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  • Swansonic

    In Chicago at yesterday’s press conference / whine-a-thon a law enforcement type said that 100 people gathering in a group along the lakeshore was the most dangerous thing for the entire city.

    For a second I thought he was referring to the mayor & the city council…..

    • MK in Wisconsin

      I can’t tell you how happy I am that I escaped Chicagoland last fall. Life here behind the Cheddar Curtain is a really nice change! They even tolerate that I’m a Cub fan (although I’ve found it advantageous not to discuss football around here. Packers are religion in these parts)

  • ExNuke

    Be glad, can you imagine getting all the government we are paying for?

  • JTC

    Funny I was just reading a politico thing from a few months ago “The Purell Presidency” all about DJT’s “well known germaphobia”. Ironic coincidence or something else?

    • Halley

      “I’m a germaphobe” – the line I remember best from PDT’s first press conference after the Deep State leaked the Fake Dossier to the Enemy of the People. Germaphobia makes golden showers with Moscow hetaerae exceedingly unlikely.

      Good that Sam and Zed are not susceptible to the Blue Plague (that enables the Kung Flu).

  • formwiz

    Lots of people defying the Demo dictators.

    Makes ya proud to be an American, don’t it?

  • Swansonic

    The mayor almost broke down – all you peons aren’t doing what we told you! It was embarrassing to listen to.

  • Pamela

    MMM Red Meat. What are the sides?

    • WayneM

      It’s Texas… so twice baked potatoes, garlic green beans and Texas toast.

      • Mike-SMO

        All fun and games, but even in Texas you have to “tip” the server before you doze off burping…

      • Pamela

        So what’s for Dessert and is whipped cream involved…

      • John

        I’m not familiar with garlic green beans.
        Are they boiled or fried?

        • Henry

          Never had this in Texas, but had it plenty in Chinese restaurants. Usually wok-fried with ground pork “sprinkles,” and usually spicy.

      • JTC

        Hot fresh cinnamon apple pie with homecranked vanilla ice cream is for dessert. And yes whipped cream is involved. But not with the apple pie, it’s for the creampie of course.

        • Pamela


  • Pete231

    What !? No Shiner Bock ?!

    • Paladin

      When I lived in Texas, I preferred ZiegenBock Amber. Damm I miss Texas.

      • Old Codger

        You’re always welcome to move back. We got plenty o’ room.

  • Pete231

    Hey, what about pork, the other white meat ? ………

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Cat.. the OTHER Other White Meat.. ;-P

      • Old Codger

        Don’t laugh. In some places it just might come to that. 😉

    • JTC

      Or “poke”…
      the “other” other white meat.

      But not at Damon’s place.

      • JTC

        Shoulda been “other” other other white meat…

  • noy fub

    ExNuke, even though it’s not the exact quote, you need to credit Will rogers for that one.

    • ExNuke

      Didn’t remember his name and he probably got it from someone else who got it from someone else all the way back to the Greeks or Romans. It’s more a universal truth than a quote.

    • MasterDiver

      To borrow a little more of WR’s wisdom. Can you imagine what it would be like if the Democrats were an ORGANIZED political party?

      Zar Belk!

    • John

      Will Rogers claimed he didn’t belong to an organized political party because he was a Democrat.
      I wonder what he’d think of the present Clown Car.

  • Seems to me the 561 rulers of our country by creating a deficit, unbalanced budget have created a whole new economy that they cannot tax (yet), or have any real control over… hmmm

    • John M.

      435 Members of the House
      100 Members of the Senate
      9 Supreme Court Justices
      1 President
      545 total – who are the other 16?

      • NotYetInACamp

        They might be from the other states Obama said that he went to.
        Maybe Soros, Hillary, former chief of staff and PresidentActual Vallerie Jarret, former AG Holder, or others. Rahm would like to be one. Wasn’t the constitution torn up by Barry/Barrack?
        Actually I havre no clue as to how to make sense on that. Just some mental excess streamage.

  • Halley

    I get it that PDT has been forced, for the first time in his presidency, to play defence. But to get away with sabotaging the US economy like this in an election year – the Left must never be allowed to do something like this again. The weapons they use next time will make COVID19 look like child’s play.

    • John

      If the Republicans are smart they will resurrect the TEA party (which may happen anyway when the New Debt Crisis wipes out the Post-Covid-19 recovery) and overwhelm what’s left of the Democrats with I-Told-You-So at the ballot box.
      What’s really needed though is some way to prevent accumulating that Mountain of Debt in peacetime, which I believe is probably a direct consequence of a popularly elected Senate that cannot bring themselves to stop pandering to the lowest common denominator.
      That may require nothing less than a Constitutional Amendment.

  • DogByte6RER

    Xi Jinping and the rest of his ChiCom buttlickers, the globalists, the UN and the WHO, the Democrat Party and their RINO buttlickers, the Deep State as well as all of the open-border zealots and SJWs OWN this virus.

    I wish they could all be put together into one big quarantine house; they could have their very own COVID-19 house party.

    They might as well create and organize a new political party just for them and name it the COVID Party …

  • rochester_veteran

    I live in Colorado Springs now (moved here last August) and things have been OK here since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yeah, darn idiot hoarders bought up all the TP and I’ve avoided grocery shopping on busy Saturdays and mostly shop on weekdays in the morning. The shelves are getting better stocked, the beer aisle is well stocked and my favorite, Voodoo Ranger IPA 12 packs are on sale! The meat department is also getting better stocked since those initial panic buying days. I’ve been able to get some really good angus steak, pork chops, hamburger patties, chicken wings and bacon! I’m eating good, almost too good lately! 🙂 Fellow customers are nice to each other and the staff is hanging in there and I make it a point to say a good word to them as they’ve been on the front lines of this, stressful for them as well! The TP aisle is still mostly barren, but I’ve seen packages stocked when they can get it. Frozen veggies are also pretty bare as well as soups and canned food. I haven’t seen any mob scenes so far and people seem to be going out of their way to be nice to each other! Yeah, social distancing is being practiced for the most part. People are friendly in Colorado and along with the beautiful mountain scenery and nice weather for the most part, I think helps uplift peoples spirits, I know it uplifts me! I hope you’re all dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as best as you can! Having a good sense of humor helps and this is why I start my day here on !


    • Hobomatt

      Hey RV!
      Welcome to the Springs! It’s an odd town but I’ve been here since 1972 when I landed here from Vietnam. Been following DBD for many years…

  • rochester_veteran

    Forgot to mention that liquor stores and MJ dispensaries are open a they’re considered essential services showing that Coloradans have their priorities in order! 🙂

    • JTC

      Ah sweet Mary Jane…no wonder everybody there is so darn nice!

      • rochester_veteran

        JTC, yeah, I believe there is a correlation! 🙂

    • interventor

      States want the tax revenue.

  • DogByte6RER

    Oh … and in other news: Washed-up, has been comedienne Kathy Griffin may have just burped and sharted herself, checked-in to a hospital, and blames President DJT and VP Mike Pence for all her troubles and worries …

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Karma is a bitch.
      And The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences can never, ever be repealed.

  • All this crap is priceless in its own way.

  • Pamela

    San Fran Nan thinks Refugees are more worthy of $350,000,000,000.00 than Americans

    • Steve

      But of course! She can divert more of it to her own pockets that way.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The fake “Refugees” are Fran’s replacement voters.

  • JTC

    “What’s at steak.”

    Not a question; it’s a bloody brilliant and succinct admonition and commentary on the condition that could very realistically happen in real life, where in such an agitated, crazed and illogical condition such a trade could be made…

    Pretty sharp and perceptive CM.

  • interventor

    Received by email, Walgreen’s weekly specials. There were four for TP, Bet, if I go there tomorrow, there will be none on the shelves.

  • Oldarmourer

    I’d like to be the first to offer my condolences for sleepy joe’s upcoming sacrifice in refusing to use a ventilator once he’s ‘diagnosed’ with the wuhan flu in a week or so. so killary can have it instead…not that she hasn’t had one following her around for the past few years anyway.

    That should solve several problems at once for the dnc…

  • Barter – the original economic system. It should still work.

  • NotYetInACamp


    • John

      I agree.
      The paper companies are still intact and highly automated so all they have to do is add shifts to take up the slack. There will be no shortage once the distribution system catches up and the hoarders will be stuck with a supply they can’t unload.

      • Doggo

        John, you’re assuming that toilet paper manufacturers are considered “essential” by whatever government entity is trying to lock people up in their homes.


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