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  • Delilah T

    Babies. The Hope of a Nation.

    • WayneM

      Agreed completely, Delilah T…

      I regret that I didn’t have more children. I feel like I’ve let my ancestors down. They fought & died for the freedoms that I’ve enjoyed. I hope my son is more fruitful than I was… soon so I can enjoyed my grandkids…

      • Grand children are the parents perfect opportunity for revenge. 😉

        • interventor

          Grandparents and grandkids form a natural conspiracy against the parents.

        • Old Codger

          Grandchildren are the only thing “golden” about the so-called “golden years”; everything else about getting old pretty much could suck watermelon through a drinking straw.

          • Brent Dotson

            Yeah, I am 67 and my only child is 22 and single (still in college) Didn’t get married until I was 44. Probably won’t live to see any grandchildren.

  • Jeffersonian

    Sorry. I used to read you to be amused by your strip. Your perspective, and your insight into todays America. Lately, I don’t understand much of what you post. Very dark. Very disjointed. What purpose does this strip serve? Are you OK?

    • Some of us see it, sorry you don’t.

    • Tagg

      There’s more to life than politics, But often. Nay! Always, The natural path for mankind to thrive physically, maps the path we must follow to thrive socially and spiritually, and vice versa. Those who try to convince us otherwise, are an enemy of mankind and themselves.
      Unfortunately the irony of their stupidity is lost to them, and they seek to forcefully drag the rest of us along their path to enlightened self destruction.
      This toon lets me know daily that I am not alone on this planet in my resistance to the “enlightened way”, that seeks to drag us all away from the successful natural order that was set out by our creator eons ago.
      When I “don’t get it”, it’s usually because I’ve been out of touch with either the truth that holds our universe together, or the latest activities and propositions of those “enlightened ones”, who would lead our species to “enlightened” destruction.
      Just look at the toons that you don’t get as a challenge to which you may rise.

    • billrla

      Jeffersonian: Economics. Politics. Lactation. What’s not to like?

  • Lyle

    In babies we see a glimpse of the innocence we’ve lost. Some love it, some covet it, some want to erase it, but that glimpse fades as the young are corrupted by the world.

    Thus babies are also the hope of corrupt nations. Woodrow Wilson for example, in setting out the mission of public education while he was president at Princeton, declared that it was to be their goal to make the son as unlike the father as possible.

    All communist revolutions have focused on getting into the impressionable and unsuspecting minds of the youth. The perpetrators understand that a nation can thereby, in theory, be undone within the lifespan of one generation.

    These words come to mind as I type this; Honor your father and your mother. that your days may be long on the land that The Lord your God has given you. Some may not understand it, but the communists and Progressive communists certainly do, for they attack it so directly and specifically, and with such zeal.

    The papists have shortened it to simply, “Honor your father and mother” so as to remove its meaning. It will eventually be interpreted here, via corruption, as before in other places, to mean, Honor the State, that your days be long on the land which your lord, the holy Roman Emperor (the state), hath given you, meaning that they’ll have you destroyed you if you don’t. Like all of the Ten, the fifth is being turned upside down by Progressive rot.

    Jesus; the only true hope of nations, and individuals.

    • formwiz


      The “Papists” built this country, fought its wars, won them, and made all the Know Nothings run and hide. They also made the Protestants make good on the promises of the Constitution.

      • Fox2!


    • NotYetInACamp

      And we have had various groups seeking to control this nation taking the long view.
      Their long march through the education system and the media has born much fruit with almost all of the American voices removed and replaced by those brainwashed into the new orders.
      Franklin school, progressives, Marcuse, socialists, Marxists, Freudians, Common purpose, Soros paid, and so many more schools of enemy thought that have taken root on this land intentionally to destroy what was here, what still is the major roadblock to globalist central planning and waste with only the few benefiting. That was a warm up.

      And as for the Marxist Revolutionary Theology revolutionary pope(?) from Argentina who turned in many during bad times, I have begun to seriously question if those bears really do poop in the woods.
      papist from Notre Dame here. 🙂 Progressive rot has been aimed at us all. My questioning the actions and some philosophies of our revered deceased Reverend Theodore Hesburg has caused some people consternation when they have had to actually think about what some of the stuff he supported and did resulted in.
      We have a problem with corruption across the world. The best cultures do not have corruption accepted as the course of action, in morals and business
      The papists are needed for the wins. Not the pope. The pope is an enemy of what is needed and good now.

      • Delilah T

        You should pay attention to the news, NYIC. Orban (Hungary’s President) threw Soros’s “university” out of Budapest in November during the time that the gilets Jaunes protests were underway in Paris against Macron’s carbon fuel tax.
        Soros complained bitterly about it, too. He also had to withdraw his offices from Turkey, as they don’t want him there, either.
        Keep up with these things. The signs of a reversal are there if you look for them.
        These fools like Skye are lighting their own way to dusty death….

        • Henry

          The only proper way to hound someone like Soros is with literal hounds.

  • formwiz

    That kid will never have it as good as he has it now.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Skye, sorry, but we are not “born conservatives” . We all start out born as “socialists”, demanding all, and giving nothing. Eventually as children we learn to share, give and receive. And many (not enough) mature and learn to be conservatives. And it seems that just as many never mature, staying stuck in the MeMeMe “socialism” of infancy or childhood

    • JTC

      That’s pretty good DBW, and very accurate.

      Keep your leftist hands, mouth, and mind away from my boy Skye.

      Thank God he still went for the right tit.

      • TomZ.

        Looks more like her left side. If he was feeding from the right wouldn’t his feet more likely be toward her left?

        • Old Codger

          Nope. He’s sucking her right tit. If you’ll notice, there’s another (equally gorgeous) breast touching the top of baby Sam’s head.

          If Sam was a DD before, what size did her breasts increase to with pregnancy? Anybody reckon Zed AIN’T having a bit of what baby Sam don’t drink? I would. One of the only things I didn’t get to do because my wife and I couldn’t conceive. Remember that scene in (that asshole) Jim Carey flick where he sucked on a nursing woman’s breast? Funny scene but I loath and despise Jim Carey.

    • formwiz

      Babies give joy and love and purpose and self-worth.

  • War Pig

    My late wife was a milk factory. A B-cup (perfect size two all throughout our marriage) with DD cup capabilities. I used to say she must have been part Holstein. She kept our babies well-fed and donated the leftovers to the local hospital for babies who could not tolerate formula but their moms could not produce or were gravely ill or recovering from surgery. We kept it in the fridge and the hospital would send someone to pick it up daily except for Sunday. Back in those days you could not breastfeed in public or even in private in public places, so we did keep a few bottles handy for our own use. Glad to see public breastfeeding is making a comeback and laws are being adjusted to fit.

    • PaulS

      “I used to say she must have been part Holstein.”

      Sir, my blessings to your wife, whom must have had a great sense of humor. 🙂

    • Pamela

      My Grandmother had her last set of twins at 48 years of age at home. The Doc came out and put her in the hospital for 3 weeks because she was a bit run down after 16 children and brought in 2 wet nurses to help out.

  • Jak

    Mothers milk in Venezuela? $300,000/oz (adjusted for infation) if you have a license, which costs 2mill (gold only)
    Fatback Jack

  • Pete231

    Watch Samuel fool us all and turn into a leg-man….nup, nup, nup, indeed………

  • Kafiroon

    Lots of good comments here today.
    In the same vein, here is something for all of us in FL.

    The Florida Ban on Military-Style Firearms and Disqualifications for Firearm Possession Initiative (Initiative #18-03)

    More to it than meets the eye first off.

    • Old Codger

      I didn’t read the whole thing but what met my eye was bad enough. If that monstrosity passes, then the RKBA will have effectively been abolished. It would define “the militia” as the Florida Guard and the Police.

      Ah, Chris? Don’t you live in Florida?

    • JTC

      Good Lord…Boca huh? Figures. My old Palm Beach County stomping grounds and points south are seriously infected with this shit.

      To be clear it seems this is an early stage petition and not an official state sponsored initiative, as indicated from the sickening bastardization and edit of 2A in the title…”Well Regulated Militia and Firearms – Stop the Killing 18-03.

      They might get the signatures but it will be DOA this cycle, but with the terrifying inroads shown by the socialists, commies, and grabbers (redundant) 11/18 no guarantee about future idiocy, and there’s always the risk of another ignorant turncoat like Scott helping their cause whatever that may actually be…it’s up to us to vigorously counter this crap, and some gunnies believe we have become way too complacent. Wonder how much Soros/Bloomberg money is involved there?

        • NotYetInACamp

          That sponsor fits the bill of long term efforts and support of those making the efforts to destroy the power of the USA and Western civilization to stop the globalization and enslavement of most of the world. With the accompanying environmental disasters, deaths, tyranny, and other evil that accompanies central power.
          These are global fighters for evil.
          And here’s the proposed Florida Constitutional change:

          … Further, to protect the population of the state no person shall possess a firearm of any kind if: …
          4) has been the subject of two or more domestic abuse emergency calls or investigations; …

          That alone is subject to massive abuse.

          And they restrict the militia to only already working for government:
          … The people of Florida declare that a well-regulated militia is necessary for the security of the State and further designate the National Guard of the State of Florida and organized police forces as its militia. …

          The militia currently is most of the people of the State of Florida.
          We are the militia. They want to change that. They want no one able to stop their planned tyranny. They call it love.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Speaking of the weasel language writer,

          Yet another globalist attempt by a long term globalist who points at things globalists have done and then uses that to take power and guns away from the people.
          Those examples are many that those supporting guns and our Constitution point at. Then he twists it against the people so the tyrants who want to rule can do so.
          Note the support along the way of nothing resembling real work that are his accomplishments.

  • Hobomatt

    “If you are young and not a socialist, you have no heart….
    If you are old and still a socialist, you have no brains!”

  • kadaka

    “Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter.”

    Remember that from way back when, that year when the liberal media told us that was a quote for the ages in a defining moment of the ongoing struggle for female equality, a line we’ll never forget?

    Just saw it on a sheet of crumpled newspaper used for packing.

  • Kafiroon

    Well, we have already been looking at moving out of state, as the mid-terms seem to have shown we have at least 50% socialists trying to run things. Along with all the dirty tricks and corruption they bring, I start having real doubts as to our ability to avoid a police state here in Floriduh.
    Haven’t figured out where a better place is.

    • JTC

      Don’t jump the gun (as it were).

      Unless you’re sick of the place in general, the politics might be stable for a while; not just because of holding onto the governor’s chair by a thread but because the new guy is immediately getting three -count ’em THREE- supreme court picks to replace the three hard lefties who are being put out to pasture by mandatory retirement.

      I have a story for later about the “Roberts” on that court; past Chief Justice Labarga who often sided with those libs was a schoolmate of mine at Pahokee High School. But for now suffice to say that there will be a solid conservative panel there that might be able to deflect some of the crazy that we saw come so close to power this past election, and will have a controlling majority for a couple of decades…we can only imagine if the corrupt black socialist had become gov and who/what his court picks would have been. The mope that is pushing this gun-grabbing ploy and others like him might have become primary policy advisers and with nothing to restrain their evil then it would well and truly have been time to hightail it out of this place as I had promised to do after 60 years here.

      At that point it would have been easy to pick a better place and hard to find a worse one. That time still might come but we hopefully have a reprieve for the foreseeable future.


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