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  • James/G

    From what people have said elsewhere, the paper she submitted for her doctorate, read like it should have been done in crayon.

    • AngryWhiteMaleChauvanistNeanderthalRightwingExtremist PaulS

      Was it on “early education”?
      Then that would be appropriate. 😉

  • Too Tall

    “The View?”

    Is this JTC’s cue to make a guest appearance on DPN?

    • JTC

      And to think the first one, wherein I was pondering the impending evil of the Beast (in between pondering Skye’s nekkid ass in my face), was as bad as it could get.

      • I “thought” the first one was as bad as it gets…I was wrong.

  • Too Tall

    Isn’t it about time for DPN to endorse Samantha Flanagan Owens for the Gunpowder, TX City Council with Jan extolling Sam’s qualifications and Damon explaining Xir the Hungry Heifer?

    Should make for riveting television.

  • Wait…where are Jan & Damon supposed to be broadcasting from, Portland? Or is Skye just a “field reporter”? Hmmm….

    • Chris Muir

      Argentina. Skye is their field reporter.

  • Paladin

    Chris, my reply to you email for a patron topic keeps getting kicked back as undeliverable. Was there a time limit or something?

    • Chris Muir

      No time limit, I just emailed you. Email back, let’s see.

  • Steve S

    In my opinion, the popular/media usage of applying ‘Doctor’ to non-medical degreed persons got its kick-start with ‘Dr’ Henry Kissinger (b.1923). It seems that since his time in the Nixon & Ford Administrations, you seldom here his name without the honorific.

    • John M.

      You DO NOT want to hear the “honorific” that my dad, my brother the Admiral, and I used for Kissinger…

      Let’s just say it wasn’t Doctor!

  • Halley

    If you criminally aid an anti-American criminal coup by propping up your demented criminal-puppet husband, it doesn’t matter a barack smidgen whether you’re a hot nurse or a has-been phd (“piled higher and deeper” – Heinlein), what matters is that you’re part of the anti-American criminal conspiracy.

    Speaking of hot nurses – Jill Biden vs Jill Boardman: no contest

  • Kafiroon

    From what has come from the mouths of “Dr.s, “Professors”, and other so called highly educated people in the last number of years, seems they are trying to kill us.

    • JTC

      I have often thought and have often said, some of the dumbest people I ever met were some of the most “educated”.

      Even actual medical doctors included; my eight-home cul-de-sac has four of them. One is a decent family man with the ability to have an intelligent conversation while the other three probably need help dressing themselves and are inept at living their own life, hopefully at least have the ability to help others extend theirs, though I wouldn’t have them treat my granddog, because I like that 15 year old Dachsund.

      And it will get worse; a few days ago I linked a story from a North Korean escapee who attended an Ivy League institution and was shocked into saying what goes on there is worse than the indoctrination and mind-control of the LokoNoko’s. Damn. What kind of doctors, medical and otherwise, are our great institutions of “learning” spawning for our future?

      • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

        “I have often thought and have often said, some of the dumbest people I ever met were some of the most “educated”.”

        Don’t know if this is a “Southernism”, but it should be (right up there with “Bless your/his/her heart”), “Educated beyond their intelligence”.

        • cb

          “Educated beyond their intelligence” Or as dad often said… There goes another educated idiot.

      • Kafiroon

        Totally agree. Been there, Seen it. heard it, LMAO.
        It is telling when Wis. Farm boys that can actually run a farm and mechanic things to keep everything running ask: “Why the h-ll am I paying money to listen to these idiots?”
        (Peoples Socialist Republic of Madison. UW division)

  • Pamela

    Interesting. I guess a Gemini Nurse is the right one, no matter any fashion faux pas they are guilty of, to deal with a person who you never know what they will manifest as at any given moment. Will there be pudding.. or look at those Barrettes!

  • JTC

    OTOH one of the smartest and most educated men I “know” is Clarence Thomas. And he voted with the majority to refuse to hear the Obamacare challenge on its Constitutional grounds, on the basis that the challengers lacked grounds to bring it. And nobody knows and votes for constructionist Constitutionalism better than Clarence.

    So the blame here has got to be on the states; the primary condition for any lawsuit is the standing of an injured party, how the hell did they not have the preliminaries down, so as to get to what the case is really about, ie state-run medical care?

    What a f’n waste of time and assets for an easily foreseeable nothing…a Zero in our face so to speak.

  • Chris, I thought there was a notification you switched away from PayPal. I went to do my contribution and Paypal came up. Am I mistaken on the switch. I remember something about having to register.

    • Chris Muir

      No, the credit card alternative was planned but the tech problems nixed it. It will be done, but it will take more time than what I had left to integrate it. It will definitely be there next time and u can still just send a check if u like.


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