Jan 1Happy Yuge Year!
Jan 2World Class Piece.
Jan 3Russian To Judgement.
Jan 4Spork Off.
Jan 5Black Jaysus.
Jan 6The Undead.
Jan 7beta Times.
Jan 8Beta Testing.
Jan 9Nowhere Man.
Jan 10Limits.
Jan 11Vag Patrol.
Jan 12Cats,Dawgs,Mice.
Jan 13Children.
Jan 14No Rabbiting.
Jan 15People Power.
Jan 16Circus Circus.
Jan 16The Mirror Crack’d.
Jan 18Poundings.
Jan 19Can’t Top That.
Jan 20The Art of the Deal.
Jan 21Rack ‘Em Up.
Jan 22Men & Women.
Jan 23Born Slaves.
Jan 24The Farce Awakens.
Jan 25Material.
Jan 26Just Bag It.
Jan 27Immaculate.
Jan 28Lip Service.
Jan 29Schooling.
Jan 30No Thit.
Jan 30No More Footstools.
Feb 1For Real.
Feb 2Q Ship of State.
Feb 3Dawggies.
Feb 4Top Dawg.
Feb 5Grab Me Some-
Feb 6Snowflake Special.
Feb 7Bill Them.
Feb 8Real Enuff.
Feb 9Been There, Done That.
Feb 10#ShePersisted.
Feb 11What Brung Ya.
Feb 12Bushwhacked.
Feb 13The Red & the Blue.
Feb 14Imports.
Feb 15Too Many Cooks.
Feb 16Go With the Flow.
Feb 17Ebb Tide.
Feb 18A Real Standup Job.
Feb 19As Time Goes By.
Feb 20Red Meat.
Feb 21Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.
Feb 22The Upper Crust.
Feb 23Enemies.
Feb 24Women.
Feb 25Safe Space.
Feb 26Evolution Redux.
Feb 27End of Story.
Feb 28This…is CNN.
Mar 1Hard.
Mar 2The Act.
Mar 3Flexibility.
Mar 4In Deep State.
Mar 5Projectionists.
Mar 6Time to Kick Ass.
Mar 7Dick.
Mar 8Walking the Walk.
Mar 9Just Lie Back.
Mar 10Keepin’ Up.
Mar 11Where’s the Beef?
Mar 12The Spies who Shagged Us.
Mar 13Dirty Hands.
Mar 14Reaching Across the Aisle.
Mar 15Dog Days.
Mar 16Everyone.
Mar 17Transformers…Not So Much.
Mar 18Popcorn.
Mar 19Go Fish.
Mar 20Don’t Think with Your ‘Cuda.
Mar 21Homeschooling is Borderline Education.
Mar 22Good Dawggies.
Mar 23Backdoors.
Mar 24Gossip.
Mar 25Taking a Pass.
Mar 25Big Guns.