Day By Day


  • JTC

    What the hell did I miss that a cat fight with Skye and who, Red? is brewing…

    Will mud be involved? 🙂

  • John M.

    JTC, if you missed it I did also, but I think it’s the start of the next event… sounds like it could turn into one hum-dinger!

    • GWB

      Which is not the same as a ding-hummer.

      Nice, Chris. 🙂

  • Too Tall

    JTC and John M., Take comfort that Zed is just as mystified as the three of us.

    For Zed, the problem is already inside the wire.

  • Bill M

    Comic title – The Honeymooners. Did I miss something? Skye got married?

    • Old TV show,Jackie Gleason.

  • Pamela

    Back to the Moon Easy. We would be on Mars.

  • Big Jim

    I’m thinking Older Sis has momentarily “Had The Azz” with younger Sis…

  • Halley

    Those of us with “progressive” Democrat family members must soon face the fact that they will be out defending, excusing and applauding the criminal (did I mention criminal?) Coup led by their forever anti-American Idol BarackHussein. This means “family arguments” will no longer be about mere political differences, but about one side having to reveal itself as a Crime Syndicate. Nothing we haven’t known for quite a while, but with the charade up and nowhere left to hide, “progressives” will no longer be able to pretend their intentions are good, or even legal. That’s quite a watershed we’re soon to see. I can imagine severely increased levels of discomfort around many dinner tables…

  • PCChaos

    Chicago style politics. Eight years of it. Chickens are coming home to roost. Get a fryer ready.

  • shooter 2.5

    The Honeymooners. Two seasons and about thirty episodes changed tv viewing forever. If viewed closely, The “Flintstones” borrowed the plots. The casting was perfect.

    • DogByte6RER

      Speaking of The Flintstones … ever notice how the Progressives/Liberals/Democrats/Socialists seem to want to put us all back into the Stone Age?!?

      Whether it’s AOC’s “Green New Deal” or Democrat mandated lockdowns in cities and states, the Left will not be satisfied until we’re all living a prehistoric lifestyle, whether that be in teepees, huts or caves.

    • Halley

      Yes, great show. But my favorite sitcom was The Nanny, which borrowed from The Sound of Music while loaded with rapier wit sexual double entendres…

  • CaptDMO

    Where would we be?
    Let’s see, what is the current nterest on the National Debt?
    A workforce that just CAN’T seem to be mobile, to adjust to evolving
    economy, yet seems able to trek to the metropolitan streets in tents, and to “migrate’ to less fascist Chinese Wuhan Novel Coronavirus-19 response/ demographic States.

    *sigh* “Crabs in a bucket” Many MAY be familiar with the phrase, but until you’ve actually SEEN it…
    Maybe keep it to the universal “Karen”, and the experiential ” …irrational fear or hatred that some where, some how, SOMEONE may be happy”
    Cus’ if MAMA ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!

    • John M.

      MAMA? She-oot we’ll survive that, but if GRANDMA ain’t happy, get the hell outta Dodge!

  • DogByte6RER

    Skye’s beauty suggests that she belongs on Venus … but her intellect places her firmly on Jupiter for those who are all the more stupider.

    For the sake of convenience, send her to the Moon since she’s such a loon.

    Let’s not even get into Uranus …

  • James1776

    Ooooh! Girl Fight

  • Pete231

    Two words : Jello Wrestling !!

  • Pamela

    Skye found a Guy…

    • MasterDiver

      The poor fella!

      Zar Belk!

    • Too Tall

      Pamela, the smart money says you are right, but as Master Diver says: “poor fella.”

  • Buck

    If memory serves, Al Sharpton riding a donkey cart to one of the latter moon launches pretty much ended the space program. Became a euphemism for the future, too. Realized way too late.

  • Punta Gorda

    Skye is an enigma, wrapped in a tortilla, smothered with horseradish.

    • JTC

      With some HOT HOT HOT sauce slathered all over it, tempting and delicious and dangerous as fuck…as well as dangerous to fuck.

      Still. Ever seen that upside down spread-eagle that was on one of the about pages a while (years) ago.

      Hottest single chick pic ever on the site and Chris claims ignorance so I can’t prove it to you doubters.

  • Ron

    Missed something? Heck, I’m still trying to figure out where Spot suddenly appeared from.

    Anatoly seems to have had a style makeover.

    • John M.

      Spot – hmm… didn’t Skye and ‘Toly have a thing going for a while when ‘Toly still thought he was sterile?

      ‘Toly’s been hanging out with Damon too long, and is trying to pick up on the “Cool” thing…


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