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  • Delilah T

    No, Booker, you are NOT Spartacus. He at least had honor, something that is foreign to you. But you are an idiot.

    Been a good week. Now the midterms are next week. To preserve a balance, go and vote and pick Republicans, because if you don’t, we all lose.

    • JTC

      Guess you mean early voting since the mid-term is a month away on 11/6?

      • Delilah T

        Yes, my bad.
        I DID MEAN NOVEMBER!!!! Sorry about that! VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!

        I will beg forgiveness for my timeslip brain waffle and offer pizza or lasagna as humble pie. Take your pick.

        • Vince

          Lasagna please!

        • JTC

          Glad it wasn’t a brain fart, nobody would want that!

    • Punta Gorda

      Stolen Valor.

      And a pathetic poser at that.

      • Punta Gorda

        Yeah, I can say that. I did my time, but never claimed to be anything but what I did. Non Vietnam era. Got out because I got tired of being away from home during the holidays… and I kept arrogant idiots as department heads. Idiocy is fine, that can be fixed… as long as they listen.

        • Punta Gorda

          * getting arrogant idiots.

        • Punta Gorda

          Hint, the chief is not your enemy. He might keep you from looking like an idiot in front of the command. Listen to him/her.

          • Old Codger

            Last E-7 (AF Master Sergeant and equivalent of a CPO) I worked under was such a prick he threatened to call the Security Police if I didn’t get my car out of “HIS” (unmarked) parking space. The one before him was senior NCO on a massive installation project (150 installers and team chiefs) in Osan AB, Korea. This asshole kept the team chiefs from getting us reservations to go home for Christmas (Something the squadron CO expressly wanted us to be able to do) until it was to late. We wound up having to go space available – out of the main air hub for all service members going into and out of South Korea. I got home Monday before the last flight out on Wednesday (Christmas was on Friday. Two dozen installers didn’t make it out. Fortunately the Squadron CO called in some markers and got a C-130 crew to fly a “training mission” to Osan to bring them home to Yokota for Christmas. The asshole – happily – spent Christmas in Osan with his Yobo (Korean mistress) staying in her hooch.

            Now you understand, PG, why some of us might just disagree with you just a tad.

    • James Gemind

      California does not have a GOP Candidate for Senator. Their laws allow only for the top two candidates to run, which means that even if there is a republican candidate in the primaries, if they don’t get enough votes…

      So Californians have their choice of Feinstein, or Del Leon, who is nuttier than she is.

      Californians, VOTE FOR DEL LEON!!! Doing so puts a freshman senator in there, and not a Senator with seniority.

  • Swansonic

    Couple of excellent nominations down, thousands of regulations and swamp creatures to go.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Too Tall

      55,000+ sealed indictments to be opened.

  • TomZ

    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

    • PaulS

      Oh frabjous day, kalloo kallay!

      See Ms Griffin?
      You, not appropriate!
      THIS: Friggin Great!

  • Apropos, indeed.

  • JTC

    God, they’re like rattlesnakes, still spewing their venom with their heads chopped off.

    • eon

      More like

      “Hail Hydra! Immortal Hydra! Cut off one head and two more shall take its place!”

      -Strange Tales #135, “The Man for the Job”, the first “Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, August 1965.

      No, Samuel L. Jackson is not Nick Fury, in my book.

      Karl Urban- maybe. See Dredd (2012).

      clear ether


  • Random Internet Guy

    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head
    He went galumphing back.

    That somehow seems particularly appropriate.

  • Pamela

    Wonder what he is using, outside of the truth, to keep a fine edge on that sword…

    • PaulS

      Just the facts ma’am, just the facts…

    • cb


    • Delilah T

      Finally figured out what that sword is: it’s a light saber, Never needs sharpening, very portable, no permit required, and looks like an ordinary flashlight.

      There may be a sale on light sabers at your favorite outdoor sporting goods shop.

    • TomZ

      Likely a mono-molecular edge.

  • Bill G

    Indeed, a stable situation.

  • OwenS

    Leave it to Booker to confuse Kirk Douglas with Kirk Russel…

    • S'aaruuk

      KURT Russel……not “Kirk”.

  • Chuck Pelto

    You KNOW how Heracles killed the Hydra, don’t you.

    He didn’t do it by cutting off the heads an cauterizing the stumps of the neck. He did it by stabbing at its heart.

    These anti-American members of Congress are just the heads of the Hydra. The heart is the DNC.

    It’s time for RICO investigations into the Racketeering and Intimidation of this Corrupt Organization.


    • Old Codger

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, Chuck. The RNC is just as bad as the DNC. The parties are merely two wings of the same rapacious bird. Both sides are heavily invested in maintaining status quo.

      I sometimes suspect that the reason Mr. Trump ran for president was because of the hit his (and everybody else’s) business had taken under O’Bozo. That and he figured that none of the likely Republican replacements would do any better. What was needed was an outsider. I suspect that is the reason the Republican establishment dislikes him as much as the Democrats.

      • John

        The real problem is that both National Committees are beholden to the Crony Capitalists who shovel money into their coffers. The reason Trump was so reviled, and continues to be reviled, is that he doesn’t owe his soul to the Deep Pockets like his enemies do.
        Remember the battle cry “Anyone but Trump” was shouted by both sides.

  • Scotty Curtis

    Kirk…Douglas, maybe?

    • GWB

      Nah, Kirk Russell. You know, this guy. Didn’t Spartacus have an eye patch?


      • eon

        “Snake Plissken could beat Chuck Norris’ ass. Actually, he wouldn’t even bother fighting Chuck Norris, he’d just blow the shit out of everything in the general direction of Chuck Norris.”

        clear ether


      • Norm

        Any relation to Kurt Russell?

      • S'aaruuk

        KURT Russel as “Snake” Plisken.

      • Ozymandius

        Snake Plissken… always wanted to see more of the background to his story.

    • CuriousB

      Yes, it was Kirk Douglas in the unforgettable epic by Stanley Kubrick. Kurt Russel was “Maximus” in Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator”.

      • CuriousB

        Let me correct my correction – Russel Crowe as Maximus. I like Kurt Russell, but he never was a gladiator.

        • CuriousB

          But I see what Chris did here, to show what a dumb ass Booker is.

        • MAJ Arkay

          True, but Kurt was a dynamite Wyatt Earp.

        • John

          Personally, I liked him best in the Micky Mouse Club.

          • Doggo

            I liked him in Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. If this keeps up, we can start playing “6 Degrees of Kurt Russell”

    • CapnJack

      I’m glad someone got it right.

  • Randy

    Yes!!!! GWB @ 6:34 AM Can we please please please? Turn NYC into a huge (or should that be Yuge) Prison Colony? No offense to any of a “right mind” currently trapped there. As a life long Western New Yorker I suffer the daily indignity of being under the autocratic rule of down state, mainly Il Duche Cuomo.

    • Delilah T

      Well, soylent green IS people, and there certainly are enough of them.

      This is kind of like watching a cystic lump localize and raise a bump which might quietly be absorbed by a healthy body, or which the body may reject entirely, and then the cyst ruptures. Ickkkkkk! Clean up on 1st Street N.E.!!! Get the scoop trucks!!!

      This is all part of a cycle that has to run its course. Just don’t let any of it land on you.

    • S'aaruuk

      I’m thinking more along the line of “El Douche” Cuomo.

    • The 300

      You’re missing an “o” in Cuomo’s title.

  • Paul

    Booker should remember what actually happened to Spartacus!

    • CuriousB

      Yes, maybe he should be crucified.

  • Hoodude

    Douglas,fumm duck.

  • Fritzchen

    Lassez les mal tetes roulez!

  • WayneM

    I hope everyone remembers to raise a brew for Brett!

    How curious… Dr CBF’s lawyer announced her client doesn’t intend to pursue matters any further. I’m guessing she’s too busy flying around for speaking engagements, booked on the View and likely writing a book…

    Next due to be replaced… Ruth “Coffin Dodger” Ginsberg…

    • John

      Remember every time some Pussy Hat challenges you to explain why Little Miss Innocent Ford did it, just remind them of the six figure book advance.

  • The Basseteer

    Wayne M. Would that be “The Artful Dodger?”

  • Tagg

    Is it great to have the Donald as POTUS or what? Hell yeah!!!!!!!

    • TomZ

      Someone actually pays attention to what the former affirmative action general has to say?
      His greatest accomplishment in the military was giving daily press briefings about what the real military was doing in the Middle East.

      • Doggo

        Give him SOME credit. He got out of Schwarzkopf’s way and let him run the war. Besides, that was a dirty job that somebody had to do. I’d rather receive incoming fire from the enemy than from “our” free press

  • JTC

    Also the fact that the likely next leader of the largest country in South and Central America is calling himself the Tropical Donald Trump is a great indicator that the Preference Cascade continues to grow in international appeal. I don’t know much about the guy but if he proves to be worthy of the comparison that is a very good harbinger for things to come and worldwide improvement and growth of American ideals to include the rest of the Americas too.

  • Delilah T

    I am so tired of the whining from these sore losers and spoiled brats that I would happily ship them to another planet where they can have all the tantrums they want to. If Colin Powell is so blind to what the Leftreds are really like that he can’t see how much damage they’d do if they could, he does not deserve any support or sympathy.

    I did not think he was that thumpingly stupid, but I was wrong. Maybe he got that way because he doesn’t have anything to do in retirement, or maybe he was always that way,

    But when someone moans and whines about a president whose actions have boosted the jobs/employment market strongly – LOWEST unemployment in 49 years, for Pete’s sake – among other things, and whose aim is to bring jobs in China back here – well, that SOMEONE (all of them) has got rocks and used kleenex in his head.

    What a pack of idiots they are.

  • JTC

    Dang it I can’t find it to link it, but somewhere I saw a ‘toon with the simple title


    Pumpkin beautifully carved with a squinty scowl, puckered grinning mouth, big orange hair…and it was YUUUGE!

    Sitting on the porch not of the White House but an everyman Deplorable flyover residence, and depicted a few presumable libs running screaming in terror AIYEEE!

    Funny stuff.


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