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  • JTC

    I said it before; notice how quick that shit went away when anybody else would have been threatened, crucified, maybe had a cross burned on their lawn. The gun thing is payback, his penance to the powers of the left to save his ass.

    Only it won’t work…his attack on 2A and the majority of the people is a suicide mission. One wonders if his bosses know that and set him up to get rid of him?

    • Too Tall


      I think you nailed it.

      The near-instantaneous “redemption” of Gov. Blackface Jolson, Lt. Gov. Rapist, and Atty. Gen. Racist gave the Progtard DildoCrat leadership total control of whatever was left of their souls.

      Their jihad against the Second Amendment is a win-win for the DildoCrats. On the off chance the three criminals succeed, it paves the way for the enslavement of the rest of the United States. Given that they will likely fail, it makes an example of three previously “moderate” commie pigs, and ensures that only the most fanatic leftwards will run for office in the future.

      Very much a Screwtape – Wormwood feel to it.

  • We shall see where this goes, but I’m betting it will be ugly.

    • Too Tall


      At the rate they are racing headlong to a very uncivil war, 50 to 100 million dead.

      • Henry

        And don’t forget the Hessian vote. I expect a lot of non-Virginians may be planning to fire up the Winnebago to get in on a little foreign legion action. Glory ain’t got nothin’ on satisfaction.

        • Henry

          Wow, did I have a brain bubble. I did not mean the “Hessian factor”… I meant the “Lafayette factor. ”

          “Never mind!”

  • Cliff H

    Hidden meaning, perhaps, but we all remember what happened in the past when the comment was made “He’s getting uppity” about a black man.

    Maybe not an actual lynching, but Northam does seem willing to provide an awful lot of his own rope.

    One wonders if the man is stupid or just arrogant.

    • Too Tall


      You would have to know him to realize that he has a near-infinite capacity for stupidity, arrogance, and ignorance.

      Single-handedly, he proves Einstein’s observation that stupidity is the most abundant element in the universe.

    • Cliff


    • Raconteur

      “One wonders if the man is stupid or just arrogant.” The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘bought’ is another descriptor.

  • Saaruuk

    I believe the more accurate quote is this:

    “The two most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”

    • Dreamingwolf

      “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

  • WayneM

    As has been said many times, if the Left didn’t have double-standards, they wouldn’t have any at all…

  • Why should we tear ourselves apart with a civil war now and give the Russia-Iran alliance a major victory in their Disunification of America shadow campaign?

    Trump Has the Pen and Phone Now, and Dems Can’t Stand It
    “I’m old enough to remember when criticizing the president of the United States for killing people without congressional authorization was considered racist.”

    Good times, when the only scandal was Democrats saying Republicans made it a scandal that the President wore a tan suit.

    • interventor


  • Bill G

    Nuke’em and Northam have shown the left’s hand fully on the Second Amendment. Bernie and The Squad have shown their hand on socialism and antisemitism. The left keeps giving Trump’s re-election committee gifts of massive size.

    • John

      It is interesting how free association seems to reveal some things.
      For instance your reference to “left’s hand” reminded me of the old reference to the left hand itself.
      As opposed to the right hand which was referred to as Dexter.

      • Henry

        Oh oh. These days, Dexter has acquired a whole new connotation. That makes it six of one, or a half dozen of the other.

  • Steve Peterson

    In a sense ( as none on the demo side have any) in 2024 the right needs someone to out Trump, Trump!

    • JTC

      Cruzin’ In ‘24.

      Maybe after four years as vice, learning at the knee of the Artist/Warrior.

      • John

        We’ve got a number of good options post-Trump.
        I’m looking forward to it.

        • JTC

          Name your top three?

          • Haley, Condi, and Kyrsten Sinema after she completes her journey to the Right Side.

            The Russkies are very upset we disturbed their alliance with Iran.
            Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev called the U.S. killing of a key Iranian military commander “the worst-case scenario,” and said he believed that Iranian retribution “will not take long”

          • JTC

            Condi Rice, she of the plan to “Create a Global Commonwealth”? Yeah, no.

            Potential as solid functionaries the three of them. But to fill Trump’s shoes, not only not them but I’ll be damned if I can think of a damn one who could, not even sure about Cruz. What an incredibly diverse set of capabilities and attributes are required, who knew DT would possess them? I didn’t.

            Still interested to know John’s (and others) top three choices of which he seems to have several.

          • Henry

            Not sure where you got Sinema’s itinerary, but I don’t see her GPS trail tracking anywhere rightward.

    • Halley

      If the Crime Syndicate aka “the Democrat party” is not exposed and indicted and crushed by 2024, it won’t matter who the GOP nominee is.

  • Cliff

    Coonman will be remembered as worst ever Virginia Governor.

    • PaulS

      Not to mention the worst president in the history of the country! Wait, what?!?! 😉

      • JTC

        Just wait for Coonwoman.

        • Henry

          I’m holding out for Coonidentifiesasawoman.

  • ExNuke

    Anyone know if the Virginia State Constitution has a provision for a recall election? The ballot box is slightly preferable to the bullet box, even if it isn’t quite as final.

    • Henry

      The basic problem here is one of majority-rule mobocracy vs. unalienable rights that cannot be voted away by any majority. A recall election would just be a do-over for the same mob that elected him in the first place. Other than tying him up and bleeding his resources, I can’t foresee a more positive outcome the second time. The solution isn’t to decide who is in office, it’s to make it clear that there are some things that can’t be done no matter who is in office.

  • Of course it is Virginia, which is for lovers, not fighters.

    Disbarred Lawyer, Convicted Sex Offender Democrat Joe Morrissey Wins Virginia Senate Seat

    Virginia voters forgave him for banging his underage secretary three times his junior with a clear power imbalance, possibly because he made up for it by keeping the relationship going and marrying her. Three kids so far. So a governor who dressed as Michael Jackson while doing a moonwalk doesn’t seem that bad.

    To remind us of the consequences of Trump’s rash actions, AAA via local TV says gas prices have spiked over 20¢ over the past few days, now just under $3/gal. So where are all the Democrats/Socialists who always before complained about price gouging?

    • Punta Gorda

      Virginia is for loosers…

      • Norm

        Rather than tighters?

        Or did you mean losers?

      • Punta Gorda

        Loafers, Win-Loss stats. It works either way.

    • Henry

      To dress as Michael Jackson would require donning whiteface.

      • Please don’t insult the transracial, Shaun King might be offended. Think of all of Michael’s years of suffering and confusion as he explored what being a white boy was like, serially.


    Having grown up in the deep, deep, deep south in the 50s and 60s, hearing Damon use the term ‘uppity’ is probably the funniest thing I’ll hear all year.

    • JTC

      Deeper South, often combined with “hi-tone”. And like the other epithets (and violence), often used black on black.

  • Raconteur

    It is one thing to pass laws. It is another to enforce them against those who will not comply; especially when those laws are to be enforced against the enforcers. Just ask Washington State, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.
    “Arrester arrest thyself?”

    • John

      One of the common characteristics of Democrats I seem to be detecting it the attitude of “It’s not illegal if you don’t get convicted.”
      It would seem that the greatest threat to Western Civilization is that particular attitude.

  • Halley
    Candace is our Hand of Providence in 2020

    • John

      She’s a bit young and inexperienced, but with some time her obvious intelligence could make her the US version of Maggie Thacher.

  • Pamela

    Get out the Blueticks. Time to hunt rabid varmints before the disease spreads more.
    There’s no cure for stupid.


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