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  • Too Tall

    I think Travis’s bass became the one that signs “Take Me to the River” mounted on a plaque.

    • PaulS

      They made one for deaf rednecks?!?! 😉

  • Too Tall

    If Sam were standing in front of my Jumbotron (un)dressed like that, I might bring myself to watch CNN.

    • Pamela

      You’d be insulting Sam if you did.

  • WayneM

    Conservative leader Andrew Scheer proved, once again, that voters aren’t interested in conservative politicians offering liberal policies.

    Canadians failed their collective IQ test. Justin Trudeau still has a job, albeit reduced to a minority government. The Conservatives might have won the popular vote but, like the popular vote in the PotUS election, is a meaningless statistic.

    One of the joys of a multi-party system is the possibility of a minority government… where one party wins more seats in the House of Commons but not enough to push through legislation. In order to do so, that party that forms government must get the cooperation of others. This isn’t always easy as it means making concessions.

    If the party that forms government is unable to pass a substantial vote (ie: the smaller parties cooperate against the leading party) then the government collapses and an election must be called.

    Typically a minority government lasts around two years but Trudeau is arrogant that that typically ends up shortening the viability of the minority.

    • Too Tall


      Any chance we can get Alberta to succeed from Canada and join the U.S.?

      • WayneM

        Too Tall, both Alberta and Saskatchewan are fed up to the max with leftism, tired of being accused of being racist, homophobic and all the usual “progressive talking points” and recent polls showed more than 50% of the population support succession from the dominion… and that’s without anyone openly advocating for such.

        I’m not sure if they’d look at joining the US or just create their own country. It’s a damn shame, really, because they’re all proud Canadians but Trudeau and his globalist ilk hate western Canadians for being themselves.

        • PaulS

          Hey, hearing something about Pierre Delecto, is that one of your Canadians?
          Pierre Delecto Inflagrante?!? LOL

      • cfm56dash7

        Imagine the prospects for our US Olympic hockey team if we could add Alberta and Saskatchewan as states 51 and 52 (with DC remaining an unstated stink hole).

        • Steve

          I don’t think your Olympic hockey team (Either of them!) needs the help. You must have at least three times our population in states where ice hockey is a reasonable pastime, you can easily afford to fund the game at least as well as we can, your juniors have been at least as good as ours for some years now, and the game has begun to capture your national attention. As guys like Werenski and Matthews mature, I expect you’ll start beating us fairly regularly.

    • JTC

      Comparable chaos playing out in Britain and Israel…and coming soon to a gov near you.

    • Steve

      Trudeau is arrogant, yes, but he only needs to keep the NDP happy to stay in power. Since he is just as bat-guano crazy as they are, in just about exactly the same ways except that the NDP is probably less corrupt, this minority government stands a good chance of lasting quite a while. And since we as a people seem to have decided that neither having affairs with your underage female students, nor repeatedly wearing blackface, nor retroactively legislating your corporate cronies a get out of jail free card for grossly criminal behaviour, nor repeatedly making us a laughingstock on the international stage, nor groping women are disqualifying flaws in a Liberal PM, even though any one of those would destroy not merely the career but the life of a Conservative PM, I don’t see any scandal changing that result.

    • NotYetInACamp

      And in Canada(stan) the masses of Sharia believing “refugees” from “Syria” that arrived in 20165 were eligible to vote for the Sharia submitted Blackface Boy that heads the Liberal Party.
      Hopefully Blacky can offend all of the minor parties on issues and a new election will be called soon.
      Maybe the Conservatives can find a candidate that espouses conservative and Canadian values, and with balls. I believe that lady who just recently married who finished third in the Ottowa (I believe) mayoral election though refused advertising by much media, and she was refused participation in the debates though she had more support than all but the first two candidates. They dragged her off the debate stage when she walked on demanding that they debate her. On her worst day she would be more Canadian than Blackie and the Conservative candidates put together. And better for Canada.

  • John M.

    I hope that isn’t one of those new TV’s that looks back at you… or if it is, I wish I was the guy looking at the return monitor!

    • Wood

      Nothing that can’t be solved with a little e-tape! My phone wears some on the “selfie camera”.

  • Pete231

    Bottom feeders………

  • Bill G

    A liberal candidate called by CNN? They’ve made their choice, Kammie, and it is not you.

    • PaulS

      I didn’t see it, but would guess they thought they would be helpful in giving her the rope to hang-:-I mean room to run, with it.
      Oopsie LOL

    • JTC

      Yes, they’ve made their choice, and it ain’t Unca Joe either. They even flamed the Beast for negatively mentioning their commie mentors!

      Who’s left? (way left)

      Fauxcahontas and The Bern of course…maybe even as a team, and they’ve got Crazy Eyes on their team too!

      Workers (and elites and media) Of The World Unite!

      Only PDJT (or Big Mike :O ) can stop them now.

      • Pamela

        I think we might be needing a Hand Of God moment to clean out the dross, and wash out the all the muck.

        • The Chicken of depression

          Makes me think of the song “Ænema” by the band Tool.

  • JTC

    It is in fact the perfect illustration of the word. Not a damn thing racist about it except to the degree that everything is, and is thus verboten. Fuck that.

    Another illustration of the word is the outright transmutation and theft of our words. I fight that shit every chance I get. Words mean something and that is the foundation of everything else. Don’t let them lynch our language.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ah, those evil white men. They ended as much of slavery as they could. And more of them were lynched by far. Necktie parties happened too often in the Old West and elsewhere for many lynched white guys. Horse thieves and cattle rustlers often met the end of a rope when caught.
      The left take areas where there may have been an injury or they claim that there was an injury and excavate it out. They are like people who cut themselves, but very publicly and to follow an agenda.

  • JTC

    And how about Girly Graham getting it dead right in that quote? Excellent.

    Even left-trending Wiki barely nods at racism as one example of an historical and savage and unconstitutional denial of rights, and there are many other kinds. Trump (and the will of the electorate) is absolutely being lynched. Fact.

    • CBS Evening News’ Norah O’Donnell just made a big point of Lindsey Graham being the senator of South Carolina, like that explained why he was okay with the lynching comment. BTW ratings are reportedly nosediving.

      I have trouble watching my preferred local news because the slant on the ABC News pieces is so bad, NBC is bad, and now CBS is getting worse. It’s just not worth it to watch broadcast national news anymore.

      BTW, the news made a big issue a few days ago of Hillary being squeaky clean and blameless per the State Department email review. So here’s another shoe dropping from the centipede: Judicial Watch: New Benghazi Documents Confirm Clinton Email Cover-Up

      State Department hid emails from FOIA for FIVE YEARS, judge stated Judicial Watch may be able to prove they acted in “bad faith”. The department covering up did the review letting Hillary get off scot-free.

      • JTC

        “It’s just not worth it to watch broadcast national news anymore.”

        It is, if you can stomach it. As we have discussed about NPR, it is very useful opposition research. To hear how they present the slant does bring some understanding of how some people can believe and repeat the news and happenings of the day so as to make us wonder if they could possibly be talking about the same events.

        It is also the source for endless hilarity and dark humor, and the basis for incredulous art and commentary here at the ‘toon.

      • JTC

        BTW, your ABC news is mesmerizing if only for that odd pod David Muir…strangest hand movements and dark empty eyes I’ve seen on a national “news” anchor. Chris swore to me that’s not his brother.

        • Chris Muir

          Only Muir I heard of who’s gay.

  • interventor

    Democrat faux outrage concerning an old Democrat tradition — lynching. Black and white Republicans were the victims of the Democrat paramilitary terrorist arm, the KKK. Of the 4,743 persons lynched by the KKK from 1882 to 1964, 1,297 were white Republicans.

    • JTC

      To engage them on lynching only in terms of racism is to let them appropriate a much wider-ranging practice into a racial epithet, then make it off limits as they have so many words before, and using that perversion of a perfectly cromulent term to call our President a racist, again.


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