Day By Day


  • Saaruuk

    I truly and deeply hope this isn’t precognitive. But it sure as Hell is right on target.

  • JTC

    Brilliant use of that Russkie term, perfectly applies to those rooted in DC. And old Doc Jefferson had the perfect prescription, but we seem to have lost the discipline to administer the bitter but critical medicine.

    • Kafiroon

      If we don’t follow Jefferson’s prescription;
      We will be the ‘Kulaks’.

  • USAF E-5

    Sometimes Chris, you just nail it so hard, it’s “MasterCraft”.

  • Bring back The Constitution. THIS is why we elected PDJT. Hell to the yes.

  • Kafiroon

    If we don’t follow Jefferson’s prescription;
    We will be the ‘Kulaks’.

    • Kafiroon

      What the … Happened?

      • cb

        It was worth repeating.

  • Steve Peterson

    Neutron bomb the swamp

  • Pamela

    So will the Doc be prescribing what caliber vaccinations, or is it more of a put them out of their collective miseries…

    • Saaruuk

      Don’t you mean “put them out of OUR collective miseries”?

  • Halley

    Regarding the last couple months: PDT would not have sacrificed his queen without a certain checkmate in sight.

  • cz93x62

    Da–nomenklatura, yeye apparatchiki.

  • Randy

    Perhaps time to refresh “The Tree of Liberty.”

  • Wood

    I can only imagine what the Founders would think of today. Almost everything they feared has come to pass. The single thing that leads to the downfall of it all is the willing self corruption of the elected. They haven’t represented the People within the bounds of the Constitution in a long time.

    • Pamela

      The Founders would have charged them with Treason and some would have challenged the blighters to Duels at Dawn.
      With a Date with a rope for afters.

  • PCChaos

    Not jumping on the conspiracy high horse, but a pastor in North Georgia seems to think all this COVID pandemic panic is a test run for things to come. His logic was impressive and his timelines dead on. Biochips to identify folks? Soros withering away as Gates comes to the fore. Dictatorial governors usurping Constitutional rights, especially the right to peacefully gather and assemble, and banning religious observation en masse. We are living in strange times. Keep yer powder dry and your head down.

    • Merle

      maybe better to keep your head up – so you can see what is happening???

  • Old Codger

    The ZMan published a nice piece on the “American Nomenklatura” last week titled “The Ruling System”. Hope I’m not breaking any of Chris’ rules posting a link.

    I don’t always agree with the ZMan (especially when he goes on about Boomers) but what he writes is always thought provoking. In this instance I think his analysis is spot on.

    • John

      He makes a good point, but it can work the other way.
      It’s said that the meat grinder of WWI effectively destroyed the British Civil Service and doomed the Empire to administrative incompetence by denying the entry of sufficient new blood into the system.
      Some empires actually moved the Capitol to deliberately disrupt the kind of inbreeding ZMan describes.
      Our new means of mass communications is a real wild card. I’m convinced it is the source of such tremendous change in our political system that we simply cannot predict what will come of it, The election of PDJT and the subsequent chaos that ensued truly is the kind of changing of the guard cited, and this includes the self-destruction of a traditional press that believes it has a duty to DIS-inform the public for the sake of its own politics, and they are still so effective the Russiagate fake news actually changed the composition of the House of Representatives and bent it to their collective will.

  • DogByte6RER

    Neutron bomb the SWAMP by all means, yes.

    But we should also neutron bomb those rancid and toxic tributaries that feed into the D.C. Swamp, namely Harvard and Yale, et al …

    • Pamela

      Too messy. Remove all funding.