Day By Day


Jan 150 Shades of Blue.
Jan 2Most Interesting.
Jan 3Bought Men.
Jan 4Liar,Liar.
Jan 5Macon Bacon.
Jan 6Forest for the Trees.
Jan 7Into the Red.
Jan 8Judgement Day.
Jan 9The Buzz.
Jan 10Freud Chicken.
Jan 11Dead Meat?
Jan 12Killin’ It.
Jan 13Charity Begins at Home.
Jan 14Do The Math.
Jan 15Get Off.
Jan 16DD’s.
Jan 17Poles.
Jan 18Call It.
Jan 19That’s Entertainment!
Jan 20Hay There.
Jan 21Didn’t They Get the Memo?
Jan 22Uppity.
Jan 23That Dawg Won’t Hunt.
Jan 24Into It.
Jan 25Inside, Outside.
Jan 26Rude.
Jan 27A Thing or Two.
Jan 28The Acid Test.
Jan 29What Comes Around.
Jan 30Grin & Bare it.
Jan 31What Lies Underneath.
Feb 1G-Men.
Feb 2Under the Color of the Law.
Feb 3The French Connection.
Feb 4Let’s Ride.
Feb 5Geekette.
Feb 6When in Rome…
Feb 7File It Under Kids.
Feb 8He’s Back.
Feb 9You Can Quote Me.
Feb 10Wedge Issues.
Feb 11Treason on the Menu.
Feb 12Quotidian.
Feb 13Dinosaurs.
Feb 14Back Door.
Feb 15Litter Box.
Feb 16Lost Capital.
Feb 17Dress Blues.
Feb 18Bootstrap It!
Feb 19Asking for It.
Feb 20Really.
Feb 21Play Nice.
Feb 22Faults.
Feb 23The Breaks.
Feb 24Swear.
Feb 25Cred.
Feb 26Yellow.
Feb 27Healthy.
Feb 28No License.
Mar 1Killers.
Mar 2Only One Sheriff,Son.
Mar 3The Tube.
Mar 4Party’s Over.
Mar 5To the Manners Born.
Mar 6Multitask.
Mar 7Have Nots.
Mar 8This Ain’t Livin’.
Mar 9Both My Hands.
Mar 10Strapped.
Mar 11Under the Hood.
Mar 12What it’s About.
Mar 13YellowJacket.
Mar 14Keep On Truckin’-Not.
Mar 15Get a Grip.
Mar 16Piano Man.
Mar 17Clean Breast of Things.
Mar 18Old Friends Call.
Mar 19God Sees All.
Mar 20Phat Ladies Singing.
Mar 21Hanging Out.
Mar 22Coins.
Mar 23Limbo.
Mar 24Turn the Other Cheek…Again?
Mar 25The Gathering Storm.
Mar 26Art of the Deal?
Mar 27Whiteout.
Mar 28His Stash.
Mar 29Face It.
Mar 30The Russians Came.
Mar 31Mustache Rides.
Apr 1Funny Girl.
Apr 2Barbarians.
Apr 3Release the Dawgs of Whar?
Apr 4Road Dawgs.
Apr 5Dead Meat.
Apr 6Dawgs R Us.
Apr 7Lede From Behind.
Apr 8I Like Mine Dekevinated.
Apr 9Statuesque.
Apr 10The French Connection.
Apr 11Aliens.
Apr 12Interesting.
Apr 13Hard Stuff.
Apr 14News, man.
Apr 15A 6′ 8″ Loyalty.
Apr 16Horsing Around?
Apr 17Bitchez.
Apr 18Father Figure.
Apr 19I Put a Spell on You.
Apr 20It Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas.
Apr 21No How.
Apr 22Behind It.
Apr 23Braves.
Apr 24Full Pelosi.
Apr 25In the Flesh.
Apr 26Get Into the Q.
Apr 27Black Momba.
Apr 28Suicidal.
Apr 29I, Q?
Apr 30R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
May 1Home.
May 2Dry Run.
May 3Woman, Heal Thyself.
May 4Bridges.
May 5Cold.
May 6NeoClassic Park.
May 7Persist.
May 8Ze Bunker.
May 9Always A Virgin.
May 10Super.
May 11It’s Not You, It’s Me!
May 12Ya Think?
May 13We Gonna Build That.
May 14Everything.
May 15Morning Covfefe.
May 16Putty in his Hands.
May 17Wild Thing.
May 18Outta the Gate.
May 19Playtime.
May 20God Don’t Save the Queen!
May 21The Glass is Half Full.
May 23No Dog Pound Here.
May 24To Arms.
May 25If The Shoe Fits.
May 26In Congress.
May 27What’s In Front of Us.
May 28#MeToo!
May 29Acquitted.
May 30On Boot Hill.
May 31Echoes of the Past.
Jun 1Shocker.
Jun 2Nobody Knows.
Jun 3Actionable.
Jun 4Svelte.
Jun 5ACDC.
Jun 6Skin Deep.
Jun 7Testing, Testing.
Jun 8One More.
Jun 9Cons.
Jun 10Park It.
Jun 11Broadcast.
Jun 12One N Done.
Jun 13Dings.
Jun 14Alas!
Jun 15Metal Shop.
Jun 16Some Assembly Required.
Jun 17Be Frank, Mr.President.
Jun 18Bar Tab.
Jun 19Clean Sweep.
Jun 20FBI’s Most Wanting List.
Jun 21Whose Children, Exactly?
Jun 22Dark Out.
Jun 23Signs of the Times.
Jun 24Seriously.
Jun 25The Other Half.
Jun 26Food, for Thought.
Jun 27We Knew.
Jun 28Ya Gotta Unplug Sometimes.
Jun 29Muppet Media.
Jun 30Dirty.
Jul 1The Skinny.
Jul 2Catch the Wave!
Jul 3She Loves the Ride.
Jul 4Father of the Country.
Jul 5Wakeup Call.
Jul 6Little Bitches.
Jul 7These Boots Were Made For Talkin’.
Jul 8To the Dawgs.
Jul 8Go Low.
Jul 9Tweety Bird.
Jul 10Cry Wolf.
Jul 11A No Bull Effort!
Jul 12Beef.
Jul 13See Red.
Jul 14Hail Storm.
Jul 15No Bull.
Jul 16Safety First.
Jul 17Recycle.
Jul 18Fishin’.
Jul 19Redskins.
Jul 20Guess It’s So.
Jul 21This Is.
Jul 22Animals.
Jul 23Someone Wake Up Sessionszzzz.
Jul 24I Hear Ya.
Jul 25Late.
Jul 26There’s Got to be a Morning After.
Jul 27Fear.
Jul 28To the Dawgs.
Jul 29Dawgs of War.
Jul 30What’s in a Name?
Jul 31Polishing One.
Aug 1Let Slip.
Aug 2Training.
Aug 3Unglued.
Aug 4Butter Not.
Aug 5Babies.
Aug 6Three of a Kind.
Aug 7Bigly.
Aug 8Gold Standard.
Aug 9Some Assembly Required.
Aug 10A Touching Gift.
Aug 11Standup Friend.
Aug 12Frigid Wimmens.
Aug 13Never Blame the Hardware.
Aug 14Limits.
Aug 15Command Performance.
Aug 16This.
Aug 17Dawgs Know.
Aug 18Dawggies!
Aug 19Working Girl.
Aug 20Cold.
Aug 21Match.
Aug 22Curves.
Aug 23Bent.
Aug 24Diagnosis.
Aug 25Girly.
Aug 26SciFi, Baby!
Aug 27Eyes Up.
Aug 28Bad Robot.
Aug 29Carnivore.
Aug 30My Ass.
Aug 31Brown 25.
Sep 1Betas.
Sep 2Heap Big Socialism.
Sep 3Bootie Call.
Sep 4Head Case.
Sep 5Damn Kids.
Sep 6Soapbox.
Sep 7Turn Them Off.
Sep 8Splendid.
Sep 9Someone Has to Grow Up.
Sep 10Going Waco.
Sep 11High Steaks.
Sep 12Nuclear Family.
Sep 13Swamp Thang.
Sep 14Gorillaz.
Sep 15Truth.
Sep 16Clueless.
Sep 17Editorials.
Sep 18Flakes.
Sep 19Apple of my Eye.
Sep 20Meat the Wife.
Sep 21Girl Talk.
Sep 22Bar None.
Sep 23Private Dick.
Sep 24Fort Bliss.
Sep 25Roll ’em.
Sep 26Needs.
Sep 27Chemistry.
Sep 28Deplorables.
Sep 29Baked In.
Sep 30Hot Flashes.
Oct 1Butter Her Up.
Oct 2Wakey Wakey.
Oct 3Off Script.
Oct 4Skye’s Turn.
Oct 5Give It Up.
Oct 6Aging Whine.
Oct 7Things Are More Stable.
Oct 8Pretty, Convincing.
Oct 9These Days of the Big Bang.
Oct 10Cold Shower.
Oct 11Judging Names.
Oct 12Gettin’ the Skinny.
Oct 13THE Blues.
Oct 14The Last Word.
Oct 15Roll Red Tide.
Oct 16Shit.
Oct 17Dog and Pony Show.
Oct 18Pink Slip.
Oct 19Fire ’em All.
Oct 20Foundation.
Oct 21Flash.
Oct 22Ragtime.
Oct 23Timing.
Oct 24Tabasco.
Oct 25Hired or Fired?
Oct 26Twoo Wuv.
Oct 27RuhRoh.
Oct 28Run For the Border.
Oct 29Innyfish Ant.
Oct 30Gas.
Oct 31Alexa.
Nov 1Labwork.
Nov 2This is…the Story.
Nov 3Finally Colorblind.
Nov 4Train kept a Runnin…
Nov 5Churros R Us.
Nov 6Control, R, Delete!
Nov 7The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.
Nov 8A Government Grant.
Nov 9Tuck N Roll.
Nov 10High T.
Nov 11When it Counts.
Nov 12Are You In, or Out?
Nov 13That’s no Ungulate.
Nov 14The Catcher in the Wry.
Nov 15Warmup.
Nov 16She’s Mine.
Nov 17Sting Like a Bee.
Nov 18Popcorn!
Nov 19Turkeys.
Nov 20Downtown.
Nov 21We R Go.
Nov 22On Track.
Nov 23Fortunes.
Nov 24Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign.
Nov 25Kase.
Nov 26Clothes Maketh the Whatever.
Nov 27Carrying.
Nov 28Broke.
Nov 29Great Minds.
Nov 30Strange Brew.
Dec 1Birth of a nation.
Dec 2So So.
Dec 3His Story?
Dec 4Rule.
Dec 5Da Vision.
Dec 6Top Brass?
Dec 7Darwined.
Dec 8Silver Lining.
Dec 9Folded.
Dec 10Tough.
Dec 11Two of a Kind.
Dec 12Christmas Spirit.
Dec 13Job Hunt.
Dec 14Safety Over the First, etc.
Dec 15Progressives Love Gated Communities.
Dec 16Redcoats.
Dec 17Minority Rules.
Dec 18On Point.