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  • JTC

    No shit?

    Better shut that poop hole in your face then.

    • Old Codger

      Kadaka? You ARE aware that “Babylon Bee is a satire site aren’t you?

      • Bill G

        Love me some Bee.

    • PaulS


  • Old Codger

    Piss off a lib; remind them Lincoln was a Republican, 😉

    • interventor

      Remember, Abe Lincoln said,”worst damned mistake I ever made was appointing Ruth Bader Ginsburg,”

    • JTC

      That was right before he said:

      “…and the best thing I ever did was pretend to give a shit about all those damn n—-rs as a ruse to invade and kill all those damn rednecks down in rollover country and steal all their land and their shit.”

      Republican in the same way as that other poser McCain was. RINOS!

  • WayneM

    Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe promised to cure cancer if… and only if… he is elected as POTUS. He might stand a better chance of success if he promised to cure Climate Change, the Gendered Pay Gap or the heartbreak of psoriasis.

    • Bill G

      Or maybe ‘Ring Around The Collar’.

    • Henry

      Joe can cure #MeToo.

  • Punta Gorda

    …silently watching the actuarial tables…

    Judt a matter of time ya know.

    • Henry

      Yeah, I bet that way about Teddy, too, when his opponents were equally noxious and in much better health, and was wrong twice. 🙁

    • John

      And it’s driving the MSM batshit crazy. Their TV watching brainwashed captive audience is shrinking daily and taking their influence (and what little sanity they have left) with it.
      Their newest ploy is to blackmail advertisers into abandoning YouTube and deplatforming independent contributors that don’t toe their political groupthink line, and to hell with the collateral damage like educators (they talk about Nazis you know).

  • Pamela

    Has Weird Uncle Joe been slinging crap or playing with it to find a pony at the bottom of the ever increasing pile…

    Don’t be shaking hands with the man…they are looking a bit more compromised than usual.

    • John M.

      Oh jeepers, that just gave me the shivers… maybe “Creepy Uncle Joe” is all touchy-feely because he’s wiping his hands?

  • Bill G

    I don’t know if Slowhand Joe will ever fully understand that today’s media is no longer 100% democrat controlled; that not every camera and microphone is not in the hands of a DMC toady.
    OTOH, he might just not care, and simply plays to that part of the democrat base that’s alive and watching the DMC.

    • Roland Deshain

      Or he plays to the dead constituency.

  • JW

    I can’t tell you what I think of ole’ Joe, Can’t use that kind of language here. He is, however a legend in his own mind.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      My thought exactly. Krazy Drunk Molester Unkle Joe – a legend in his own mind. As are all the rest of the DildoCrats and GOPe RINOs (and that includes Mittens Romney – PTUI!!)

  • ExNuke

    The DNC ran Joe as a life insurance policy for Obama, no one was going to take a shot at Obama if there was a chance it would put Joe in the Whitehouse. I won’t worry until they decide to run him with Hillary as the VP candidate. What would be the Over/Under for how long he would survive if they were elected?

    • JTC

      He’d have to have a death wish, and even SloJoe ain’t that dumb.

      Same thing if the Other O should run as vice. Which BTW would present a MUCH greater risk to DT and Deplorables worldwide.

      • JTC

        Even worse if it should jump in for potus nom at the last minute. All the other socialists would swoon and drop out, and that purportedly female simian would garner big vote share on BOTH sides of the stupid “electorate”. Probably the biggest risk facing the campaign to restore the Republic. Then it wouldn’t be Arkancide threatening inconvenient obstacles on their side, but actual suicides on ours.

        Kill me now and save me the trouble.

    • Exgunmam

      With the hellary, Arkancide makes a comeback if that is the ticket……………

    • JTC

      Man that Babble on Bee thing gets lamer and lamer all the time.

      What? This one’s true and not the BB?

      Dang, this New Left’s reality is even crazier than bad satire.

  • Facepalm. No, double facepalm.

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