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  • Delilah T

    Feminists are not women. They are not any part of my species.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax


    • Halley

      I’ve come to the conclusion that a “feminist” is a deeply unhappy, spiteful female who realizes she can get away with blaming males for all her own self-induced shortcomings and lack of fulfillment. Yes, they are a different species than real women.

    • Merle

      easy to believe – because you hang out here! 🙂

  • JTC

    Those feminists unfit to vote are NOT all women but they ARE all pussies.

    No offense to the falsely accused kittehs featured in this space recently.

  • Nancy

    It all depends on the woman. I’ve never voted Democrat in my life.

  • JTC

    I am very happy that a very reliably conservative justice has been confirmed to scotus, especially so due to the horrendous and evil antics that tried to stop it.

    But I am not particularly happy with Judge K’s first offical act:

    These four women might be the best clerks available, but boasting of the first all female team of clerks on the court and pointedly claiming a mission to right perceived wrongs of gender inequality by doing so is just the same as any other quotas, set-asides, preferential treatment or “affirmative action.” It’s fucked up and it’s wrong. Hope it is not an indicator of the judgement -as it were- we can expect from BK.

    • Bren

      Remember, he worked for Justice Kennedy. He’s right leaning, but far from ultra conservative. Expect center right and you should be close.

      • Chris Muir

        Yup.He was for Obamacare and the tax-‘penalty’- with it.

        • Unca Walt

          Yowza. That and the Patriot Act are stains. But… I guess we cannot get Christ times nine for SCOTUS, so we take what we can.

        • Inkstain

          Was he actually in favor of Obamacare, or did he refuse to strike down the individual mandate under the auspice that it’s a tax and therefore constitutional under the 16th amendment?

          • TomZ

            But congress clearly said that it was a penalty and not a tax.

    • Punta Gorda

      And how many of those new hires are plants?

      • Unca Walt

        I think they are all humans.

        • Deplorable B Woodman


    • Inkstain

      They didn’t backstab him when the left were putting him through the wringer. That shows character.

      • eon

        Or just the patience of a well-trained mole.

        clear ether


    • Bill


    • nonncom

      When I see this crap, I always wonder how many, perhaps, much more qualified males were passed over just to make a statement….

      • JTC

        As with all discrimination that is exactly the point…

        To tell the truth had I seen the live testimony wherein he made the statements quoted in that story, I might have been less strident in my support…there were at least a couple in the wings who would have made great nominees, the woman especially, though the leftist machine would have excoriated her unmercifully as a traitor to her kind.

        And of course it is their antics as I mentioned that generated the Deplorable groundswell and got the nomination through, and that will carry over to the midterms, so all in all it was the right result.

      • TomZ

        Remember, the clerks are recent graduates from law school. Rankings of law school and ranking within the classes are the only thing that would separate the prospective clerks.

  • He’ll be top of the line.

  • Pamela

    Er, didn’t Jan just have a baby girl? What’s her name and when can we see the little angel….

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Vote with your feet”
    Don’t like it here? Get walking.

    • Wood

      A lot of celebs vowed that before various elections, and the scum are still here.

      • eon

        They’ll stay as long as they think they can win, and rule, by fair means or foul, preferably the latter as it proves they are not bound by the mores of the the society they despise- ours.

        When they (or their lawyers) conclude that they’ve gone too far, two words; Roman Polanski.

        clear ether


      • Merle

        sadly …… 🙁

  • sgtcpt

    One of the best replies to a feminist was by the late great Jerry Clower. It was titled “The She Coon of Women’s Lib” and is out their in cyberspace for all to hear.

  • JTC

    If you have the stomach for it or if you just want a good laugh, click on the MSN website and flip through the “lead stories”…you never saw so much signalling of virtue post-Kavanaugh.

    At the head of that frothing pack in my view though, is this POS, formerly someone I enjoyed watching play his scripted parts, but who now writes his own scripts like this pathetic has-been shit:

  • Nancy

    I think that — at least for a while — Kavanaugh is going to bend over backwards to establish his credentials with women. I’m going to keep my opinions to myself and watch to see what happens before I start “virtue signaling.”

    • JTC

      Nancy, he needs to “establish his credentials” with everyone who put there; anything else is pandering to special interests for his own personal benefit, which is what politicians do, not Supreme Court justices.

  • CapnJack

    “You can always vote with your feet”

    I try to do my best for you, but if that isn’t good enough,
    you can always vote with your feet.

    Love it.

  • Hoodude

    They do have that power,the power.

  • Halley

    PDT is delivering on every campaign promise he made, SCOTUS being only one. So now I’m looking forward to

    Lock her up.
    The Wall.
    “Mainstream media” and Deep State exposed and taken down.
    More pics of Melania.

  • WayneM

    I fear Kavanaugh will self-censor so much that he won’t be much use to anyone… so although the Dems lost the battle, they haven’t lost much ground.

    If someone brought forward a totally legitimate case against Roe vs Wade, Kavanaugh would recuse himself or align with the Coffin Dodger.

    • John

      The conservative leaning justices need some backup to really feel confident.
      I think that may be in the offing if Amy Coney Barrett replaces Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
      I’m still waiting for RBG to emigrate to New Zealand like she promised.

  • Oddball52

    This is one of the dirty little secrets that no one wants to discuss. I spent 20 years in the USAF watching women get special treatment, etc, and it has now morphed into this man hating fiasco / circus. BL is that I do not trust women past my wife, sister and mother. I’m usually ready to make friends with men and give them the benefit of the doubt, but not women anymore–they are dangerous. Chris has made points like this extremely well over the years, and Glenn Reynolds has too–today’s militant, leftist women make men like me convinced that they should never vote, or have anything to do with ruling themselves or others. Their actions show them incapable of handling any kind of responsibility. Heard a guy say that if men hadn’t invented air conditioning, power steering and the washing machine, their lives would have remained a lot better and easier. Lots of truth in there I say.

    • gruundehn

      As a newly minted TSgt and shop chief, two of my crew brought a problem to me, each with a solution. I listened to each and as I could see nothing to decide between the two solutions, I went with the person with the most stripes – SSgt vs Sgt. I had to defend myself from discrimination charges by Wing because the Sgt was a woman. I won the argument, but just barely.

  • JTC

    Halley, see my lastcomment from yesterday for some credit where due on several important fronts, never to be reported in the LSM of course. Doncha know if that list of accomplishments was on Bobo’s watch (as if) they’d be throwing ticker tape parades in New Yawk and Chitown?

  • Nancy

    JTC, I know what you’re saying, in reply to my above comment, and I believe any attempt to prove he’s good to women will be greeted with sneers from the Left. I think he’s a good man and an excellent jurist. I also think the Left will never leave him alone.


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