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  • Too Tall

    Senator and Mrs. John Blutarsky are outstanding Patriots compared to the Progtard DildoCrat hive of scum and villainy.

    Back to Sam watching CNN. Zed is anticipating a deeply religious experience….

  • JTC

    Nor is “rescue”.

    Nor for that matter is “deep state patriotic servants”.

    That shit is chilling.

    • JTC

      Put it all together…

      “Deep state patriotic servants will rescue us from excesses”

      How incredibly oxymoronic…heavy on the moronic.

      When every word in a sentence needs ironic quotes:

      If these “patriotic” “servants” get the chance to “rescue” us from current “excesses” we are well and truly fucked.

      No quotes needed for fucked, that shit be real.

  • interventor

    When, the existence of a deep state can no longer be denied, it must be explained as a benign thing. Rather, like a benign cancer, awaiting full blown cancer, one assumes.

    • JSStryker

      The deep state is a full blown cancer already and it is going to take some serious surgery to excise it from the patient.

  • NotYetInACamp

    President Trump is recklessly directing the wealth of the nation back to the people of the nation. President Trump is recklessly attempting to end the banks solely benefiting the few. Thatpossibly ending the central banks from controlling the wealth flows and ownership of this world’s assets has earned him their enmity. The controlling of law writing ensures the outcome desired by the evil ones, and the relegation of people all over the world to being serfs and slaves on theor own land.
    That pedo crackdown is reckless.
    That stopping the use of third world masses by the elite as asymmetric invasion armies is reckless .
    The reckless opposition to criminal oppressive murderous or genocidal behavior around the world interferes with the elite.

    President Trump is interfering with those elite who believe that they own the world and that the masses are useless eaters consuming and damaging a world that they believe that they own. The elite worked hard to set up a structure in which they win, and everyone else loses.

    President Trump is doing a remarkably good job against sociopaths, or just plain evil opposition.
    The enemy will not just give up when defeated. They will continue. They must be stopped. That is the general form of the war that we are engaged in now.

    Alinsky is child’s play compared to Unrestricted Warfare.

    • Lon Mead

      “…excesses is not defined.”

      It’s quite simple, actually…

      She simply misspelled “success”.

      Don’t want any of THOSE things from Trump getting out.

    • eon

      Mini-Tru is following the same trajectory as his daddy. Pierre governed in a minority coalition with the NDP in 1972-74, by giving them all the tax increases, social spending, and restrictions on anything and everything to “Save Holy Mother Gaia” they dreamed of.

      Expect his kid to do the same. Sorry, Alberta, you don’t get your pipeline.

      Sorry, Canucks generally; Islamists will get to keep killing you while your PM denies that they are Islamists.

      Canada is once more a divided country consisting of Quebec and Everybody Else. And Quebec has their Francophile polite scorn of Everybody Else down to an art form.

      As long as Quebec rules, Canada will have problems.

      clear ether


      • WayneM

        As Trudeau the Younger said in a French interview several years ago before he decided to follow his father’s path of regression, Canada belongs to Quebec and all of the “best” (regressive code for worst) Prime Ministers in our history came from there.

        • eon

          260 years down the road and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (13 Sept 1759) still hasn’t registered with Quebec.

          Memo to Mini-Tru;




          clear ether


          • interventor

            USA took in the Quebecois that didn’t wish to stay under British rule, The evolved into good old boy Cajuns, We got damn good cooking. USA got the best of the deal.

          • JTC

            I did not know the Quebec Cajun concection, always just assumed direct Louisiana lineage to France considering its history.

            But I’ve been told you’ve had quite an influx of the refuse known as Creole Haitians whose criminal invasion and infection of Florida rivals the Marielito invasion in overall detrimental effect on the culture and quality of life in South to Central Florida. And driving? And voting? So horrible and subhuman in behaviors that I hope my information was wrong; you don’t need that shit?

          • interventor

            There are two French influences in the central south. French refugees from Quebec were working folks. They became the Cajuns. Their cuisine is based on French country cooking adapted to American ingredients. The Creoles were the original French who dwelled in New Orleans and the Louisiana area. Creoles are descended from those directly from France, usually, upper class. Their cuisine is based on upper class French cooking adapted to American ingredients. Its all good.

          • JTC

            Haitian Creole is a bastardization of African roots influenced by all who have ruled them and is the only language of Haitians…most can actually not even communicate with real French speakers. Creole Haitians are as a people filthy, diseased, lazy, and inept. Even the Dominicans they share an island with strictly control their access into their midst. They should be eradicated from the U.S., quarantined in their own self-made fourth-world shithole squalor and bribed to be sterilized.

          • WayneM

            Hey, interventor… you’ve got the right idea but wrong area.

            The Cajuns are descendants of French settlers from a region which the French called Acadia that encompassed Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick & northern Maine.

            As a result of the Seven Years War (1755-64), the British gave the Acadians an ultimatim: swear fealty to the British crown OR be deported. Some changed allegiance but many chose to leave… heading toward the French settlements in Louisianan.

            Over the years, Acadian evolved into Cajun…


        • NotYetInACamp

          That mayorial candidatethat finished thirdin Ottowa and wasn’t let advertise or take part in the debates has more balls than any of the Conservative party candidates have had in a very long time.
          She recently was married. She needs something more to do with her time. How about making her Prime Minister of Canada. She would likely be much better than anyone the Conservative Party could serve up to lose. And obviously more loving towards Canada than the current Prime Minister who said that canada is a post national state.

      • interventor

        Give their separatists their hearts desire. War may be declared upon them, later!

  • Ol' CountryBoy

    Dear Ms. Cottle, can you educate this ol’ country boy about where in the Constitution does it establish a “deep state” with the task of forcibly imposing their standards and opinions on the rest of us. I had a friend with the name of “Cottle”, our US marshal out of the frontier days of Tulsa. I don’t think he would have recognized your version of the United States. In fact, as an old Army veteran, I don’t think I recognize your version of the Constitution either. Maybe you should spend some time in our military learning about it and really defending it, instead of regurgitating the ignorance of your journalism professor

    • Punta Gorda

      Probably pissed that her contract with Vivid fell through when she failed to correctly perform her duties as fluffer.

  • Pete231

    Bet she makes her parents proud…….

  • CaveD1ver

    Goebbels and Alinsky would be proud.

  • Bill G

    Our self-proclaimed betters are doing a lousy job of running things, but they are not giving up without a fight. Let’s hope it doesn’t go to the streets.

  • Wood

    We already knew the deep state was alive and well. It’s the bureaucracy that doesn’t change when the elected Chinese firedrill kicks off. It serves only itself, and is decidedly not patriotic. It will turn on the dems musts as quickly as the repubs if they get out of line. I think if it like Audrey II. It will consume and grow until it’s able to take over on its own.

  • GWB

    On the lynching fooferah….
    Lynching has been around for … probably as long as man has had legal systems and courts. It’s not racist, though it has been a tool of the racists.

    The evil of lynching comes not from it being used by racists, but because it is an extra-judicial method of enacting mob justice (much like… well, every internet “lynch mob” today!). It generally affords no due process, and is easily used to direct unjust retribution against a person or group the leaders don’t like.

    And that last bit of description sure does sound like exactly what Trump is facing with the “impeachment inquiry”.

    Oh, also, sometimes something that looks very like a lynching is necessary – when the justice system is so broken that you can expect actual villains to not face consequences for their law-breaking. But it’s only legitimate if you hold to the due process our morals and principles demand.

    • JTC

      Yes. Like I have said, don’t let them steal, twist, and forbid our words,

      It is a lynching. Trump’s saga at the hands of not just the Dims but the media and all the tentacles of leftism ie academia, entertainment, foreign govs and of course the traitorous Rino Gopes, perfectly define a lynching that may be virtual but no less real. This slow motion lynching has been going on for more than three years (remember the Republican line in late October 2016?) and it will absolutely continue at least until 2024 regardless of the coming election, but especially if Trump and the Deplorables get our chance to KAG extended. Is this lynching racist and classist and culturalist? I think it absolutely is, under the sub-heading of White Privilege.

      And make no mistake, they would make it real-real in the literal sense on the WH lawn by guillotine if they could; first Trump and then all of us, his employers and enablers and patriots. Why do you think they need to take your guns?

      • interventor

        I’ve posted this before, but it still applies.
        Democrat faux outrage concerning an old Democrat tradition — lynching. Black and white Republicans were the victims of the Democrat paramilitary terrorist arm, the KKK. Of the 4,743 persons lynched by the KKK from 1882 to 1964, 1,297 were white Republicans.

        • JTC

          Irrelevant. Don’t let them control the narrative.

  • T. M.

    Oooh! Ooooh! FABER COLLEGE! Do I win?

    • Too Tall

      Knowledge is Good

  • MikeS

    Journalists are probably coming from colleges such as Life University and Morehouse College in Atlanta, still trying to get their accreditation back. All the Donald has to do to guarantee his re-election is to announce that he will work towards and support a constitutional convention as per Article V of our Constitution, to fix the things that our Representatives and Senators (who seem to believe that an elected term equals life) have broken. Where the Senators are picked by Governor of the State the IRS can be used for tax accounting instead of tax enforcement and punishment, things like the “FairTax” can be put into place so peoples basic needs are not taxed, and the power returns to the people and not our politicians. Sorry I am rambling…

  • Cliff

    The whole point of the deep state is to retire with full benefits.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Full benefits to the deep state means including a cushy high paid job with the Military Industrial Pharma USA selling Complex.

      he land selling after laws and regulations meant to strip the people of their land are in full swing throughout the Western and Third World.
      The same methods to strip the Bundys, the claim miners, Austin’s outskirts former Green Belt land owners whose land is now developers, those in the way of the former Canada -Mexico highway, Irrish landowners, Romanian landowners who had common land distributed them but had new high taxes that it was impossible to pay, African development projects taken over by the Chinese, and so on, have all lost their land worldwide.
      It is bigger than many know.

      • John

        And it is an older problem than many realize.
        When Adam Smith pointed out that “Rent Seeking”, that is to say accruing vast wealth without actually earning it, was the ultimate goal of the rich, he was specifically singling out land use and the Government’s control of it.
        There are now other paths to unearned wealth, but land ownership remains the principle tool of abuse.

        • interventor

          In the UK, many buildings are built upon land not owned by the building owner. The land is leased not bought.

          • NotYetInACamp

            My family, not me directly, was hoodwinked into selling land that now provides over $400,000 in monthly land rent per month to the new owners. We knew everyone involved, yet even a lawyer who broke bread in the family home was used to achieve the hoodwinking. The former neighbor to that land would sell, or, or buy anything without conscience. Just business is what his ex-wife said he was doing. It was not personal she said. That land is leased is also true in the USA in such places as NYC, Miami Beach, San Francisco, and in other high and useful land value areas. I have idiots for family members and their actions to exclude me from knowledge of their actions caused everyone to lose cash flow that I expected, and had explained to them. They, in a simile, sold gold bars for a lot of shiny copper pennies. You can’t fix stupid.

            As to the Deep State. they consider what they are doing just business and will cut any throats they need to cut should they see that as the way to get what they want. Do as thou will, is their creed. Morality is not part of any of it.

  • Spin Drift

    My one issue with POTUS is the Liquidity Crisis money infusions into Wall Street. WTF is that? My guess is that it is the Deep States last chance to loot the country before the house of cards come tumbling down. We are all going to pay for this in the long run. To my brothers and sisters who are devoted DBD readers, got preps?

    It’s gonna be knife to the hilt. Hold Fast!
    Ammo, water, food, shelter, ammo, first aid supplies, energy source, ammo, ax.

    • JTC

      Good on the triple-down on ammo, but you forgot the launching device(s). Or maybe being first on the list it is too obvious to list.

      Liquidity Crisis? Well at least that says what it really is, a crisis of their liquidity meaning they need more of our “free” cash. What was the last big term for that under Zero? “Quantitative Easing” which was done in rounds like a game show to subsidize and subvert the free market, sounds so much more gentle and magnanimous.

      Call it theft because that’s what it is when something is taken from you against your will under color of law and threat of force. And I agree that is part of the big picture that is coming to a head.

      So yeah…Got Preps?

    • interventor

      George Washington said: “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.”

      • John

        What Good ole George failed to anticipate was the ingenuity of the looters.
        They now loot the future by making our grandchildren tax slaves.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I will never have enough preps.

      53 min, but their look at liquidity and what some will do to survive.
      There are problems ahead. Our President appears to be working for the survival of the people.
      How jobs and liquidity fit in is very important.
      Liquidity crisis manipulations have been used to destroy people and steal land and business for centuries.

      • JTC

        Liquidity Crisis just means they claim to have assets but no cash.

        Easy for a 40-year pawnbroker/estate dealer to debunk and solve.

        No problem liquidating stuff, there’s a market for anything of value at some price, you just have to find it. You just want free money without real collateral? Friends, family, and the real market say no? Okay, sell or borrow against your stuff. No buyers at your price? Reduce it until you find one. Don’t want to liquidate your assets too cheap? If better cash flow is coming, take an advance against your stuff instead. If it has value the amount could be from 90% down to 10% of the what willing buyers, not you, value it at. Might even be zero in the real world; I suspect that is at the root of the Liquidity Crisis. If your stuff can be monetized, do it at whatever the market decides is the value, or if it doesn’t have value there is no Liquidity Crisis there is a existential crisis, and your entity should die.

        • NotYetInACamp

          In the past decades almost everything has been financialized to continue the bubbles of everything. For so many, who owns anything anymore. An 8 year car loan? A 40 year or longer mortgage? Buying clothes on credit. Buying everything on credit. The financing of everything has grown through the system.
          Pawnbrokers are the harsh face of reality bursting so many people’s delusions as to the value of what they acquired so dearly.

          And total asymmetric warfare has been waged on us for decades.
          So much of what Americans now believe is true, is not true.

          Reality time. Reality is harsh.

  • GP Hanner

    That nails my ten years of experience teaching at a state university (1990-2000). Journalism majors consistently ranked at the bottom of their class and they consistently had very high opinions of themselves. Noted the same phenomenon among self-identifying feminists.

  • Qoheleth

    I’m thinking if they really wanted to rescue us from the excesses of the current president they should have started several administrations ago, back when Congress was in the process of abdicating it’s responsibilities; back when the aggregation of power to the presidency was starting. There’s very little that 45 is doing that 44, 43, and 42 didn’t lay the groundwork for.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Another President Trump reckless excess for the Republic.
    You can’t separate banks and politicians and thugs from their ill gotten drug money gains, the Deep State howls.
    What’s that I have heard for decades about many banks could not continue without their illegal drug money cash flow?

    Reckless excess. Truly reckless excess. Carry on.

  • Pamela

    So when does Pest Control get called with the Traps and Cats to clean out the rodents…


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