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  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    So the spineless invertebrate jellyfish GOPe RINO RepubliTards decided to evolve and walk on dry land for once.
    I guess even they could read the handwriting on the wall.

    • Bruce A. Frank

      Or maybe that is just what happens when the swamp begins to dry up. Slithering on one’s belly isn’t as easy as it was 2.5 years ago!

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    I wish the (see description above) had found their balls about 50 years ago. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if politics devolved to arguing, shouting, caning, and bare knuckle brawling on the Congress floor. Like, say, 100+ years ago. Instead of today’s pussified, “hands-across-the-aisle” (my way), genteel-until-we-disagree-with-you (then we slander you and send our PantyFa shock troops after you and your followers). Yeah, gimme the good ol’ days. Dueling pistols at dawn, bring your seconds.

  • WayneM

    Out of curiosity, how is it Schiff has a committee made exclusively of Democrats?

    Can you imagine the howling outrage if Republicans tried to conduct any kind of inquiry, committee or other governmental process with only Republicans?

    • Pamela

      How? Cuz He’s RACIST against Honor, Truth and Justice.

    • Bill G

      I believe the committee is the usual mixture; congresscritter Spliff merely isn’t allowing any Republicans to participate in his Star Chamber.

      • eon

        There are a couple of token RINOs, who do exactly what they are supposed to. Sit there wearing earbuds and listening to rap music about bitches, hos, killing whitey, and etc. (thereby becoming “multiculturally enriched”), nodding whenever Schitt nods, and politely golf-clapping whenever he thanks a “witness” for their co-operation.

        Every kangaroo court needs at least a couple of joeys. Just for appearance’s sake.

        clear ether


        • Chiang Rai Jay

          Bravo Zulu on this post Eon !! ^_^

      • Ken

        There’s the answer!!! And he ran away with his supposed “witness” yesterday when the newly spine implanted GOPers made their way into the SCIF!! Effin’ hilarious how fast Schiff-for-brains turned tail and left! Just like bugs they don’t want the light of day shown on their evil dealings!!!

    • interventor

      There are Republicans in the committee. They can ask questions. But not call witnesses. Nor, can they take notes or receive copies of the meeting transcriptions.

  • Pete231

    They may have found their testicles. The next trick is to teach them to clank…..

  • Pamela

    Careful Sam. Cold hands can cause shrinkage.

    • PaulS

      Or not 😉

    • GWB

      If she hangs on for any length of time, that, too, shall be overcome. 😉

    • JTC

      And elicit a shocked and loud “Cojones!”

      A relic of my sugar mill days 40 plus years ago working with the original Cuban immigrants in Fla…awesome, hardworking conservative people. And I still use that favorite exclamation of theirs on occasion. Seems especially appropriate for the Sam/Zed action here…and maybe the title of the toon.

  • Bill G

    Since there have been no leaks of actual crimes, we can tell their just having a nice little circle-jerk for themselves while whipping up their minions in the DMC. I won’t speculate as to what body parts they are playing with.

  • Boys will be boys. Men will be conservatives.

    New piece up. Warning, may cause thinking. Enjoy.

    • eon

      Tell a Roman Centurion that because his lorica segmentata includes the strips of weighted leather skirting to protect his upper legs from sword cuts, that he wants to be a hetara.

      But make damn sure you do it from at least fifty yards away. You’d be amazed how far those old boys could thrown a pilum.

      And nail you right in the heart with it.

      clear ether


    • JTC

      Just extended and expanded loin cloths, basic protection. And most did wear some kind of leggings for added coverage. All good. Nothing girly about that.

      OTOH when the sprogs look to a same but different parallel history of that and emulate Victorian layered frocks, can’t keep his/her hands off Mommy’s makeup table, or loves to sport those supershort hot pants (have you seen those?) then that is a whole ‘nother deal than badass boys just trying to let their badass boys breathe while doing manly man stuff.

      But the “treatment” is the same. If a kid idolizes Thor and wants to dress up like him? Awesome. Let him do it like he wants within social norm and he’ll either grow out of it or hopefully he won’t.

      If he can’t be without his frilly ballerina costume or his pedo-magnet boy toy outfit…well my wife says some are born the wrong gender and I’ve seen some of that, but I also firmly believe that people ultimately are products of their environment. You’d probably have the opposite of the intended effect if you try to forcibly prevent that behavior so the answer there too is to mostly leave it alone but to the extent required for safety and protection of the child, and to the extent your own beliefs and morals dictate…you are the parent. But maybe, I would say even probably, he will “grow out of it” on his own as he accepts various truths about himself and society and life.

      But this wackjob “mother” who sees her kid as a lab experiment to confirm her own sick and psyched out theories and beliefs?

      Kilts are great. But this ain’t about that. What it is about is the exposure kids have now to anything and everything at the touch of a button. Of course there is such a thing as mimiced and learned behaviors. Control that shit and apply a version of Situational Awareness to the whereabouts of your child and you will almost certainly avoid dealing with a gender-confused child. If not, well you can’t control that and shouldn’t try. But this wackjob mom/frankenstein who would use her own kid as her monster to confirm her own twisted psychosis and beliefs? Kill her.

      • Exgunman

        Gov Abbott has ordered an investigation into the Younger custody situation…………..

      • Pamela

        Quentin Crisp aka Denis Charles Pratt. Strange Bird.

        • Then there’s Eddie Izzard. You never know what they’ll be wearing on the late night talk shows, goes from normal guy in a suit to normal woman in a dress with something like a goth punk rocker in between.

      • JTC

        Crap, thought I aced that first wackjob mom blurb.

        What is this “proofreading” you speak of? :b

        • JTC

          “Axed”. irony thy name is JT…

      • eon

        You and I are pretty much on the same page, here, and I’m trained in abnormal and applied psych. It’s interesting to note that in every case of actual, honest-to-god gender dysphoria in the literature, the patient had already developed those “feelings” before age ten, most were already “that way” by age five.

        Brain structure is pretty thoroughly fixed before puberty, and what happens then can be a crapshoot.



  • Florida Man

    Out-standing. On both the parts of the Republicans, and Sam, I mean Mr. Muir. More, please!!

    • eon

      They’re still trying to determine if he’s really “dead-dead”.

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        Even if he were partially dead, Miracle Max would not be able to save him with any amount of chocolate.

        • LowKey

          What’s he got here that’s worth living for?

          • NotYetInACamp

            DEFINITELY NOT true love.

    • JTC

      Still the Babble-On, mess up a good bit by babbling on about concrete shoes etc.

      But the afterthought reminder that those in her own inner circle are at risk every day for any perceived slight or misstep? That’s beautiful. Must be like working for that loko noko Rocket Boy.

      Tulsi though? Girl might have some skills. Different headline. Fun.

  • interventor

    The NY Times reports that the Durham’s administrative review was raised to a criminal investigation by DoJ.

  • JTC

    Could not be more OT but this thing is crazy.

    For the first time in years I had to drive to downtown Miami a few months back and as I zipped along on the labyrinthe of jnterstates this thing looms up on the left against the skyline backdrop. It is an awesome presence and now its open for biz.

    I don’t like crowds or gambling so that’s as close as I’ll get but I’m glad I saw it.

    • “I said in a passing comment to one of our architects, ‘We should shape it like a huge guitar.’”

      These the same architects who designed the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel? See it while it’s still there.

      • JTC

        Heh, have to add to my “don’t likes” not having the upper ten stories collapse on my head. Have no idea if a shared design team but I do know the Seminoles here in Fla throw top dollar into their projects so I hope that included the best design and construction teams. Are all Hard Rocks involved with the Seminoles? I don’t know.

        It is some ironic timing., and not good for them I guess.

        Some incredible roadside art regardless.

      • JTC

        Never made the connection when I first commented, just saw the media blurb about the opening and it flashed me back to this giant improbable structure presenting itself to me against the orange morning sun, silhouettes of downtown, and the ocean beyond.

        Unexpected beauty. Love it.

        • JTC

          And by the way, “See it while it’s still there.”

          Brutal. And brilliant. Mean is funny right there.

  • interventor

    Hard Rock in Lost Wages was purchased recently. Reportedly, the old hotel will be destroyed and another take its place. Won’t be a HR.


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