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  • Calvin

    Skye is 35?

    • Punta Gorda


  • kadaka

    With that much crap the people need to be hosed off, with a changing room to put on clean clothes, after getting through the lice, flea, and tick removal station. Make sure the disinfectant kills off the dysentery and hepatitis.

    The prototype will be placed outside the studio for the incoming Democrat debate candidates, for the safety of production staff and the audience.

    • Steve Peterson

      Kadaka, is there the same delousing for the people who would watch on television?

  • interventor

    When, I lived in Paris, I was a broken field walker. Parisiennes don’t pick up after their dogs. I wouldn’t walk my dog in Frisco for fear what he might step in.

  • WayneM

    A friend visited SanFran last year figuring it couldn’t be as bad as the media pretended… but he said it’s worse… Totally disgusted…

    What is it with the left and their need to destroy beauty?

    • eon

      Everything must be brought down to the lowest common denominator. Yes, they badly misinterpret a term used in mathematics.

      Mostly, they just hate Western civilization and seek its utter destruction. The majority of the masses (the sheep) think they will create Utopia on the ruins. With Free Shit For Everybody, Forever.

      The majority of the leaders (the wolves) seek a feudalistic state in which only they have any power, and thus the only comforts. They want to be the ones who can shit, but not be shat upon.

      The theorists and some of the leaders (the jackals) are nihilists who seek destruction with no intent of creating anything to replace it. They just want the ruins. and most of humanity, including the rest of their crowd, exterminated. They define the rest of the human race as shit they don’t want to be bothered with, ever again.

      The sheep and the wolves are too stupid to realize they’re being played by the jackals. But smart parasites never let the host know what they’re really up to.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Good parable.

        Leaves out the role of the sheepdogs though, and more importantly their handlers and masters. Always in the minority in numbers, but so far at least, always in the majority in strength and power and motivation.

        Have to see how the next chapter goes. The counter attack must be top-down…jackals first. Some of the sheep will figure out that the sheepdogs offer protection from the wolves, many others will be eaten by them. And when they are gone, the wolves will be starved, at least the ones that the sheepdogs don’t kill when their masters order the attack.

        The End

        • eon

          The jackals’ cleverest trick was teaching the sheep to hate the sheepdogs and love the wolves. And not notice that jackals are not exactly the same thing as wolves.



          • JTC

            Yep, hence the top-down counter attack. With the jackals gone and/or caged those sheep that don’t figure out the wolves will eat them will be deservedly eaten, thinning the flock.

            Only the strongest/smartest survive. Nature’s way and God’s will.

      • MAJ Arkay

        “Free Shit For Everybody, Forever.”

        Well, San Fran certainly has the “free shit” part down pat.

  • kadaka

    And because the bankrupt electric company is the main cause of the massive California wildfires (not GlobalClimateWarmingChange), and rainbow unicorn farts are proving an inadequate unreliable power source, there are already power cuts during high winds to keep the lines from sparking, with rolling blackouts coming.

    What size UPS is needed for a refrigerator/freezer containing perishable medication for eight hours? For a home oxygen concentrator? It’s like they’re setting up “heat related deaths” to prove the Climate Crisis is getting worse, or more like finally getting started.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Like Khan’s London’s new massive knifing epidemic and acid baths to the face and body thrown by London’s new strength of the culturally diverse, it will standout. As Germaqny and Sweden’s rape allowed zones. Stand out. Tarrarush. Crowd rape. And Macron’s rapid ramping of of Algiers style bombing, riots and deaths making France a worse battle zone than Colonial Algeria. Biden’s child and women groping is nothing comparaly.

      And here is an idea that would help her stand out, except for the bodily function part.

      She should just announce from the swimming hole partially like that. That would get the right crowd. And some of the wrong crowd too.

    • Pamela

      It didn’t help that PG&E wasn’t allowed to do weed and brush abatement. Many of the fires here in California could have been prevented with ground crews or goats on a brush removal schedule.
      The Greenies actually told people wanting to clear dead weeds and overgrown brush that it was “Endangered Habitat” and would re-green the next Spring.

      I’d like to see how many times some bureaucrat turned down PG&Es requests or permits for the replacing the old lines and other equipment with new.

      • kadaka

        Solve problems the natural way. Encourage wild goats and sheep to control the underbrush. This will promote increasing wolf, bear, and mountain lion populations. Combine with California gun laws, and no one really needs more than their 5 round fixed magazine on their wood-stocked AR-15 when the wolf packs attack.

        And there you go, the problems of illegals trying to stay out of sight and homeless in general will be treated by a natural holistic approach, just as Mother Gaia desires.

      • Presbypoet

        PG & E supplies my gas. Last month they did leak detection in my neighborhood. A neighbor across the street had leak. They told me his connection to the main, was under my driveway.
        They dug a hole in my driveway to fix his leak. 6 weeks now with an asphalt patch in the middle of my driveway and sidewalk. I tried calling PG & E. You get one of those “smart” AIs that drives you crazy. After spending 15 minutes, I get put on hold for 45 minutes.

        While waiting I check the PG & E website for their leaders, they are either lawyers, or a “diversity” guy from India. The ceo’s claim to fame is he was head of TVA and got rid of their coal plants.

        This explains much. They care more about looking like they are doing something, than not killing their customers. (See San Bruno from a few years ago, in addition to Paradise)/

  • Halley

    The Dhimmi Dim candidates in ’16 must’ve figured out pretty quick that the primaries were rigged for Her Majesty. Surely they realize the rigging this time will be even more egregiously corrupt (with or without BleachBit) and impossible to surmount. Makes one wonder what’s really going on inside that shady clown car…

    • eon

      I suspect that mostly they’re hiring bodyguards. And food tasters.

      If they’re smart, they won’t fly anywhere. Take the train.

      And use an MRAP to get to campaign rallies. You never know when your limo might suddenly be “accidentally” run over by a semi loaded with steel girders, driven by a “crazed Trumper” that nobody seems to be able to find after the fact.

      clear ether


      • Kafiroon

        The driver will actually be paste on the end of the girders after the sudden impact.

        Don’t ask me how I know.
        (Shudder. Off to look at old swimming hole strips.)

        • eon


          (Been there, done that.)

          clear ether


  • Bill G

    Mud rooms; a bandaid for a wound that needs a tourniquet. The perfect response for the left.

    • MasterDiver

      The mud rooms don’t do any good unless you are wearing Level-C HAZMAT to avoid respiratory exposure as well as splash (splatter?) protection. All of LA and SF are becoming HOT ZONES, and the Mud Rooms will have to be DECON stations, and the hbuildings sealed and filtered. This is starting to remind me of the old “Name of the Game” episode “LA-2017”

      Zar Belk!

      • eon

        Thank you. I haven’t seen that one in over thirty years.



  • Fronk!

    Just last week, Dr. Drew likened Public Health conditions in L.A. to the Middle Ages, replete with rat infestations and bubonic plague. Welcome to our future if the rest of us don’t take a stand…

  • interventor

    As a minimum, I’d suggest wellies, rubber knee high boots.

  • kadaka

    Hardly anyone in this country cares enough to make a fuss about them anymore, and they really are their own worst enemies, so now they’ve entered the look-at-me, “I’m not going to be ignored!” psycho phase. What stage of their acceptance is their accepting that society has accepted them, they have what they say they wanted?

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