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  • Too Tall

    Identifying which is the master and which is the student is often problematical.

    • JTC

      Real geniuses (genii?) teach themselves primarily, and others around them just incidentally. They will be incredible for each other as the successes of one inspires the other, and vice versa.

      And speaking of inspirations, love that little secondary subtitle…

      #crosstherubicon indeed.

      • JTC

        January 10th right?

  • John M.

    Thinking on yesterday’s strip, is Jan using one of Javier’s anti-grav units to keep that dress up? It doesn’t look like anything else is! …unless she keeps her arms folded all the time…

    • Kafiroon

      There are a few ways an engineer can make the top of that dress stay up.
      Even if she is not in it. Sam that is.

      • John M.

        >:-( Thinking Sam, wrote Jan… too many good-lookin’ wimmin in this strip – keep my head spinnin’! Seems like there’s a few in the audience, too.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Ego can get in the way of comprehension. I have had to hmble myself bothe in learning, and in teaching, as well as in dicovery.
    Evil also has humbled me too often.
    Just today I explained something that I easily see in my mind several times, altering is slightly or a lot every time. When the concept was finally understood I let down my guard somewhat only to be the recipient of and ego’s “Well, of course I know that.” That after seeming completely uncomprehending what I thought I had explained several times.
    But, of course, I learn something new every day. Sometimes it amazes me what I did not previously understand. At times in my life I could have benefited greatly from a mentor that actually knew as much as I did overall. But then, what do I know? I know nothing. Nothing! And I have proven it.
    Javier is lucky to have such an intelligent intern to work with. He will benefit greatly.

  • Mike-SMO

    you have been noticed. I got popups noting that there are problems with the security certificate for this site. Have you been hanging with Mr Wood or Ms Powell? I hear that they haved been getting hits on the Devil’s children.

    Maybe it is just this old browser…….

    Why would anyone want to keep the dress-top up?

  • Henry

    “You bet, Pop!”??
    Please tell us you didn’t sell out to Archie Comics!

    • My kids still call me “Pops” so it’s not out of date….

  • steveb919

    Has the worm turned?

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
    Vanish in the air, you’ll never find me
    I will turn your face to alabaster
    When you find your servant is your master

    • Browncoat

      Age has it’s privileges and it’s curses…
      I remembered the lyrics but couldn’t remember the song.
      Now why did I come into the kitchen…???

      • cb

        Entering or exiting through a doorway serves as an ‘event boundary’ in the mind, which separates episodes of activity and files them away. Recalling the decision or activity that was made in a different room is difficult because it has been compartmentalized. —— Or so it says here:

        • NotYetInACamp

          I’ve got to move to a yurt.

    • Too Tall

      Wrapped Around Your Finger by Sting

  • My wife asked me why I didn’t ever know the words th the songs… I said who was listening to the words? Back then I let the the music carry me away…

    • Too Tall

      For the Last Time by Boston

  • Pamela

    Javier, I would recommend a clean, sober and chaste work place for Elon.
    Plus add a zapper to one of the Dawgs for reinforcement

    • JTC

      (Javier’s saying “phew, thought she was gonna say no beer & no girls for me!“)

      • Pamela

        Javier~ No Beer and No Girls for you either.
        Thank you for the reminder JTC.
        Jan and Damon should already have had the TALK with Javier.

        • JTC

          I’ll go along with that for a year or five…

          No guarantees about Elon in his private time though…no outside imposed restrictions or regulations on the freedoms of an American icon.

    • John D. Egbert

      Thank you, Pamela, for that most important document. Here’s hoping everyone who reads it here copies it off and disseminates it far and wide – as I intend to do.

      Perhaps we should give Sarah Chamberlain a new honorary name: Patricia Henry . . .

  • Halley

    It is looking more and more like the Nov. 3 attack was an actual act of war, by enemies both foreign AND domestic. This makes Donald Trump a wartime president, with all that entails.

    • JTC

      But can he be a Peacetime President of the Constitutional Republic of America?

      Experienced and hardened in the ways of the Communists and their swamp creatures he would be the perfect CEO to guide us in the founding and Civil Separation process of the Confederated States of the CRA from the vestiges and ruins of the former US Republic that has lost its way and succumbed to the siren call of the Morlocks who want only to own and control and ultimately to kill and devour the eloi and all of us.

      And with the knowledge and contacts and resolve to defend it, once founded, from all of those enemies foreign, domestic…and even internal; he has great experience at that.

      The excellent piece written by and linked below by Pamela is not a siren call but a call to duty, to take and hold and defend what is ours from the forces that would steal them and kill us and our culture…

      If not us then who? And if not now then when?

      • JTC

        Sorry, the piece linked by Pam was written by Sarah Chamberlain.

  • DogByte6RER


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