Day By Day


  • Pamela

    You use what you’ve got. How many bytes in that thing?

    • pyrodice

      Oh man, like, at LEAST 8.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Probably more than was on the NASA capsule to the moon.

  • Halley

    Something about those Tic Tac sightings doesn’t add up…

  • CaptDMO

    Meh, can’t be any worse than piloting a scow in Far Cry, navigating with a can of Cheese Girl in The Journeyman Project, The or zeroing in with a delta wing in Assassin’s Creed.

    • MasterDiver

      Or a Kzinti “Scream of Vengeance” fighter with a Gravity Polarizer drive.

      (Could Javier be contracting for the Jatoki?)

      Zar Belk!

  • Bill

    Where are the levels? I click on the red border but nothing. On an iPhone.

    • kadaka

      Chris seems to have forgotten that link, you can still use the ones on the home page, scroll down and click on a level.

    • PaulS

      They were here yesterday, I think;)

    • Chris Muir

      Link back in. Need coffee.

  • Too Tall

    So much truth and reality in that second panel. It probably should be a poster on the wall of every major engineering project.

  • Kafiroon

    Kluge Engineering works better and far more often than what the brain boys dream up that has to be invented first at usually great cost.
    Those of us with experience know this.

  • kadaka

    Paint it up like a Valium capsule then send it floating through San Francisco at night with a speaker saying “Nancy? Where is Nancy? I’m for you, Nancy.”

  • Nancy

    Maybe Daddy should spring for a better handheld game.

    • Pamela

      What chores can Javier do to earn the money to get what he wants?

      • kadaka

        Right now, write a chatbot that creates outraged outrageous articles for Vox to help with their writer shortage. His mother Jan could help as she understands marketing to liberals.

  • Gravity drive. Heh.
    How about pixie dust? I’ve seen it work wonders in another cartoon, by Disney. Sprinkled on, or snorted.

    • kadaka

      United States gravity control propulsion research

      They were getting some great scientific research done and papers published in respected journals, which includes work by defense contractors, up to 1974 when the government stopped paying for it. But of course the Reds kept going, and who really thinks the US and allies just dropped it right there?

  • JTC

    A wild and crazy sci-fi fighting vessel would be cool…

    But seventy five years ago there was naught but swarms of planes and gliders filling the night sky with their vulnerable precious cargo, and thousands of heroes pouring onto the beach with only their patriotism, courage, and God’s will to shield them.

    Damn those guys were amazing then, even more so in retrospect.

    • Kafiroon


    • kadaka

      But today on Twitter another leftist narrative emerged, reminding us it was the Soviets that beat Hitler, not the US. But hey, thanks for participating in another great Communist victory!

  • interventor

    Mexico’s southern border is 150 miles. Ought to be relatively easy for even them to control that. Unfortunately, there’s graft and corruption.

  • markm

    @kadaka “United States gravity control propulsion research”

    Unless they had a UFO, managed to find out something about how it worked, AND kept that a secret for over 60 years, this was pure boondoggle. And our government just isn’t that good at keeping secrets. Even the Soviets weren’t that effective.

    There’s only one known theory for gravity control, and that’s to move huge concentrated masses – like millions of tons of lead. (For example, see Robert L. Forward’s novel “Dragons Egg”, where astronauts use moon-sized lead balls to counteract the gravitational shear of a neutron star and enable a manned human ship to survive in low orbit. But we don’t have any way to support, let alone move, such a mass.


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