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  • Outstanding choice of movie quote!

    • Vigorish Tap

      He’s on a roll.

  • Merle

    damn those sneaky Germans – beating the Japs to Pearl Harbor……

    • JTC

      Alternate universe wherein they listened to Hirohito after all… 🙂

      • Old Codger

        Excuse me, JTC, but at that point in time the Emperor wasn’t in any decision loop in the Empire. The Japanese cloistered their emperor over 1,000 years ago. The Emperor of Japan (like the King/Queen of England) reigns but does not rule. When Emperor Hirohito intervened to surrender after Nagasaki, he was breaking with over a MILLENNIUM of tradition in arguably the most tradition-bound society in history.

        • JTC

          Well I wasn’t there but having read a bit of it over the years the general impression was that the emporer warned against the attack apparently sharing Yamamoto’s prescient warning about having wakened a sleeping giant, and that was my reference.

          But apparently newer opinion not only refutes your contention of his non-involvement completely, but also belies mine as to his resistance.

          • Old Codger

            The Emperor was no more responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor than the King of England was for the U.K,’s part of the D Day invasion of Europe. The Emperor of Japan was a figurehead (like the English Monarch); he was/is the source of power but himself wields none. That memo records the “official” version of things. I lived just outside Tokyo from Feb of 79 to Aug of 82. For 2 of those years I had a crapload of time on my hands which I filled with READING. The Base Library at Yokota AB had an outstanding selection of volumes of Japanese history including recent (1st half of 20th century which was recent in 1980) history. I learned a lot. I also read up on Japanese culture. Trust me on this. The Emperor had nothing to do with the decision to attack the U.S. in 1941. When he surrendered in ’45 he broke with over a THOUSAND years of tradition and Tojo and the junta did everything in their power to stop the surrender message (a phonograph recording) from being broadcast on Tokyo radio. They damned near succeeded! If all the (12) copies of the message sent in different staff cars at different times from different gates (along with 12 decoys) had been intercepted, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO SURRENDER!!! And we would have been forced to execute Operation Downfall. (map here: ) In April of ’45 War Department planners estimated 514,072 casualties (including 134,556 dead and missing). Air Force General Curtis LeMay estimated “half a million dead” in just the invasion of Kyushu. We expected to have to virtually depopulate the Japanese home islands.

          • JTC

            “Responsible for” is not the same as not in the loop as the recent piece makes clear, and of course unilateral surrender is quite a feat for a figurehead. It is good to consume as much READING as possible but to maintain one’s skepticism of written record as not necessarily totally objective whether the source is our revisionist history or theirs. There are some striking parallels.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’d talk to The Donald. And then take notes, names, and addresses for future……….retribution.

  • Delilah T

    Gee, I could call him, too, and talk about things like balancing the budget (which I do monthly and semi-weekly) and dealing with the overgrown moronic children that inhabit the media on the pretext of being “journalists”.

    If they are journalists, then I have a Pulitzer for poetry.

    • PaulS

      In your comparison, I think you are likely closer than they.

    • Old Codger

      Have you seen the dreck that wins Pulitzer prizes for poetry these days. Trust me, Miss D, you’re waaayyyyyy better than that.

      • Delilah T

        ,,, and the mome raths outgrabe!!!

        Has anyone been doing any outgribing lately? I lost my mimsy borogoves. I think the neighbors’ kids took them.

        • Halley

          The omens for the arts in our era are truly inauspicious, if not hopeless. Perhaps, in future lives…

          • John

            The Arts of our time, unless they have commercial value (like John Williams’ movie scores) will be of no interest to any but the most masochistic scholars bent on studying our devolution.

        • JJ cooper

          Darn kids!

        • Peregrine John

          They’ve gone all slithy.

  • interventor

    As I’ve explained to progressives, more than once, the Ottoman Empire attacked Pearl Harbor, in their very comfortable planes.

    • Jim

      How dare you say that, you Turkey!

      • Jim

        I take it back. The “Germans bombed Pearl Harbor” line went over my head like a bandana tonight.

        • Kafiroon

          Yes. It must have been the Germans. I saw a twitter post showing a map how the Japanese could not have flown all the way around Asia, Africa and South America, to Hawaii.

  • WayneM

    To quote Kevin Bacon…. “Thank you, sir! May I have another?”

    Double-secret probation, indeed…

  • Jim

    F! A! B! E! R!
    F! A! B! E! R!
    Faber! Faber! Faber!

  • Calvin

    That house reminds me of the house from the movie Sirens with Sam Neill and Hugh Grant. It was set about 80 years ago in Australia. A painter (Neill) was living with four women; his wife and three beautiful models that he painted nude. That movie ends with a helicopter shot of three beautiful (did I mention that they were naked) on top of a mountain waving to the helicopter. First appearance of Portia De Rossi as a the youngest model. I could be wrong about the house but the design caught my attention.

  • Calvin

    By the way, Pearl Harbor was an inside by the Democrat Party to trick the US into a war. Congressman Lyndon Johnson lead the raid in planes marked up to look like Japanese planes. It’s on the Internet, it must be true.

    • Bill G

      It was Lyndon Johnson, from a Grassy Knoll, with a Japanese Zero!

    • Delilah T

      That’s how he got his Silver Star, right?

  • Too Tall

    Animal House makes far more sense and is far more mature than the progtards could ever hope to be.

    • Steve Peterson

      Also implying that they have a shared brain lol

  • Clem Gooseman

    Well this is alternate history. What really happened, Japs bombed Pearl Harbor.

    • Norm


    • MasterDiver

      No, no, NO! The Japanese bombed San Francisco, just ask Maureen Johnson. Then we finally dropped Little Boy on Tokyo and General Patton occupied Japan.

      Zar Belk!

      • JJ cooper

        have you been diving too deeply?

    • JSStryker

      No! You’re kidding right?


    Off Topic a bit:
    From one of my wife’s cousins: “Are you still paying taxes? then the government is NOT shut down.”

    • Old Codger

      Good point.

    • Tagg

      How true.

  • eon

    They claim they’ve “isolated” the President because he’s not hobnobbing with anybody in “official Washington”. Then he goes to visit the troops still in Iraq without telling the elite’ first.

    They don’t understand that President Trump doesn’t want to schmooze with them or be a member of their “club”. Actually, he was sent to DC to close that club down, preferably permanently.

    As for his personal opinion of them, the movie I instantly thought of was The Shadow (1994), specifically Margo Lane (Penelope Ann Miller) and her reaction to Farley Claymore (Tim Curry);

    Claymoe; When are you going to come down and see my beryllium sphere?

    Lane; I’m not interested in your…spheres, Mr. Claymore.

    (Lane walks away down hall, Claymore darts in front of her, and leans “nonchalantly” against the wall, blocking her path.)

    Claymore; Margo… (shaking his finger and smiling oililiy) you don’t return my calls anymore.

    Lane; Well, that’s not true. I never did return your calls.

    Claymore (pretending to be thoughtful): I know. I can’t imagine why.

    Lane (tipping a finger under his chin, and leaning in close, with a thin, distinctly feral smile on her face.); Because I. Don’t. Like. You.

    But then, the elite’ miss subtlety completely.

    Maybe the next time, the President should just tell them straight out to fuck off.

    clear ether


    • PaulS

      Possibly to Schumer and his likely sidekick.
      DJT: “Chuck you! And the House you rode in on!
      I Won!”

      Oh frabjous day! 🙂

    • Steve Peterson

      Not just drain the swamp , then nuke it

  • Delilah T

    Help! I’ve been raked!
    The forest floor cried loudly
    Norwegians pined for latter days
    And rustled needles proudly.

    To quote a recent android:
    There was a young girl from Venus
    Whose body was shaped like a —

    That’s enough data.

    • JJ cooper

      Now THAT is poetry!

  • Kafiroon

    Probably not for President Trump (Suck It hillary), but from an early age on I have been on secret squirrel probation. When asking friendly bosses why, it is always been that I POff incompetent bosses all the time , but am way to good a worker for other bosses to let them do it.

    • Kafiroon

      Need edit function. Not enough coffee yet.

  • Old Codger

    It is overcast and a balmy 45 degrees f in Marfa as I write this with a forecast high of 56 under cloudy skies. Tonight it is expected to drop to 25 (realfeel 12) with a high tomorrow of 38 (realfeel 22). Sounds like a great time to stay indoors and drink hot mulled hard cider or hot toddies.

    • DW

      We hope you’re in a spot to enjoy the Marfa lights as you enjoy your beverage.

  • Tagg

    I imagine that every morning PDJT peruses his daily report of the government’s operations and status then wonders, “Just how FUBAR can one country’s government get?”

  • Yeah, I feel for ya…… (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) 🙂
    Watching my dogs walk(?) across the cedar deck covered with freezing rain over a thin skiff of snow. Digging their nails in like a cat climbing a tree.
    Still raining, will go until 4AM (42dg) and then a flash freeze (17dg) expected by 2PM tomorrow.
    May have to get the labs some skates.

  • James Gemind

    ‘Rebelliousness’ ain’t even started yet from the MAGA side…

    Some of you people probably haven’t heard of this yet, because fake news is covering it up. I want you to know, and to decide on a request I’ll make;

    Wednesday, a Police Officer was murdered in Newman CA, by an Illegal Alien. He leaves behind a Wife and young child. What makes this murder of a Police Officer different, is that he was a LEGAL IMMIGRANT, from Fiji. That’s right, he came to America, and not only integrated into our Society, he chose to uphold our laws.

    Now, my requests to you guys.

    #1 Go to Airman Korflage’s Build the wall Gofundme site and donate if you can, leave a message of support too.

    #2 Write to the US House Rpresentatives of your state, and call on them to vote for the Wall. And I mean WRITE A LETTER, because an Email won’t carry the Weight of a Dead-tree missive. And let them know you are sending a copy of the letter to the Whitehouse and your local Paper.

    #3 Get fiends to do the same.

    Go to Baen’s Bar and look at some of the post in the Politics section concerning The Wall, if you can. There are a number of sound arguments there you can use against those who want to destroy America’s Security by the way of ‘Open Borders’…

    • Old Codger

      Here’s a short thread from a similar article @ Town

      Old Codger •
      Can’t you just imagine the sight? Nancy Pelosi wrapped in a towel, heading for a massage in the “Spa Without Walls” when she brushes against a chair and “accidentally’ loses her towel and just stands there, starkers.

      Purplesuiter -> Old Codger
      Thanks alot, I just ate breakfast, now I’m sick to my stomach.

      Old Codger -> Purplesuiter
      You’re quite welcome. Just so you know, I’m running a special on mind bleach on my eBay store this week. Unfortunately, its formula is similar to OxyClean so it only removes the organic part of the stain. 😉

  • James Gemind

    For those who need it;

    Over 17 million in 11 days, and I won’t lie, the Leftists and Antifa are doxxing people who donate.

    I will be donating on my next paycheck, and leaving the message, ‘Bring it on’ for those dirtballs.


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