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  • JTC

    Twisted logic is what they do, can’t lose the game if there are no rules. Can’t win either but they haven’t figured that out yet.

  • kadaka

    Haters gotta hate, ’cause haters gotta get paid. When you sell outrage, you gotta keep selling it.

    Even After A Tip, Texas Sheriff And Shaun King Pushed False Narrative In Jazmine Barnes Murder

    Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and activist Shaun King continued pushing the theory that a white man murdered Jazmine Barnes, even after both had received a tip that the 7-year-old Houston girl’s killer was black.

    Gonzalez acknowledged at a press conference Sunday that he received a tip from King in the middle of the week that Barnes’s killer was not the white male initially suspected in the case.

    King wrote Sunday on Instagram that he received the tip on Jan. 3 that a 20-year-old black man named Eric Black Jr. and another man had shot Barnes.

    King and Gonzalez’ timelines are wonky because they kept pushing it was a white guy, King was even trying to finger on Jan 4 a common white thief, Robert Cantrell, for the murder.

  • Calvin

    The problem with a “false” report is that if someone like King can decided that they, themselves, are black then they can also mistakenly decide that the man they saw was black, white, Hispanic, or Asian. Reality need not apply. (See George Zimmerman, the white Hispanic)

  • Delilah T

    Ideology = religion = the state owns you, whether it is the Church or the Government.
    People have no value as individuals, therefore, if they did, more will fall in line to take their places.
    The state despises individuals, because they can think for themselves, therefore, they will die. (Just ask the millions who disappeared under Joe Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc., etc., etc.)

    THX-1138, where are you? Answer, THX-1138.

    There are four lights!

    • Fox2!

      “By your command”.

      Standard Cylon response to a command from a senior.

      Biefehl sind biefel. (Orders are orders)

    • JTC

      Agreed on all but the terminology…

      Ideology does not equal gov, and religion does not equal the Church.

      Quite the opposite in both cases and rather redundant…a line on my “about” blurb at the old dead blog goes:

      “…believe in God, church not so much, and America, gov not so much (but I repeat myself)…

      I don’t follow crowds or orders very well, But hey…nanu-nanu.

    • JTC

      “…fellow travelers…”

      Correct in that context but less so than before as the leftiluminaries get more inclusive of their new islamic godhead.

      Many Jews are remembering some history and changing their tune ala Bibi. And realizing the old leftist guard take them for granted just as they do the blacks. That consortium is losing it’s base and replacing it with big fresh voting blocs, blissfully ignorant that one of them seeks to immediately replace them too.

      And that’s where our job comes in, as we have delegated stopping the absolute national security risk emergency immigration is, to a dude who is faithfully if somewhat contortedly pursuing it as job one. And blocs like Jews and blacks who are being cast off by the libs are important chunks of our legacy makeup of Americans that we need to pursue and educate and welcome to join the fight against the forces of evil that would destroy them and us.

  • kadaka

    Merry Christmas!

    • JTC

      And to you.
      Finally the last day is done.
      2019 promos start tomorrow.

  • Bruce Frank

    Democracy is not equality. In a majority rule situation the rights of the minority are not protected or even considered. Democracy can be a tyranny devolving to a majority, in effect, of one!

    A leader who favors enough of his followers to represent a majority becomes a king with a large court. A leader with enough public unions and departments on the recipient end of largess from the government coffers. Becomes a king, and remains one as long as he “doesn’t run out of somebody else’s money!”

    • eon

      In most “democratic people’s republics” democracy works out to “one man, one vote, once”. See Zimbabwe under Mugabe and his successors.

      After that, it’s “we have the guns, therefore you have no rights”. See South Africa today.

      Progressives laud both because, in their dark hearts, they want to destroy anyone who isn’t exactly like them. Only a few, like Ayers, are honest enough to admit it.

      The deep-eco brand like Holdren have frissons at the thought of exterminating most of the human race, to “save Holy Mother Gaia”. it’s still the same philosophy; only they, the “enlightened”, are allowed to live.

      As Robert Sheckley said, most Utopias would not be pleasant places to live.

      clear ether


      • WayneM

        Even the fabled Xanadu was beautiful but deadly…

      • interventor

        Boers are fleeing to Russia. When one flees to Russia for asylum, you know its bad where they came from.

        • kadaka

          Like when Edward Snowden when to Russia.

  • Liberalism and conservatism are much like our modern concepts of Hell and Heaven. I don’t much like the idea of either extreme, but despise and fear one of them more than the other. Thank goodness we have a third alternative to being a bleeding liberal or a hard nosed conservative. I like being an American just fine. But, its scary watching that option slowly disappear as its being torn from our clutching fingers. As for eternity, I’m hoping our creator has a compassionate sense of humor.

  • JTC

    I dunno Tagg, compromise looks reasonable until the other extreme uses it against you…perfect example is 2A. Hard nosed is the only thing that works because if that option disappears the rest will be ripped from your fingers fast not slow.

    Same for eternity but more so…either you believe or you don’t, and if you don’t He will be neither compassionate or humorous as He directs you southward.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Their compromise is not a solution. It is only a resting point for the battle to reach a new compromise point tomorrow.
      Compromise with them is defeat. they are intolerant and win, though their cause be unjust and wrong. we must be vastly more intolerant and win because our cause is just and right. Now those idiots who use falsehoods and wrong ideas to advance what was supposed to be good positions are either incompetent, doing someone else’ agenda, or downright evil. Being a politician is to fail. The politician will negotiate away just God given rights because that is what they do. (In the meantime they will negotiate a nations assets away because they received a few baubles.) China has read, improved on, and implemented their own greatly abusive Economic Hit Man policy in Africa and across the world. Tyranny has “winning” moments, by their own definition. The Economic Hit Man model has been used against the USA also, and against the people of this nation, with the necessary modifications. Who owns anything anymore. it is all financialized, and massive profit is hidden in their. Profit as in designed impoverishment of people and society being designed into the only choices allowed by business or by law (written by the exploiters). There results in no assets in the people, so they must follow orders (to eat or sleep in a bed maybe in a home, and maybe to have a job)

  • Henry

    Today’s politics is so depressing. What would lighten my mood considerably is to see a nice game of Twister.

    • GWB

      Involving the DbD ladies? Preferably sans coverings?

      • Grunt GI

        I would vote for that…

    • JTC

      You’re seeing it right now, and the fact that Skye was proficient at twisting things back then indicates she had her leftism even before joining the cause, maybe even that she was an early leader of it.

      I think she’s shocked at her treatment by their hands on her last tour. but neither that nor her exposure to real-world logic and reason by Sam, Z, and the girls, has yet made her see there is no there there with socialism. Have to see what happens if/when she sees that the twisting has no end.

      But as to the more literal and enjoyable suggestion, that it would be Nekkid Twister goes without saying of course.

  • yeah

    The State, that is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly, also, it lies, and the lie that creeps from its mouth is this: “I, the State, am the People.”
    — Friedrich Nietzsche

    • Henry

      Ha ha! If you replace “morally correct” with “politically correct” — which is really what she’s arguing — her philosophy becomes SMH obvious.

    • kadaka

      Ah, Disney seems bottomed out on animatronics now that they can do live-generated holograms.

      The ones who are really innovating in believable realism these days is the sex bot industry… Uh-oh, I just had a horrible thought. They are making celebrity replicas.

      • James Gemind


        A Ruth Bader Ginseberg Sex-bot?

        I didnt think you were into that… 🙂

        • kadaka

          What? Of course not. And dramatically posing my life-size HRC and Huma action figures for artistic effect is completely different.

          • interventor

            EEEEWWWWW! Applied double strength mind bleach.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Man. That was cruel. But so much so that it is funny.
            I still like good articles. And prop… prepositions.

  • Grunt GI

    Hey Chris…just wanted to say thanks for posting these a little earlier…it’s nice to be able to chuckle a little at the end of the day…I’m too dang old to stay up till midnight.


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