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  • JTC

    Proselytizing not behind Sam’s back but at her behest…that’s pretty sharp, and shows a hell of a lot of faith and confidence in her own parenting skills and teaching of logic and morals. Plus Skye gets to stay to continue exposing to the girls the incredible lack of logic and morals that she has been taught. Nice twist CM, I like it.

    Shouldn’t that be Pepsi next to Skye though?

    • kadaka

      Pepsi Cola is a drink
      that’s fit to pour down the sink.
      Tastes like poison, looks like ink.
      Pepsi Cola sure does stink!

      Thanks Mom.

      • JTC

        All true, but apparently the Pepsi Generation of the O which damns that evil elixir far worse, was after Mom’s time…would have liked to see the profane ditty she could have made of that.

        • JTC

          For those that don’t know, remember, or care, what happened is that immediately after Zero was “elected” Pepsi debuted their new logo, vaguely like their former one but obviously patterned after Zippy’s. When called on it they held news conferences (PR stunts) to say well, do do believe in hopey changey etc etc gag, but Pepsi is a more than century old company that has always embraced yadda yadda yadda. For a product and company that was in decline among younger people, this was a matchup and tie-in made in heaven, and they made the most of it…but it was all just coincidental (wink wink).

          But they’re right about their socialist elitist history. Years before they hitched their wagon to this charismatic mesmerizing (and black!) darling of media and all things young, socialist and stupid, they had already made their agenda clear. At college recruiting seminars they liked to tout their cosmopolitan location (Chicago! What a fun accidental connection to the One!), market and educated forward-thinking culture as opposed to the Old South ignernt cousin-humping bunch at that other cola place down in Atlanta.

          I don’t like to give money to those that shit on me so I decided that piss will never pass my lips. Example. Since I rarely order drinks at fast food places I didn’t really know who served what. But a while ago somebody with us asked for a Coke, and when I told the speaker girl to add one to the large order (4 people), she said “we have Pepsi” …and I pulled out of line. Small victories.

          Then recently my checkup shows prediabetes (imagine that after 47 years of wifey’s South Georgia cookin’) and doc recommended the new Gatorade Zero in place of sugar drinks. Well I used to like the stuff okay back in the day so I picked up four bottles on the way home. Then I stupidly looked at the small lettering on the label. Yep. Pepsi product. When the fuck did that happen?

          Goes to show, hard to escape the shit, and while this is just a frikkin’ soft drink, it’s about a lot more as to how deeply their aberrant divisive destructive culture is being infused, as Pepsi Cola…and our girl Skye here…make clear. Hard road ahead.

          • Pamela

            JTC~~ KETO Diet to get rid of the pre~diabetes. It works. Took my Man’s A1C from over 10 to 7.3 in a month. He’s been able to reduce his meds by half

          • MAJ Arkay

            Thanks for the info re Keto, Pamela. My A1C is 7.4 and I’m walking miles daily for weight loss, which does bring the A1C down nicely. Those FitBits we gave each other for Christmas have set off our competitive instincts (competing against ourselves to do better each day). I look forward to no meds at all in the not too distant future.

            Slowly working my way into a Keto process; read that a straight jump into Keto can cause bad headaches and generally feeling ill for a few weeks, so gradual it is.

            Haven’t let a Pepsi cross my lips since the Obama administration, and frankly, I do not miss any soda pops. Ice water or tea works just fine for me and my A1C.

          • JTC

            Pamela, yes ma’am thank you. The Gatorade the doc suggested was actually part of him putting me on the keto, and my daughter and wife had started it so I did too. That and metformin did drop the number in a few months and lost about 30 pounds too. But I never thought I would get sick of meath and cheese but I did…not to mention that the closest thing to bread that I love is a nastly little almond flour and egg whites microwave concotion that my wife loves but stinks to me. Stayed straight for those three months but a month or so ago started to backslide somewhat. I’ll get back to it though, I did feel better on it but MAJ is right is does make you feel wonky for a while as your system goes into ketosis.

            And a note about the iced tea, which I also love, has accompanied most of my evening meals for lo these many years of bliss and is the primary sugar drink the Gatorade Zero was replacing…you can’t have that either in the normal delicious real sugar sweetened but not too sweet Southern version that I was/am addicted to…gotta use some kind of yucky synthetic stuff…ad in your coffee too! 🙁

            It ain’t easy but it does work and is supposedly nutritionally sustainable as opposed to the Atkins thing it’s based on. The question is whether it’s worth it to be somewhat healthier or somewhat happier, as in most things the two seem mutually exclusive.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Most of those fake sugars are absolute poison. literally. So I have heard. I would not touch the artificial sugar with your mouth. Some sugar is better than a lot or any fake sugar. Search the horror stories those wierd chemicals can do to some people.
            And all restaurants become Taco Bells at the end of the Corporate Wars. It was in that movie with Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone. Taco Bell new parent (owner) Tricon declared independence from the PepsiCo conglomerate in 1997.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I took on the Communists at the hall across the street from the family business starting at about 8 or 9 years old. They all were avowed communist with about 8 life size portraits of the ‘great’ communists mounted elevated on the walls in the main hall. They all were proud communists and I was inoculated at a young age and continued the conversation until they all had died of old age. the were mostly, if not all, retired union garment workers from the Northeast. The hall was called the Jewish Cultural center. The Miami Herald local Neighbors sections did an article on them when there were only a handful left and they were closing and selling the hall. They seemed to think that they were doing right and never admitted that any idea they had was wrong. Bill Ayers of the terrorist and killing SDS Weather Underground, was a piece of cake to overwhelm in argumentative debate when he showed up at Notre Dame when I was a very young, maybe 17 yo, freshman opposing his recruiting people to join him in violence to change America. (His buddy Obama and other commies love that change idea. It works. They screw everything up so bad, that people want change.)

      Inoculate your children.

      I am not following the age progression or the dresses, who’s who, etc. I must bhe confused. If that is the kid, then she looks older than I was when entering college. Believe it or not. Probably more mature anyway.

      Nice drone.

      • TomZ.

        Sam and Skye are in this toon.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Even white males? Nah. Pelosi could never have meant that. It would likely cause her base of Mexican citizens, Alphabet genders, commies, radical fems, Frankenfruters, Cloward-Piven advocates, Sharia followers, Trudeau, assorted invaders desiring and acting to create fundamental change of the USA into not USA, and other such ilk, to abandon her.
      She woodint be Speaker then. (sniffles)

    • Old Codger

      wonder what Pelosi et al would do if a Jewish rep showed up in a yarmulke?

    • JTC

      The following quote from said raghead is to the effect that Congress will now look like America and we’ll have to deal. If that’s prophetic we’re fucked.

      “The floor of Congress is now going to look like an Islamic republic,” a pastor opposing allowing the hajibs said on the show.

      Friday morning, Omar shared a story from the Hill about Pastor Jackson’s remarks and offered a response of her own.

      “Well sir, the floor of Congress is going to look like America,” she wrote. “And you’re gonna have to just deal.”

      • NotYetInACamp

        By a ~1952 US Federal law no Muslim follower of Sharia should be able to become a citizen or to migrate to the USA. That little part about seeking to overthrow the government of the USA part. Sharia is instructions as to how to conquer all countries and the world. It is the only law in Islam that is to be followed. It is subservient to no other law, according to Islam and Sharia.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I was thinking cowboys wearing their Stetsons, the Church of the Wide Open Spaces.

  • Vince

    I think the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia would be better for both of them. Unusual specimens that they are.

    • DavidW

      I guess we see what we expect to see. I’ve never heard of the Mutter Museum. So, when I first read it, I thought you wrote Nutter Museum. Now, I have to go look up Mutter Museum and see what it’s all about.

  • Pamela

    Will they be displayed Stuffed and Mounted….

    • WayneM

      The problem with having a dirty mind and a vivid imagination is that occasionally things get horrid… I don’t want to mount Pelosi, let alone stuff her… UGH!! I need some brain bleach…

      • kadaka

        I was wondering if she meant Schumer and Pelosi mounted together…

      • Punta Gorda

        Concider this WayneM, with the amount of preservatives Peloski has in her, formaldehyde would worsen the preservation state.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I was think Vlad the Impaler.

  • Delilah T

    And in other news, Rep. Obviously=Confused wants to tax the moneyed people at 70% to pay for her Green New Deal programs. If she includes herself in that group, I will be surprised. She must have been visited by the Good Idea Fairy when she concocted that notion. She’s so full of – well, energy, you see, that she can hardly contain herself at times.

    • NotYetInACamp

      She may think that she is in the socialist controlled EU Parliament. They don’t pay any taxes. About 30,000 EU officials are tax exempt.
      I made up the number as I don’t the number, exactly.
      Did see her dancing. Not bad. MSM said Rightys hate fun. Those MSM just don’t know what fun is. I finally have something good to report on OCS, AOC Sandy, whoever. And her Sandy name that she used in high school is a common shortening of Alexandria. I knew at least one growing up.
      A cut and paste from an original with different music of her in a Bostn University shirt dancing away. Two newbie comment virgins likely lefty trolls made like they were right wings hating her for dancing. Then the MSM jumped all over it and made it a story. The video had been out a month or so with all seeming to like it. It humanized her.

      Sandy, as Alex was know in her high school, grew up in a nice neighborhood in Upstate New York. Alex then became a Bronx girl. or was that Brooklyn?

  • JTC

    That black wing in panel four one of Javier’s toys?

    • Fox2!

      Yes. It has been seen before.

      • JTC


    • Pamela

      If that’s a toy, I wonder what the range is for the WI-FI reporting and pictures..

  • sgtcpt

    I’m pretty sure there is still a Ripley’s in Gatlinburg which should be closer to the DD. Contrary to the news reports from 2017, Gatlinburg did not burn to the ground. I was still full time guard back then and we had to bring 150 M-days in to assist the first responders. The outlying areas did look like hell, but as anyone who is familiar with fire knows green is popping out of the ash. Its open for business and just waiting to relive people of their hard earned money.
    Glad to see those young ladies are polite, intelligent, and independent minded. Sam and Zed can be very proud.

    • TomZ.

      Closest to the swamp known as Washington D.C. is likely what is implied.

    • Old Codger

      sgtcpt, There are 2 Ripley’s closer to the DD than Gatlinburg. There’s one in Grand Prairie (a suburb of Dallas) and an even closer one in San Antonio. Both have a Tussaud’s Wax Museum in the same building. I went there once a decade or so ago. The wax museum had a likeness of Michael Jackson when he was still Black.

  • sgtcpt

    My apologies. Just googled Ripley’s there are two of them in Texas. Darn things are everywhere.

  • Blackrifle081

    There’s one in San Antonio, Believe it or Don’t!

  • I can see the logic of considering exposure to Skye and her guano as vaccination. Doesn’t clench the jaws less tightly, but the logic is there.

  • kadaka

    Dang, Florida’s getting weirder.

    ‘Killer’ herpes isn’t stopping these monkeys from mating and, yep, they’re in Florida

    They have a herpes virus that can be fatal to humans. They are randy. And their population could double by 2022.

    “They” are a group of about 200 feral monkeys — rhesus macaques, to be exact — in Silver Springs State Park in central Florida’s Marion County. There is also a colony of these monkeys in Puerto Rico.

    Alligators, giant pythons, and now herpes monkeys. But hey, sunshine and oranges and less Cuban refugees, right?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Orange crop is down. Foreign pathogen imports. Hurts the leaves and pulp.
      Rumor has it the minkeys got loose during a Tarzan movie filming. It was not from a Peter Sellers movie.
      I got gators cruising outside one fence during the wet season. Not now.
      I told the legislators 40 years ago those exotic animals needed to be banned. The pet stores had lobbyists. It’s ll related.
      If you want weird, you should have seen Captain Tony’s on a Saturday night before Key West became popular and expensive. Talk about weird. Thank goodness I was in Key West for the fishing. Great fishing. Nice waters.

    • DeeKayT

      Easy to fix. Just put notices out in Louisiana that the Florida monkeys taste good, the limit is three, and they’re out of season. Problem solved.

    • GWB

      The headlines make it sound like it’s a dire threat to the human population. But since you can’t catch that sort of thing from just breathing the air, it seems only a danger to the more adventurous Florida Man/Woman.

      • John

        The problem is that at some point a child will be bitten.
        Eradication is the only real solution.

        • JTC

          Of the children? Seems a little harsh. :I

          Only vacation we could afford as 18 year old parents was a few hours up the road from home in Pahokee to Silver Springs, stayed in the motel across the road and took in the glass bottoms and the jungle cruise, where those monkeys were swinging through those old trees even back then in 1972.

          Gotta kill ’em now though I guess.

    • JTC

      You forgot these cute little guys:

      iguanas. They might sound all cute and exotic but tell that to the people around Lake Okeechobee where tons of them up to five feet lay around the canal banks sunning, and walk up onto peoples’ porches and carports unafraid of the people or their dogs…they are mean and disease-carrying little bastards and can hurt your ass with that tail.

      But hey, it’s fla. We have plenty of gators in Sebring and a crop of red foxes every year in the little woods next to the house. Iguanas haven’t made it this far north yet but when they do I can deal with God’s critters. But it’s still those upright creatures in the pockets of crazy that infest the red sea of the state and are near overwhelming in numbers that are the dire and potentially deadly threat to what really is paradise…I’m sitting on my patio by the pool right now enjoying a crisp blue sky and 68 degrees…have to be sure to smell the roses along with the iguana poop sometimes.

      • Pamela

        They make great BBQ according to a friend that goes to the Yucatan several times a year.

        • JTC

          Taste like chicken. 🙂

      • NotYetInACamp

        They are food.
        They are eaten in many countries.
        Another exotic species the idiot legislators did not ban due to lobbyists pressure. Pay to destroy.
        I expect little logic, reason or common sense from legislators.

  • Bill G

    I first read the bottom panel as “… in a museum on the wall”. Probably due to my thoughts about how they should go to the wall.

    • GWB

      Nailed it!

  • eon

    Pelosi the Mad and Schumer the Wannabee Gauleiter are cases in point of why old crazies are more dangerous than young ones like Ms. Crazy Eyes.

    The young ones may have more energy, but the old ones have had more practice.

    clear ether


    • Delilah T

      Do you think the Old Ones will NOT squelch the young ones to guard their turf?
      There are several obnoxious, energetic, look-at-me!!! whizbangers now in HofReps, doing everything they can to stomp on everyone in their way… including The Old Ones.
      Chthulhu, lying in the Darkness, with the Lord of MisRule at his elbow, is at work here.

  • GWB

    Trump’s immigration plan is basically Schumer and Pelosi’s 1996 Agenda.
    This is what I keep saying: Trump is not a conservative. But the progs have moved the Overton Window so far left that Schumer’s and Pelosi’s policies from 20+ years ago seem like rock-ribbed conservatism now. And that’s the sort of liberal Trump is (old-style, though not so far as “classical”).

    I’m glad he’s there, but we have a LOT of work to do to move the country back to a proper attitude and set of principles.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Even one of Bill Clinton’s State of the Union Addresses sounds like President Trump now.
      It is how the invasion has progressed. The Democrats never did what they said. It is all fake statements to advance what they are really doing. President Trump has actually been doing what he said the country needed. Doing what the country voted him into office to do. President Trump went to work achieving what he said that he would do for the nation. President Trump must be a nationalist anti-globalist anti-tyranny American. Imagine that.
      That Overton Window is also being moved to see and be awoke to what the enemy anti-American globalist tyrannical Democrats have been doing for decades.
      Yes. We have a LOT of work to do. You are correct.

      • Old Codger

        Trump’s problem is that because he is not a politician but a businessman/entrepreneur he considers his public statements to be verbal contracts and so actually tries to keep his commitments.

        • NotYetInACamp

          That is why he was elected and his reason that he should be reelected.

          Trump is the only person elected president in ages that immediately went to work getting what he had promised done. And doing much of it against the actions of most of Washington and most of the desires of the Congress. He has had to use many from the UniParty to get it done, but that is most of what is in Washington.
          He is our president. (Not the snowflake’s or the lobbyists president.)

      • JTC

        Damn it NotYet, those were my lines.

        Dead on that Trump made real promises and is keeping them.

        And that anything coming out of Schulosi’s mouths then as now was playing to the crowd to keep them in office. Ten years ago the demographics of their base was not yet settled and blacks were under attack by Hispanics as the bought support for them. Now of course they see dem blacks (heh) gots to be replaced and then some to keep this party going. Which is why the illegal invasion is now the genuine threat to America and freedom that we identified and hired Trump specifically to address. And he is. And that is why they are so scared of him they will do and are doing anything necessary to get rid of him and us.

        You’re right about the 180 on the immigration position of the tenured elitists Sam, but you’re missing what they really meant and what PDJT means now.

  • Mike Fisher

    San Antonio. There’s a Ripley’s in San Antonio, right across from the Alamo.

  • James McMurrin

    Ripley’s has a ‘Believe it or not’ in Branson, Missouri, just FYI.. pretty sure that’s closer to Texas!

    • MAJ Arkay

      The one in San Antonio is closest to the DD…

      • JTC

        But the one in Baltimore is closest to the DC…

        • Pamela

          Might catch something near DC

  • billrla

    Bulgogi and Schumer are there to draw our attention and distract us while the real stuff is happening elsewhere. The key people to take-down are Hillary von Pantsuit and Zero.

    • JTC

      billrla, I think Zippy and the Beast both would like that to be so, but I dunno. What beyond the retching of your gut every time you look at them are you basing that on?

    • kadaka

      *sigh* An M$ News link that comes up on the cellphone as a WaPo piece, giving 2 lib orgs some hits.

      Now for the fun part, show me where in the WaPo piece it explicitly says the arrested guy, Eric Black Jr, is actually black. I still haven’t found it, and didn’t see a pic of him either. They seem to have a problem making it clear what the guy is.

    • JTC

      “I don’t want to say we’re disappointed” said the racist rabblerouser lawyer. “Just surprised.” Liar.

  • Sendarius

    Worse than that, kadaka.

    According to the first article I saw about it, the guy they arrested and charged with murder isn’t even the shooter, but the driver of the vehicle from which the shooting was done.

    Blacks’s passenger/friend, named only as Larry, opened fire on the vehicle carrying the girl “by mistake”.

    • NotYetInACamp

      But he intended to shoot at someone and kill them. That was not a mistake. Only the person killed was by mistake. That is no defense.

  • CactoBlaster

    Re: Pepsi Cola>>> Reminds me of when I was a third-grader walking home from school, Often, we walked past the local Pepsi bottling plant (Martin, TN) singing at the top of our lungs the following ditty:
    “Pepsi Cola hits the spot, 12 full ounces full of snot;
    Sometime a booger, too, Pepsi Cola’s the Drink for You !”
    (Sung to the tune of the then current 1959 Pepsi commercial jingle.)


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