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  • kadaka

    If Trump was a lesbian then I’m pretty sure that’ll have been another tape that would’ve come out by now.

    (How many more years until the kids won’t know what “tape” is? The smarter ones think “reel to reel” is probably misspelled.)

  • Delilah T

    Her jacket is about to fall off her! My eyes! My eyes!

    Are you old enough to marry, do you think?
    Won’t you wait till you are eighty in the shade?
    There’s a fascination frantic
    In a ruin that’s romantic;
    Do you think you are sufficiently decayed?

    I’m sometimes called Buttercup, dear little Buttercup, sailors should never be shy. But still, I’m called Buttercup, dear little Buttercup.
    Come, from your Buttercup – BUY!!!

    Some things withstand the Test of Time.

    Others, not so much.

    Just sayin’. Anyone taking bets on how many faux pas Ms Nancy P makes next year? Anyone? Mom?

    • kadaka

      She’ll start her new Speakership by welcoming the new Congressmen and Congresswomen, will be attacked for slighting the bigendered and nongendered, the constituents of San Fran Nan will demand an apology, she’ll say she should have simply said Congresspersons, then will be attacked by those who don’t consider themselves people, leading to resigning from her Speakership and joining Hillary on her “It’s all the fault of you idiots” tour.

      • Bill G

        They really need to just start referring to ‘units’. No reference to gender, orientation, or even species identification.
        It will also be extremely useful once they have their death camps running; they can just refer to units eliminated and not have to consider that they are killing people. Such sophistries are at the core of mass murder.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          How about calling them all “assholes”? Everyone has (at least) one, no matter which gender they call themselves. Works for me.
          Or, to be more “genteel” we could call them “front hole”, or “back hole”. The intent is the same.

          • DASTARDLY DAN


          • RegT

            Do gays have assholes? I thought those were “Plan B vaginas”.

        • JTC

          “They really need to just start referring to ‘units’…”

          Numbers. They are the minions of the Beast (no not Hillz, her biblical inspiration), so might as well adopt their prophecy, and accept their marks willingly.

          Those who resist may have given a read to Revelation 13. Those who haven’t should. Those who don’t will fulfill it.

          Chilling, the end times prophecies are. And accurate?

        • Fox2!

          In pasture management, a “unit” is a cow and her calf.

          Let’s see, San Fran Nanzi and Occasional Cortex. So, who’s the bull? Or is that the result of artificial insemination?

  • kadaka

    If Trump was a lesbian then I’m pretty sure that’ll have been another tape that would’ve come out by now.

    (How many more years until the kids won’t know what “tape” is? The smarter ones think “reel to reel” is probably misspelled.)

    • JTC

      You can say that again… 🙂

      • kadaka

        Time After Time…

        • JTC

          Time Into Time…

          TIT for TAT.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    President Trump may be a thespian, but he’s OUR thespian, WE put him into office.
    Unlike YOU, Cuck Tumor, the Court Jester, the Clown Prince of Fools, the Knave of Kongress. (go to when they have a story on Cuck T to see a picture. WARNING! spew alert! Earl of Taint is another good pictoral reference for both Cuck and BoTox Nan)

  • Patricia Katagiri

    On 12/28 you said “when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor”–
    You do know it was the Japanese who attacked PH–

    • Chris Muir

      Ya think?

  • Castlebrew

    Wait until SanFranNan finds out that Occasional-Cortex wants to matriculate as soon as possible.

    That’ll just exacerbate her.

    • JTC


  • interventor

    Old joke in the south, a politician states that his opponent is a flagrant heterosexual, his sister is a thespian, and his brother is obsessed with sects.

    • GWB

      Well, he is likely telling the truth, then. Which is a miracle unto itself.

      • WayneM

        Shocking, isn’t it?

  • Too Tall

    Hard of hearing with an IQ lower than that of a Hershey Bar. Sums up your average Progtard perfectly.

    • Pamela

      But where else will you find those that like getting squished between things that easily crack, dark drippy and hot white sticky stuff…

      • GWB

        Oooh, you’re turning me on.

      • Henry

        You’re decribing a S’more, aren’t you? But I don’t get the reference.

        (Now you made me hungry for a Fluffernutter on toast.)

        • kadaka

          “Fluffernutter” sounds like a pr0n set mishap. Don’t remember hearing of it before.

          • Fox2!


            It’s a sandwich consisting of bread and …

            (musical note icon)

            Marshmallow Fluff (TM), and lots of peanut butter

            (/music icon)

      • Merle

        are you talking about Suzi-Q cakes??? 🙂

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    At least Fifty Percent of the Art of Command is Good Acting

    – George S. Patton Jr.

    • JTC

      And is ninety percent of the Art of the Deal.

      -Donald J. Trump

  • Pete231

    The Schmuck and Rancidy show have lost. They may have DJT “figured out”, but they can’t say so because, if they do, everything they stand for will be exposed as the dog and pony show it really is. Then the great unwashed will no longer walk in lockstep to their tune. DJT knows this and just keeps twisting the blade while pouring salt into the wound. When the new House session opens next month with all the new leftard crats assuming office, it’ll look like the scene in “Ice Age” where all the rabid squawking seagulls are having conniption fits as they present their impeachment bills to oust POTUS. Must stock up on more Shiner and pulled pork for the show…..

  • Ozymandius

    Ah, Nancy….. beauty is only skin-deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.

    • Fronk!


    • interventor

      One of Red Foxx’s lines.

  • eon

    Every movement that proclaims itself “the future” ends up committing genocide.

    It would therefore be logical to conclude that with such movements, the genocide is a feature, not a bug.

    clear ether


  • rochester_veteran

    Trump is a thespian and Chuck U Schumer is a master debator! 🙂

  • Roland Deschain

    I was made an honorary lesbian by my ex-wife and her girlfriend. I wear the title proudly.

  • JTC

    Problem is, thespians are but characters in a play written by others.

    Everything here in comments is true as to the absurd comedy that is the left.

    But they are performing multiple acts. With the constant if totally scripted narrative played out in media, in schools, and entertainment, they can easily fool more than half the people if not all the time then at least in time for the final act in 2020 elections which is the goal…and which would be the end, literally.

    In this docutragicomedy the two years ahead will be all of them continuing the unending if totally fabricated attacks and exposes on PDJT and anyone and everyone who comes in contact with him, just like Zed/Chris again nailed so presciently in yesterday’s first panel. Would most want to be exposed to that? Would you? Even if Deplorables remain faithful to their storyline, will enough capable actors be available to play the parts? That is a Yuge question.

    Sure hope I’m wrong and that there will be a wonderful surprise ending, even if as I suspect, there will be violence written into this screenplay.

    • JTC

      Not a big fan. Much like his handle and masthead namesakes Aesop and Twain he is mostly the fabulist, creating details as needed for the story.

      He makes accurate observations about Mexico paying for the wall as promised through alternative and very effective means, right under dthe noses of the proglotards above, all the while playing them like cheap squawky fiddles for 5B in cash which is dwarfed by what has already been extracted.

      But in one breath discounting any deadly enforcement against criminal incursions, and in the next just assigning that job plus bombing them to the mexicants that let them get there in the first place, is pretty disingenuous.

      Trump knows the wall exists in many forms both literal and figurative, and definitely that immigration must be shut down if we are to retain our identity and control and our very existence and he is building it as we speak and the progs chase the laser light. But if that also means deadly force applied by my muzzle or my military’s as a final means of enforcement, so be it.

    • Kafiroon

      Well thanks! I had a good laugh at that.
      Any progy politician reading that would have a screaming heart attack.

    • NotYetInACamp


  • Tagg

    Where are Schumer’s baboon sphincter glasses, that are perpetually perched on his Obama/Clinton ass-wedge? They are such an integral part of his sniveling whiny-ass persona.

  • JTC

    Trump wields the Nanchuck like Bruce Lee.

  • Pamela

    Oh Nancy. The meds aren’t working and I don’t know how much more they can be increased. Plus check the batteries in your hearing aides. As for your eyes…

    • JTC

      Glorious indeed.

      And don’t miss the vid there of the guy in a store with a MAGA hat on. In Georgia for God’s sake. Hilarious.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I believe that World War Two Japanes Admiral Yamamoto may have been in on the inspiration of that bit of art. Admiral Yamamoto said that no one would invade the continental United States as there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.

      Let us loose. We are being invaded now. It is an asymmetric invasion. Asymmetric invasions have been used as long as history exists, and often very successfully.

      Every aircraft landing more pregnant Chinese citizens on USA soil to have a falsely claimed birthright citizenship child is an enemy invasion. Those Chinese parents and children are not subject to the jurisdiction of the USA. Their allegiances have been and will be to the government of China. China is whom they are, and will be, subject to their jurisdiction.
      Apply the law. Strip all falsely cl;aimed birthright citizenship. Follow the United States Supreme Court as it decided, ordered, instructed, and advised in the case Wong vs USA (1898) US Supreme Court.

      • JTC

        There is that figurative wall referenced above. Correct that we are being invaded very successfully and the southern border is not the only or even the most potentially harmful point of entry and attack.

        Note that when I called for shutting down immigration, I didn’t qualify it with “illegal”. That is both because that term is so malleable as to be meaningless, and because a total shutdown is what is called for right now. Trump is successfully staring China down to level out and create fair trade, but make no mistake; China is waging all-out economic espionage and warfare right now, and with a giant new space-monitoring ground station down there in Daddy Don P’s back yard, they are preparing for full-on high-tech military war as well. And as you say we are allowing them, welcoming them in to plant the parasitic eggs of our own demise. Stop it before it’s too late.

        • NotYetInACamp


      • Merle

        AMEN !!!

  • kadaka

    California to become first state to ban retail sales of cats and dogs. Starting Jan 1, shops can only sell rescue animals and must keep records of where each and every animal came from and face $500 fines for any violation.

    Since shelters generally, in my experience, only want to release “fixed” animals, what pets will they have left in The People’s Republic in 10, 20 years?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ask the people in the People’s Bolivarian Socialist Republic of Venezuela.
      The Venezuelans have experienced the latest new and improved socialism that will work this time. It was said yet again.

  • interventor

    Governor-elect Gavin Newsom and the incoming state assembly are trembling with anticipation as to how to spend and spend. With 12 percent of the nation’s population, 33 percent of the nation’s poor and homeless, and the second worse credit rating in the nation, California may be the next Venezuela.

    • NotYetInACamp



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