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  • Delilah T

    Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!!!

    So this NYAG wants to be a big ol’ meanie? No due process allowed? No innocent until proven guilty? Nothing but names on a list? Has he consulted Putin on torture techniques?

    What’s next? The Po-po come out of the walls at midnight, like the NKVD/KGB used to do and take people away to just… disappear…? Seriously… Chicago cop Jon Burge was an expert at getting confessions from innocent people. He cost Chicago a LOT more than just money. He spent some time in jail, but he is now a grave man.

    • John

      You forgot Probable Cause in your list.
      It’s something Meuller forgot as well.

    • Old Codger

      Delilah, Leftards only bring up things like “rule of law” or “due process” or “probable cause” when it facilitates what they want to accomplish.

  • Pamela

    It will not end well for that alleged female.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I think the Red Queen said it quite succinctly, “No, no! Sentence first, verdict afterwards”.
    And these are not merely a pack of cards. They are dangerous people, intent in chopping off your head.

  • Sounds awfully familiar, somehow…

      • Old Codger

        Karma is a stone cold BITCH!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    And on the flip side of that large coin of (in)justice, we have this from Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good bye to his family?…………”

    • Old Codger

      That is precisely how it is going to have to be for the Left’s minions. John Wilkes Booth’s infamous cry needs an additional line:

      Thus always to tyrants –
      And to their minions!

      I have tried to gin up something as punchy as the original but, not being a “Latin” scholar, have failed to do so having to rely upon “Google Translate”. I think it could make a dandy battle cry – especially when trying to induce that fear Solzhenitsyn wrote of.

    • Charlie Ross

      Only way that can happen is if we let them disarm us.

  • Alaska Paul

    Ain’t enough security guards to protect Stalinist gov’mint tyrants. Just sayin’.

  • WayneM

    “Rule of Law” is highly overrated… just ask any leftist…

    • eon

      They prefer the Law of Rule. “We rule, so we decide what the law is”.

      And in their Utopian world, it’s a case of “one man, one vote- once”. And they’re “the man” who gets to vote. Nobody else does.

      clear ether


  • interventor

    Lavrentiy Beria, our Himmler as Stalin introduced him to FDR at Yalta. “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

    As a reminder, after Stalin’s death, Khrushchev lead a coup d’etat that arrested Beria, tried him for treason and executed him. Marshal Zhukov, secretly a Christian, led the troops that kept the NKVD at bay.

    • Old Codger

      When Beria was “found guilty” and sentenced to death, Beria cried like a baby and begged for his life; continuing to do so right up to the end. Beria was shot through the forehead by General Pavel Batitsky who had to stuff a rag into Beria’s mouth to silence him.

  • ExNuke

    Wasn’t that the point of the last 200 years of passing unenforced laws? If there are enough laws, many of them contradicting each other, everybody is guilty of something if the “Just Us” Dept wants to make an example of someone.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Here is a great hero of the First World War, Medal of Honor Awardee Sergeant Alvin York, hounded as an old sick man by the IRS to pay over $60,000, half interest and fees because they claimed that the income he received from the movie in 1942 and then donated to farm education and such, was improperly listed and required additional taxes be paid by him.
      I call bogus and the IRS just wanted to scare people into paying taxes or paying more taxes. Such is how tyranny works. They picked an honest man and chose him as an example because he was famous and weak. Veterans across the country rallied and paid the IRS the extortion money.

      Stalin’s secret police leader Beria would have been proud of the IRS action.

  • Calvin

    Scratch a progressive and find a fascist underneath.

    • Malatrope

      The fascist part is out in the air, now. You don’t have to scratch them.

  • cz93x62

    This NY A/G and her useful idiot ilk just dream of the day when they can load Folks Like Us into the boxcars (again). Here’s a clue, A/G Dearest–we won’t be boarding. NJ’s gun owners aren’t being good proles, either–steadfast refusal to hand over their war toys and feeding devices. Smarten up, prog/libs–this won’t end well for you if push comes to shove. I wish to live peacefully as a law-abiding citizen–don’t turn me and those like me into outlaws for some political expediency or purpose.

    • JTC

      Sorry cz, you are already an outlaw -and a felonious one at that- if you own, possess, buy, sell, or transport any of those evil devices and accessories.

      And that is actually the point and plan; as I’ve said elsewhere there will be no door to door seizures but rather an automatic rescission of your 2A and 4A rights, not to mention your electoral franchise…some have speculated making room for us and our ilk is behind the wholesale emptying of jails and prisons and restoration of voting rights for those who will be loosed into society and the electorate.

  • Pete231

    And, one wonders how these fascists get into office. Simple, it’s not the people who vote that counts, it’s the people who count the votes. So said Uncle Joe…..

    • eon

      Ask how Ms. Crazy Eyes Ocasio-Cortez got elected.

      Answer; She promised people filled with hate for anyone not exactly like them that she would punish people for not being exactly like them. And oh yes, take all those bad peoples’ stuff and give it to them.

      If you read Marx, it becomes clear that socialism is all about hate, envy, and greed. It’s the philosophy of a gangster like Al Capone, who said “You can get more with a smile and a gun than you can with just a smile”.

      That smile is because he’s thinking about what he’s going to do to you and how much he’s going to enjoy it. Socialism, like gangsterism, is the philosophy of a psychopath.

      Inner city areas seem to breed psychopaths in a way suburban and rural areas don’t. Even Karl Marx was a “city” man, as were Stalin, Mao, and of course Hitler.

      Now the Progressives want to force everyone to live in “dense pack” urban environments to “save Holy Mother Gaia”. And of course to have the rural Eden to themselves. A real-life version of the Cavazan Empire (the “Saints”) in John Ringo & David Weber’s Empire of Man aka Prince Roger novels.

      At the same time, their primitivist deep-eco element want to live in castles and lord it over peasants living in mud huts, and spreading “night soil” (don’t ask) by hand in the rice paddies.

      Both lots want pretty much everybody else dead except for the ones they need as slaves. Again, psychopathy.

      There is nothing good or useful about modern “progressivism”, anymore than there has been about any past form of socialism, “national” or otherwise.

      All are the philosophy of a rabid hyena. A pack-hunting scavenger gone mad.

      clear ether


      • WayneM

        Actually, the election of Crazy Eyes Ocasio-Cortez is even more bizarre than you might imagine. She made all of the right socialist noises, for sure, but the riding where she ran doesn’t know how to elect anything other than Dems… Her only competition was the incumbent, former Rep Joseph Crowley… and he made the fatal mistake of assuming he would win the primary on name recognition alone. So when an unknown but pretty girl with a big smile showed up, Crowley ignored her… and lost the primary.

        From that point forward, Crazy Eyes didn’t have to work… the media took care of everything for her.

  • Bill G

    Our legal system, so I’ve read, is predicated on the concept of Mens Rea, “Mens Rea refers to criminal intent. The literal translation from Latin is “guilty mind””. But fewer and fewer laws reflect this, and given that the average person commits three federal felonies in the course of a day the situation described by Glenn Harlan Reynolds in his “Ham Sandwich Nation” is facing everyone. And if the Injustice Department can’t find anything bad enough on you, someone near and dear to you is sure to be susceptible. (I wonder if they’ve got Roberts himself, or a relative.)
    Rule of Law has not existed in this land for many years. And those that benefit from the situation will fight bitterly to maintain it.
    People sneer at the mention of the Deep State, saying no such vast conspiracy could be maintained. But it doesn’t have to be; the critters in this swamp are not lizards. They know what the result is of their swamp being drained and will work to keep it.

    • Old Codger

      Ah, Bill? “Rule of Law” has NEVER existed. It is a myth; an urban legend. A concept/ideal many in power claim to honor but when push comes to shove is the first thing (or one of the first things) abandoned. Clancey made an oblique reference to that fact in “Executive Orders” when he had a character opine that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact”.

  • GWB

    Sounds like a case for Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights. On a personal level.
    On the gov’t level, it sounds like a case for “shall guarantee each state a republican form of government” intervention.

  • Steve Peterson

    The only good socialist/fascist is a dead one

    • Old Codger

      That’s right! You know for sure they aren’t plotting something.

      Same goes for Mud Slimes. If they’re breathing they could be plotting to hack off your or someone else’s head with a butcher knife. I like General Norman “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf’s pithy saying about Muzzies. Schwarzkopf said, “I believe that forgiving them is God’s function. Our job is to arrange the meeting.”

      (My son helped unload the first ship for Desert Shield/Storm and I believe that he is still alive in large part due to General Schwarzkopf being the soldier he is and in command )

      • JTC

        His survival due to Stormin’ Norman and also to God’s grace for you I think, Dad.

        When you see your son next, shake his hand and thank him for me would you please?

        I was just starting a new gun and pawn store in 1990, and well remember the surge of patriotism at that time, even seemed pretty universal and non-partisan…I sold the heck out of cool t-shirts showing support to cops, teachers, rednecks and black folks alike.

        How things change. Have to ask ourselves what and who were the influences that have turned that pride so totally upside down between then and now?

  • gafling

    Sigh … another fugly, loud-mouthed female minority who hasn´t got the message that her free pass to be an annoying a$$whole no longer sits in the White House.

    Someone should remind her of what happens to those who over-extend their prosecutorial powers … Marilyn Moseby, Mike Nifong, etc.

  • Delilah T

    If it weren’t for the internet and it’s chaos known as freedom of expression, we wouldn’t know about any of these inbred slumguzzlers, would we?

    At the IPCC’s conference in Poland, their asinine DEMAND for $122 trillion (more cash than the entire global production level) was not only denied, they toned it down to a “request” and lowered the level of blood money they wanted. It was to “fight global warming”. They still want a $249/gallon tax on gasoline by 2030. They are getting loud snorts of derision in response. Anyone think they’ll get it? Anyone? Bueller? They should be rounded up and sent to some isolated spot where it’s cold all the time, such as one of the islands 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica, one with no penguins, It seems that dTrump did shake, rattle and roll their cage bars.

    The Millennials (ecohippies,etc.) are despised by Gen Xers and Gen Zeers, who are moving away from those brain-dead lefty leanings to the conservative side of the fence. Please encourage those young people to observe and think realistically, especially about the real consequences of the herd-bound politics of the Lefties. It will save their lives.

    • JTC

      D, we talked the other day about nature vs. nurture and in this case rather than broadly assigning fatally flawed characteristics to twenty year chunks of the alphabet we can instead look in the mirror, you and I and others of the “Boom”, to so much of -or so little of- the “nurturing” that created the cult of entitlement and irresponsibility that is heavily represented across all three of those groups, and hope that their own harsh realities will alter their perceptions and choices before they and we are all killed off by the unsustainable socialist/communist/elitist processes represented by this POS, Ms. Cotex, Beta Boy, Gillum, and of course Bernie.

      If my own children of the so-called X and Y and my grandchildren of the Z are any indication, there is indeed hope.

    • Old Codger

      Miss Delilah, the green plants which provide the oxygen pretty much all life on earth needs to live evolved at a time when the CO2 level was ~OVER THREE TIMES what it is now and yet somehow the planet never went into full-on Venus mode. Right now, atmospheric CO2 is sitting at around 400 parts/million; which is a fraction of what it has been in the past. What the klimate kooks (kucks?) won’t say aloud in all their yammering to reduce CO2 is that around 200 ppm green plants would be severely stressed to manufacture sufficient food and oxygen (plants need oxygen just like we do) to keep themselves alive; much us freeloading critter types. At around 150 ppm there is no longer sufficient CO2 to keep even the plants alive. If the greenie-weenies have their way they’ll set off the worst extinction event in the history of the planet!

  • Well, now we have a good idea where Ocasio Cortez got her understanding of the legal/judicial system…

  • kadaka

    That reminds me, better get an order into Numrich Gun Parts Corp for some barrel blanks and stuff before NY shuts them down, for supplying the “ghost gun” market or whatever reason they make up. I’m surprised they’ve held out this long in a state that anti-business.

  • Old Codger

    Yesterday James Gemind asked

    “We put rabid animals down, both as a mercy to the animal, and to protect other animals and ourselves from the disease. Why can’t we do something about these people?”

    Probably something pesky like “rule of law” or “due process” or “probable cause” or some such inconvenient shite. Of course it’s only inconvenient for folks like us. Leftards only bring up any of those when it when it facilitates what they want to accomplish.

  • Pamela

    Was she voted in or appointed? Her choices will bring about her own demise.

    • kadaka

      Wikipedia sez Barbara Underwood was appointed to replace Schneiderman, then didn’t run. AG-elect is Letitia James.

      • JTC

        The POS Underwood being replaced isn’t much better but she sure did my sister Barbara Underwood (redneck girl bank manager raised on Lake Okeechobee and now in the mountains of NC) a favor by not running.

        Check out the astounding tone-deafness of this website; can you imagine the cost and manpower involved in this giant PR platform, all in just a few months in office! Look at the links just in the last week, doing as much damage as possible in her last days:


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