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  • Too Tall

    Damon is not rewriting history, he is accurately forecasting the future.

    • GWB

      We can only hope.
      If only buckets of roof tar weren’t so danged heavy…..

  • Henry

    Now for some actual history of how Virginians handle gun-grabbers (OK, technically powder-grabbers):

    When Lord Dunmore confiscated the powder at Williamsburg, Patrick Henry marched on Dunmore’s treasurer with a group of armed men, and didn’t leave until he had cash in hand from him to replace it fully. This was what our government today would call a “terrorist” action.

    Subsequently, the Orange County committee published in the Virginia Gazette a resolution of support for Patrick Henry entitled, “AN ENDORSEMENT OF VIOLENCE AND REPRISAL.” It was signed by chairman James Madison and others.

    An “endorsement of violence,” fancy that.

    Should it come to that, we can rest ourselves that we are in good company, gentlemen.

    • GWB

      Do you have a link? I can’t find it with my search-fu (which sucks), and would love to read what those treasonous radicals* said.

      (* Not saying that like it’s a bad thing.)

      • Henry

        I find only one other reference to it on the web: “Scribner, ‘Revolutionary Virginia,’ 3:112-13.” It seems to be a massive multi-volume work, but can be found in libraries close to you by going to

        I myself came across this informational gem on a personal tour of the scene of the crime. I took a photo of the relevant plaque, but since this was before digital photography, I’d be hard-pressed to find it now.

  • John M.

    Wait – Jan in a top? Where are they… definitely not Argentina!

    • John M.

      …and thinking about it, why shouldn’t Damon make up history? The media certainly does!

  • Kafiroon

    There is one point to consider and maybe keep in mind.
    Punching a Tar Baby leads to being trapped.

    Now where is that Briar Patch?

  • Bill G

    Putting agents provocateur into a peaceful crowd? Northam would never sink to such a level. Rise to it, maybe.

  • Fox2!

    Klan Act violation as the predicate felony for a RICO action?

  • Pete231

    Gov. Coonman, it’s time for your pineapple enema ( ala “Little Nicky”), stalk end first and no lube !

    • Old Codger

      Pineapple? i was thinking more along the lines of a cactus – barrel or saguaro.

  • Badger

    I wish them well tomorrow. Weather looks like severe clear, so the .mil drones & surveillance aircraft that operate in the temporarily restricted airspace will have clear views. Be a shame if someone was able to also access a couple of highpoint overlooks to that area with quality cameras so that – later – “alleged” can be washed with “actual.”

    The VCDL has previously had very good relations with VA SP and Capital police for these things. We’ll see how their behavior is tomorrow – the reputation is the uniforms’ to lose.

    • Punta Gorda

      In my experience they seem to have the innate skills of Larry, Moe, and Curly.

    • Pamela

      One thought I have is should Northam substitute the local LEOs with UN Hires dressed as Locals LEOs and turn them loose.

  • interventor

    I’ve long advocated for restoring the tradition of applications of pine tar and feathers upon politicians that attempt to remove liberties and rob the public purse. It’s a humane step, lesser than the swinging from a rope, they deserve.

    • I’d settle for rope, even though tar and feathers would be more entertaining.

      • Henry

        The contemporary analog would be superglue and packing peanuts.

    • Old Codger

      If it caused so much as a blister it would constitute aggravated assault in pretty much every state in the union and would be a felony. I don’t know about Va, but most states have statutes making assault of a public servant a more serious offense.

      I wonder if thinning the pine tar with a solvent – turpentine? – would allow the material to flow easily without needing to be so hot. 140 degrees is definite scalding territory. The turpentine should evaporate quickly enough to make the feathers stick. A simpler, more modern equivalent might be to use cheap spray adhesive and then dump the feathers on the victim.

  • ExNuke

    What is the name of the government site for citizen petitions for the President requesting actions? The GOA and VCDL should start a petition asking President Trump to direct the DOJ to open an investigation of Northam and the Virginia Legislature for Violation Of Constitutional Rights Under Color Of Law and Conspiracy To Violate Constitutional Rights Under Color Of Law. There are enough of us aware of Coonman’s power grab that it might push the Department of “Just Us” to actually act like the Department of Justice.

    • I’m thinking it’s I might be wrong, but that seems right.

    • Buck

      ExNuke if you’re referring to the Right to Petition the government for a redress of grievances in the First Amendment, that hasn’t been honored for a long time.
      In direct contradiction to the debates surrounding the framing of the First Amendment Petition Clause, the Supreme Court has erroneously concluded that the right to petition government has never included a duty of government response. A careful examination of historical practices reveals not only that the Supreme Court’s analysis of petitioning is misguided, but that the Court has it backwards.

  • Wood

    Rent a couple box trucks. Hang banners upon them which read “ACME Tar Co.” and “Chicken Little’s Feathers”. Park them near the gathering point…

  • JTC

    But…the NYT just told me the only legislation pending the gov’s signature is “background check to purchase a gun” and “no guns in gov buildings”, and they are considering a bill to “keep guns from those who are a danger to themselves or others”.

    Sounds like simple common sense, no? Everybody just calm down, nothing’s awry…

  • JTC

    If you haven’t watched the vid of today’s launch and recovery of the SpaceX Dragon you should…it is awesome and a final test for manned launches. Hopes and prayers that it portends a hopeful future for our next generations.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Time to seriously work to escape the nest, a la Robert Heinlein.


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