dog Days.
Mar 16Everyone.
Mar 17Transformers…Not So Much.
Mar 18Popcorn.
Mar 19Go Fish.
Mar 20Don’t Think with Your ‘Cuda.
Mar 21Homeschooling is Borderline Education.
Mar 22Good Dawggies.
Mar 23Backdoors.
Mar 24Gossip.
Mar 25Taking a Pass.
Mar 26Big Guns.
Mar 27Daddy Spank.
Mar 28Might As Well Jump!
Mar 29535.
Mar 30Guardians of the Aristocracy.
Mar 31A Dress for Success.
Apr 1Until the Cows…
Apr 1Cuckoos.
Apr 3Making Waves.
Apr 4Ah Feel Ur Pain.
Apr 5Truth is Hard.
Apr 6Popcorn.
Apr 7Booting Up.
Apr 9Small Talk.
Apr 9Opera Singers.
Apr 10Soap City.
Apr 11Rome & Hannibal?
Apr 12A Long, Hard Talk.
Apr 13Silence DoGood.
Apr 14Just Drop It.
Apr 15Taking the Lead.
Apr 16Big Steps.
Apr 17Before my Time.
Apr 18The View from the Top.
Apr 19Pick Up.
Apr 20Smart Mouth.
Apr 21Quacks.
Apr 22The Girl with the Draggin’ Tattoo.
Apr 23Collectivist Call.
Apr 24Cancer.
Apr 25Obama NASA Muslim Outreach.
Apr 26Word.
Apr 27Hard Men.
Apr 28Close Shaves.
Apr 29Aliens.
Apr 30The Great Wall of Chino.
May 1Eternal Yute.
May 2Letter of the Law.
May 3The Last Supper.
May 4Art Lesson.
May 5The Deal.
May 6Top Off.
May 7Pale Rider.
May 8Ze New Thing.
May 9Walk that NeoCon.
May 10Oil Up!
May 11Russian Dressing.
May 12Both Hands.
May 13Hands On Ideology.
May 14Down on The Mat.
May 15Herding Cats.
May 16Wait for It.
May 17Changed.
May 18Buttoned Down.
May 19And her hair was…Perfect.
May 20A Call to Arms.
May 21Cats & Dogs.
May 22Cudas, Man.
May 23Back on the Hood.
May 24Welcome to My Service.
May 25Game Time.
May 26The Last Word.
May 27Get a Clue.
May 28Our Daily Bread.
May 29Shocker.
May 30Procrustean.
May 31Flow.
Jun 1Hearsay.
Jun 2Gray Area.
Jun 3Feel the Paine.
Jun 4Spy vs Spy.
Jun 5Reruns.
Jun 6Stirring Rhetoric.
Jun 7Snowplows for Snowflakes.
Jun 8Old News.
Jun 9Gargoyle City.
Jun 10Evil is the New Black.
Jun 11Kingswomen.
Jun 12Squee!
Jun 13Patchy Ideology.
Jun 14World Record Size Newt.
Jun 15Shot and Chaser.
Jun 16To Go.
Jun 17On Target.
Jun 18Home, on the Range.
Jun 19MAGA.
Jun 20The Stand.
Jun 21Maybe You Can Go Home Again.
Jun 22Back to Formula.
Jun 23In a Pickle.
Jun 24Curing a Jones on Hate.
Jun 25Tapped Out.
Jun 26Name n Shame.
Jun 27Vulgar.
Jun 28Slippery Slope.
Jun 29When Your Name is Mud.
Jun 30It’s On.
Jul 1A Dressin’ Down.
Jul 2The Shadow Knows.
Jul 3Ranch Dressing.
Jul 4Take a Shot.
Jul 5Pump Up.
Jul 6Transparency.
Jul 7Needs a Ride.
Jul 8Hoser.
Jul 9Time to Belt One out.
Jul 10Everywhere a Sign.
Jul 11Hear No…
Jul 12Want Ad.
Jul 13Forget it, Jake.
Jul 14High on the Hog.
Jul 15Storytime.
Jul 16Land of 1000 Sauces.
Jul 17It Takes a Pillage.
Jul 18Marshal Up the Kids.
Jul 19Library Rules.
Jul 20Do You Validate?
Jul 21FunDrive.
Jul 22The Bill Comes Due.
Jul 23Exhibit.
Jul 24Stain of History.
Jul 25Well, I’ll be Dipped.
Jul 26Is.
Jul 27Revelation.
Jul 28Park It.
Jul 29TickTock.
Jul 30Doodad Tech.
Jul 31Y’all So Deplorable!
Aug 1Baked in the Cake.
Aug 2Swamp Creature.
Aug 3Proof.
Aug 4Master, not Apprentice.
Aug 5Thufferin’ Thuccotash!
Aug 6Service Revolver.
Aug 7Hot Lives Matter.
Aug 8Wimmens Feelin’ Froggy.
Aug 9The Fossil Record.
Aug 10Vanity.
Aug 11Memories.
Aug 12Nag.
Aug 13Bedtime.
Aug 14Small Talk.
Aug 15Unbelievable.
Aug 16Interest.
Aug 17Wooden Nickel.
Aug 18Cable.
Aug 19Brewing.
Aug 20On Track.
Aug 21Smorgasbord.
Aug 22Back Door Immigration.
Aug 23Man-Dates.
Aug 24Pull.
Aug 25Gas.
Aug 26Candy Asses.
Aug 27Clue.
Aug 28Over-Charged.
Aug 29Sticky Situation.
Aug 30Do the Math.
Aug 31True Colors.
Sep 1Scoping it Out.
Sep 2Pretty in Pink.
Sep 3Fired!
Sep 4Party On, Americans.
Sep 5The First & the Last.
Sep 6A Second Shot.
Sep 7Shaka, When the Walls Went UP.
Sep 8Grasshoppers.
Sep 9Cockroaches.
Sep 10MiddleMen.
Sep 11Illegals.
Sep 12The Perfect Storm.
Sep 13Clown Show.
Sep 14Tongue in Cheek.
Sep 15Same Old Song.
Sep 16The Bedwetters.
Sep 17The Order of Things.
Sep 18Those Damn Kidz.
Sep 19On Hold.
Sep 20The Odds.
Sep 21In The Pink.
Sep 22Twuu Wuv.
Sep 23The Art of Dealing with it.
Sep 24The Pits.
Sep 25Oh Say Can You See.
Sep 26True Colors.
Sep 27The Forgotten.
Sep 28The Play’s the Thing.
Sep 29Flag It.
Sep 30Game On.
Oct 1NFL Boobs.
Oct 2The Proverbial Shirt.
Oct 3If the Pussy Hat fits…
Oct 4Fear is the Mind-Killer.
Oct 5Swamp Thang.
Oct 6Fish or Cut Bait.
Oct 7The Shell Game.
Oct 8Get Smart.
Oct 9Total Fiction.
Oct 10A Steep Climb.
Oct 11Wide Open.
Oct 12Mix it Up.
Oct 13Girls Gone Wild.
Oct 14Dealer Markup.
Oct 15Sizzle at Stake.
Oct 16Spotty Record.
Oct 17Meathead.
Oct 18Xi Bitch.
Oct 19Drive Stick.
Oct 20Heavy Lifting.
Oct 21Back in the World.
Oct 22Good Dawg.
Oct 23Getting the Shaft.
Oct 24Sam the Brave.
Oct 25Nags.
Oct 26Now and Zen.
Oct 27Sit on It.
Oct 28Remote.
Oct 29Stormfront.
Oct 30Monsters.
Oct 31Lot in Life.
Nov 1Bullet Time.
Nov 2I’ll be Back…for Candy.
Nov 3Hydraulics.
Nov 4Grounded.
Nov 5White’s Alright.
Nov 6The Left Knows What the Right is Doing.
Nov 7Outta Beans.
Nov 8Not all are Bastards.
Nov 9No Sweat.
Nov 10Know Shit.
Nov 11Restraint.
Nov 12Vajazzled.
Nov 13Decades.
Nov 14The Why of It.
Nov 15Sneaks.
Nov 16Ch-Cha-Changes.
Nov 17On the Fence.
Nov 18Moore, or Less.
Nov 19Suffer the little Children.
Nov 20Thanks, guys.
Nov 21The Rock.
Nov 22New Heights.
Nov 23Takeout.
Nov 24Lucky Foot.
Nov 25Dibs.
Nov 26Just Us League.
Nov 27The Divorce.
Nov 28All the Time.
Nov 29It’s a Smalley® World.
Nov 30It’s All Lining Up.
Dec 1Yes We Khan!!
Dec 2The Victim Special.
Dec 3Roll Me One.
Dec 4Handhelds.
Dec 5Take M to Church.
Dec 6Real Credit.
Dec 7Bingo.
Dec 8The Original Art of the Deal.
Dec 9Delivery.
Dec 10Clown Car.
Dec 11Now That’s Entertainment.
Dec 12Battleship!