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  • formwiz

    One thing I love about Twat.

    Places like Salon and Puffington can close their comment boards when the Lefties show their true colors. but Twat lets ’em tell the world.

    Free speech, ya know.

    Almost makes up for their biases.

    • John

      I love free speech.
      It allows the damned fools to prove to the world that they are just that.

  • Craig

    lol Well done!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “I Broke it off in his ass”
    Well said. And I’m jealous that I wasn’t there to help.

  • Pete231

    Instead of his leg, he should have used a telephone pole with the power transformer still attached……

    • Chuck Pelto

      Still connected to the grid…..

  • Chuck Pelto

    RE: Hateful Leftists Tweet

    I need to get that tweet. I need it as evidence in a discussion.

    Where can I get it? Who has a link?

  • Bill G

    What community does the problem illegal immigrant bring his/her problems to? Not the gated communities of Our Glorious Elites, and not the suburbs

  • David Grimes

    Sooner or later these black masked, club wielding thugs are going to start running into the wrong people and die gutshot. And the world will be a slightly nicer and smarter place when that happens.

    I’m DONE being civil with them.

  • kadaka

    Um, Chris, you spelled Brian’s name wrong.

  • JTC

    I might have used a slightly different title…

    Enablers and signalers always say the invaders just want “a leg up”.

    So our champion DAV just gave it to ’em is all…

  • Pamela

    Am I reading this correctly? Little Abel needs a proctologist for some repair work.
    He should be thanking Mr. Kolfage for making it possible to stick his head up his ass more than he already does.

    • John

      This is the condition of education in the ongoing train wreck of California.
      If the state simply closed all its public schools above grade school, the total intelligence of the state would rise a full standard deviation in a generation.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The most intolerant wins these days. Be the most intolerant of evil, stupidity, idiocy, enemies, and those just plain wrong.

    Sometimes you lose an asset like a replacement leg, but, it is worth it. Even though it makes it easier for what Pamela just mentioned.

    (Now if there was a right wing type go fund it in existence, even the cut they get for having the site would go in a better direction. The left controls so much of the infrastructure these days.)

    • WayneM

      Far too much, actually… and it’s having a chilling effect…

  • kadaka

    Donald Trump skipped vacation to keep working in DC during the shutdown.

    First Lady Melania flew back to DC to be with him.

    Then the First Couple made a “surprise” Christmas visit to troops in Iraq, something that takes weeks of security planning.

    The Democrats just fell for a massive Christmas trolling that’s netting The Donald buckets of positive PR points.

  • James Gemind

    It was also time spent on the NORAD Santa Tracker Hotline for the First Lady, which she said she enjoyed doing.

    Last check on the GoFundme Wall site had it at almost 17 million. Haven’t checked it today though.

    The Left’s claims about returning to being Civil when they get rid of the President means what? They’ll wear softer hob-nailed boots when they step on our necks?

    We put rabid animals down, both as a mercy to the animal, and to protect other animals and ourselves from the disease. Why can’t we do something about these people?


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