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  • epador

    OK, I’ll bite. What happened to the drained poison?

    • Too Tall

      Buried away deep in the earth for centuries?

      Distilled off the water and incinerated what was left?

      Or, since dilution is the solution to every pollution problem, dropped it in the bottom of the Challenger Deep?

      • JTC

        Given the various iterations of what pollution actually is, love the dilution solution.

    • Henry

      I’m trying to figure out how you drain a well. Where can it run off to?

      • pyrodice

        Same difficulty level as draining a swamp, it seems.

      • JTC

        Henry, happens all the time in The Fla…

        When a limestone formation collapses underground, wells, ponds, even whole lakes go bone dry as their contents are sucked deeper into Gaia, sometimes even if there’s no well or pond at all (that’s a sinkhole), and maybe all the way to hell in the case if the poisoned watering holes placed and inhabited by Evil.

        • caved1ver01

          In NW Florida the cited sinkholes are called Karsts and are the entry way for the underground rivers in which I’ve swum.

          • JTC

            And sometimes as your screen name implies, into the underground labyrinth of caves and caverns, black as pitch and disorienting…a beautious and soul-filling experience for some…and the final experience for some less prepared others, as the signs all around the entry points of the gorgeous crystal-clear springs and river rafting at one of our favorite campgrounds Ginnie Springs make clear “Divers have died here”…

  • Chris Muir

    Metaphor, metaphor.

  • Kafiroon

    The well of freedom in America at this point is well and truly poisoned. We best be praying for a miracle from on High as we who will not bow down need to get rid of Both parties that would enslave us.

    • My Way or -->

      Well, if you’re just going to throw your hands up and go hide in the garage….

      • JTC

        Praying for God’s guidance, refusing to bow to the self-proclaimed masters and their bipartisan acolytes, refusing to drink their poisoned water or their koolaid, throwing up not hands but “arms” to defend from it, lying in wait in the “garage” to destroy it when it comes?

        We better all follow that example.

  • John M.

    “The tree of liberty must be watered periodically with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike.” Is it time?

    • John M.

      Well Nuts – Jefferson said “Refreshed,” not “watered.” I shoulda looked it up first…

      • Roland Deshain

        The tree is looking very dry about now. I think it is time for a deep watering. Flood irrigation, even!

    • Precision270

      Yes, the trick is to get more tyrant blood than patriot involved in the watering. But, not likely to happen that way, so many hesitate.

  • JTC

    Damn CM, nice one, metaphorically speaking.

    But I just lost what I thought was a nice one to the “too fast” grinch…sometimes those comments can be saved but sometimes not, like this time. Wish there was a way to ferret out that bug.

    • Chris Muir

      It does it to me too.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Sometimes Republicans are not of the poisoned well. Sometimes they are. Democrats have had their well filled with poison, and so it has been for quite a while. The poisoned well still nourishes (?) those of the poisoned well. The poison has been intentionally spread far and wide, and and also is used to those of the poisoned well.
    They feed the parasites of the poisoned well from what is taken from all of us. Those of the clean well are not the masses fed from and now dependent upon the poisoned well. We pay their poisoned well army to conquer us and to control us.
    Non metaphorically, we still have to kick their Azzes. We must drink of the non poisoned well for our body, soul, mind, and ability to win. Apply the law.

  • Halley

    A good while back, PDT said he thought his greatest achievement would be: draining the swamp. And we’ve been wondering ever since why it seems so very few have been drained, much less prosecuted. The next 5 weeks may provide the answer, though at this point I’ve learned never to second guess his strategies.

  • Pete231

    These philistines cannot be allowed back into the Temple. After seeing in the past month the levels of deceit and corruption that they sink to just to get back into power should prove to all that they must be thrown into the dumpsters along with the rest of the detritus of time. 8 years of the former “glorious leader” should be proof enough that what they were doing to our country must be their death knell. January 6 will be their end or the initiation of the day of the locust. There can be no quarter or prisoners taken. No more mister nice-guy(Alice Cooper)……..

    • Lyle

      “These philistines cannot be allowed back into the Temple.”

      Absolutely correct. We whipped the Romish Democrats in 1865, but allowed them to remain. That would be just like allowing the Nazi Party to remain and openly participate in law-making after W.W. II, and to get along with them, referring to them as “honorable” such-and-such, as law-makers, enforcers, colleagues and fellow administrators. That, in essence, is what the Republicans have done all along with the Democrats. To expect them to change is to be willfully delusional.

      If it were to come down to a choice, the Republicans would get rid of you before they got rid of the Marxists. They’re nothing more than a different flavor of Marxist, and they aren’t going to get rid of themselves!

      But there’s the much bigger problem;
      If the unrighteous are to be forever removed, which, as you correctly point out, is the only long term solution, there’d be, a) no one to remove them, and b) no one left at all when it was done.

      Now the Bible gives us the full and detailed explanation of the solution to this puzzle. He is referenced, typified, named, explained and defined all throughout, from the Book of Genesis through the Book of Revelation.

      • JTC

        Citizens of the CSA and their heirs are all nazi’s?

        What a fucking idiot.

      • JTC

        And yes Jesus is coming to take the faithful Home and leave the rest here in hell.

        But it will be for Him to decide right then and there, not any church or dogma in advance, which is which.

  • epador

    Well, we’ve met the four, but again, Guantanamo, firing squad or gibberish?

    • epador

      Thanks spellcheck- gibbet

      • Unca Walt

        Yes to all.

      • eon

        Gibberish will be what you get from Slow Joe every time he opens his mouth.

        Your choice of HAL 9000 or Spongebob Squarepants.

        clear ether


        • Pamela

          At least Sponge Bob knows how to keep his equipment clean and shiny.

  • Wood

    Help us SMOD, you’re our only hope…

    • Paladin

      Actually a Micro-Nova is more likely. Suspicious Observers website speaks of a Plasma Universe. A wave that rolls thru the cosmos. About every 12K years. It’s been happening near is, we are due. Stars have been observed cleaning their pipes, so to speak.

  • My Way or -->

    They’re so busy patting themselves on the back….

    What was that old saying? Oh, yeah – Grandma used to quote it to me: Pride goeth before a fall. Hubris, arrogance, self-proclaimed superiority…. heh. (Can’t stop giggling over that one.)

    In their hubristic haste to pat themselves on the back and do the “Atta-boy” thing, you have to wonder why they’re acting like those lemmings that Disney’s cameramen spooked into running off a cliff en masse. (Really, it’s walruses when they haul out and polar bears show up for lunch.)

    You have to be careful – very, very careful – what you wish for. You might get it… and you may find it ain’t what you thought it’d be… and you won’t like it.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Will Slow Joe make it all the way to inauguration day? Does Camel Toe spit or swallow? I guess we could ask Willie Brown!

    • Pamela

      Wonder if she eve got splinters

      • My Way or -->

        More like callouses?


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