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  • John M.

    ‘Walk, Don’t Run?’ I’d Venture to guess that’s an old song from Zed’s youth…

    If I was Mike Pompeo, I’d be cancelling or suspending a lot of passports right about now, and adding those names to the State Dept. “No-Fly” list until this all shakes out.

    • Ozymandius

      I remember that song too.. yes, it was The Ventures.

      • MasterDiver

        It was an amusing little movie about the Tokyo Olympics with Cary Grant.

        Zar Belk!

  • Kafiroon

    Oh! Be Calm My Beating Heart!
    I cannot allow myself to think their might actually be some justice in this world.
    I’m also afraid that the only perps prostituted would be little “no name” low level sacrifice victims of the “No Law For Me Crowd.”

    • Punta Gorda

      And Hildabitch walks free.

  • Bill G

    It’s funny, but I can recall when the left was all eager to drag G.W. Bush out of office and into jail over the supposed exposing of Valerie Plame as a one-time CIA agent.
    But now, all of the lefties are just too important for it to be even considered that they might be indicted.
    The left’s upper echelon has been immune to prosecution for too long.

    • Wood

      To be fair, they’ve all been too protected for too long. They don’t think they work for us; they *think* they are elites; they are most assuredly not.

    • interventor

      Plame was listed on a CIA organization chart, which was unclassified.

  • warhorse

    one in yellow, one in black.

    one in sunshine, one in darkness.

  • eon

    As my mother always said, it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

    And the enlightened types invariably demand for themselves every right they seek to deny to those they despise. As their personal and particular “privileges”, of course.

    clear ether


  • nonncom

    America says bring back the guillotine and build it on the steps of the senate….

    • Pamela

      Too Messy. And only the Good Lord knows what diseases and chemicals would be let loose into the environment.

      • nonncom

        It’s worth the risk…..I’ll don the hazmet suit and clean up the mess…..these bloodless bastards won’t leave that much to clean up anyway….

        • Pamela

          Well, then place the corpses on a pyre and do not roast hot dogs or marshmallows in the flames of corruption.

  • Old Codger

    Anybody who actually believes there will really be a “perp walk ” of the sort Chris is referring to here is asked – no STRONGLY URGED – to contribute to “Old Codger’s Cushy Retirement Fund” over on GoFundME. TODAY!

    (Do it for the children.) 😉

  • PCChaos

    It would be a spectacle the likes of which haven’t been since the days of bread and circuses. However, actually seeing a government official, other than a conservative, get held accountable and perp-walked on national tv just won’t happen. Family, tribe, nation and most of us aren’t part of that family which resides in the Swamp. In the end, they take care of their own and knock rings at the table. Just leave us alone so we may make our own little part of this planet better.

    • John

      But that’s just it.
      They WON’T leave us alone! They MUST have obedience!
      The only way to discourage this kind of behavior is to slap them down hard as an example to their fellow demons, and considering just how dedicated each new generation of would-be tyrants is to their vocation there will be no lack of moisture for the Tree of Liberty.

  • The simple fact, that they have set themselves above their constituents, with retirement, medical benefits and payroll, says volumes. Do the words “public servant” mean anything? Are they considered by the people when they vote for their favorite? No there won’t be a perp walk and the ‘scandal’ will get shoved under the rug for the most part.

    I still agree with my pop… “When I get to be King it’ll be off with their heads”…

    • John

      I think it was Robert Heinlein who pointed out that there is no difference between “Public Servant” and “Public Master”.

  • DogByte6RER

    The Progs/Dems/Libtards/Socialists/Deep State will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the bar of justice. They have no honor; no dignity whatsoever.

    • John

      Ah, for the days gone by of Dueling the scalawags out of our presence.

      • Fox2!

        No wasted shots.

  • JTC

    Walk Don’t Run…

    As usual Muir says so much and so many different things with so few words…in this case firing the memories in us old ‘uns of good times from our youth (60 years in has there ever been a cooler
    instrumental (well maybe Pipeline for our west coast bikini babe types like Pamela 🙂 )

    And at the same time evoking the harsh but sure justice of the plank, a choice between sleeping with the fishes or facing the boom sticks of the shipmates that were sold out and betrayed.

    Walk that plank you evil perps and don’t even think of running to your beloved France or Iran…we will find you and you WILL for once, walk the walk.

    • Pamela

      JTC~ You forgot China and Russia, Russia, Russia.
      1976 was a good year for bikinis 😉

      • JTC

        True that ma’am…

        France for the self-styled elites, Iran for the rabid death-dealers, China for the spies within, and Russia for the real commies and the wannabes…

        Quite a list of loyalties there, mostly redundant really. But none for US or us.

    • nonncom

      Sleepwalk and Apache come to mind….

    • Bohica50

      I would throw a vote towards “Apache” by Jorgen Ingman.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Walk those traitors to King’s Mountain. I’m sure there are a still few patriots around like my ancestors who fought there who remember what to do!

  • Pamela

    Like Lice, they can run but they can’t hide. Everyone have enough popcorn and libations in house. It will take a bit to squeeze and corral them into submission.

  • Buck

    Which may be why Jefferson’s remark required the blood of both Patriots and tyrants to refresh the Tree of Liberty…

    • nonncom

      Buck, I have to wonder, judging by the corona panic, if we have enough patriots willing to donate their blood to that tree of liberty….maybe an army of old codgers….we don’t have the patience to put up with the crap….might work in our favor….sides, nobody’s gonna’ miss us, judging by New York and their handling of the nursing homes…./s

  • James F Gemind

    Good news! Two US House of Representatives Seats, in Special Elections(CA, WI), have been torn from DNC clutches! What makes this big news, is the district in CA was heavily pro-Clinton in 2016, and DNC seat for over twenty years.

  • Buck

    I’m in that category and remember Bill Haley and the Comets along with Kate Smith on the radio. A couple years ago the Arizona Senate passed a bill to re-enact the Arizona Rangers. About 3000 people, and myself, volunteered. Sat on the gov’s desk until sine die. There may be more of that sort than either side realizes. There’s a lot of people attending rallies protesting the extended lockdowns by governators, mayors and various bureaucrats. That’s a good start. Could also send a message to the cops “following orders” arresting people disobeying unconstitutional directives if they were subjected to arrest and tried following Nuremberg rules. Sure.
    Been watching the noose tighten all along. Remember – look ’round the corner, not over the top.
    Que up some Duane Eddy…

    • Blasternaz

      Have several friends amongst the AZ Rangers as well as the Sheriff’s Posse here in Maricopa County. Been trying for years to keep skills up. Not sharp, that’s for younguns, just “adequate.” At my age, that’s all I can reasonably expect. But, there are many in my time slot. And quantity has a quality of it’s own….

  • steveb919

    Yep. Sounds like a plan.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    F##king site did it again. Post with a web link, just disappears.
    Ok, try again. Two books “must read” in today’s rebellious attitude.

    Mike Vanderboegh, “Absolved” (or at least as much has been salvaged)
    www (dot) billstclair (dot) com (slash) absolved (slash) absolved (dot) html

    John Ross, Unintended Consequences
    www (dot) archive (dot) org (slash) details (slash) johnrossunintendedconsequences (slash) mode (slash) 2up

  • Fox2!

    Perp walk across Foley Square from the Fibbies to the US Attorney’s offices. Or straight to the MCC. And they don’t get to stop into St. Andrew’s for reconciliation on the way. No jacket over the cuffs, either. Unlike the Dons, they are not worthy of the consideration.

  • JTC

    CM passed out at the switch again…

    • Too Tall

      I think he is too busy trying to get 1976 bikini pictures from Pamela for um, “artistic character studies,” yeah, that’s it.

      • Blasternaz

        ’76 bikini pics of any of us would be great. For nostalgia, of course. And memories….