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    • Old Codger

      DAMN! This coming Monday looks more and more like a potential rhyme to 19 April 1775. If I were head of the Secret Service POTUS and VPOTUS protective details I’d be on HIGH ALERT! Looks like the bastards aren’t willing to wait until they win back the WH. Al it would take would be POTUS and VPOTUS going down and San Fran Nan would be POTUS! If that doesn’t scare you NOTHING will!

      Somebody tell me you’d put it past ’em! At the same time you don’t believe there are former U.S> spec oops guys who’d do it in a heartbeat!

  • Too Tall

    Coonman is nothing more than a trained pinniped for the Progtard DildoCrats.

  • Henry

    Best explanation I’ve heard is that Coonman was propped up by Soros to serve as a useful idiot — to hamhandedly start a brouhaha that Soros’ other paid agents in the rest of the US can use as justification to stomp down hard.

  • Kafiroon

    So throw the trained seal a fish. It can read but not understand.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    I give up. Three tries to post, they all disappear
    Fuck it!

    • Chris Muir

      I don’t see them in spam , trash, or pending, Woodman.

    • JTC


      And yet this one shows up?

      Gotta be an evil plot….they’re onto you.

      We’re next! 😮

  • interventor

    Off topic, I see that Michael Avenatti was transferred to the same NYC federal holding facility as Epstein. So long Mikey, it wasn’t nice to know you.

  • Pamela

    I’m not sure if he has enough blubber for a harpoon to get properly seated.

  • Halley

    See how they run like pigs from a gun
    goo goo ga joob

  • Best case scenario is Monday’s rally gets called off on account of snow, too dangerous for attendees to travel, people laugh at the money Guv Coonman wasted on extra security, then it gets rescheduled later after the extra fencing is taken down forcing him to put it all back up and issue another infringing emergency declaration, current one expires Tues at 5PM.

    Imagine the fun to be had if it became a monthly event. Local vendors wanted!

    • Pamela


    • Barbara Skolaut

      It’s not going to snow in the Richmond area, kadaka. Except maybe for the snow job the DemoncRats are trying to sell us. >:-(

  • cz93x62

    Kadaka–that is a hell of a fine idea.

  • Badger

    cb, thanks for that link. Refreshing to read a VA rep that gets it.
    I wish VCDL luck. They’re well-publicized as to their resolve regarding civil intent. It is to Northam to be placing the sole of his boot on the citizens. The current day set up – not just about VCDL or guns but traditionally for Virginians to lobby their critters – will be covered by the media and, knowing VCDL’s guidance beforehand, it will be clear who will be making things UN-civil.

    The parallels to Charlottesville are just scare tactics. VCDL has worked with the LE elements involved very well over the many years they’ve been doing Lobby Days. We’ll see who Northam and his Reichsberater bring in as provocateurs.

  • Steve Peterson

    Great idea kadaka!

  • Steve Peterson

    Seals are way smarter than coonman!!

  • GWB

    Freakishly, there is a local(ish) anti-fa group planning to “march” alongside VCDL and GOA. They’ve come out and said they agree with the gun-owners on the rights. They’ve also said they don’t plan any stupidity or violence.

    I’m still un-decided on going. And still un-decided on taking a pitchfork.

    • coffinman

      If Antifa shows up to show “support,” there’s gonna be trouble. Bank on it.

      • John

        At the first sign of trouble back out and go home.
        Then watch Antifa duke it out with the Law on TV.

        • Henry

          Maybe I’m just warped, but Antifas announcement opens the door to a whole new realm of false flag possibilities. Any gun rights advocates looking for an excuse to Boogaloo can just costume themselves appropriately and lay any blowback at the feet of the Democrats’ own shock troops.

  • Cliff

    Pathetic governor.

  • JohninMd.(help!)

    Can Koonman run again, or is he term-limited? I wouldn’t give a warm bucket of spit for his odds of being re- elected, by either side….

    • David

      All governors in Virginia are limited to a single term under the Virginia Constitution. Traditionally the successor is one of the other two statewide officers, the LG and AG, neither of whom, oddly, are similarly term-limited.

      In the first twenty or so years I’ve lived here, the LG and AG were split between the GOP and the Dems, setting up an easy-to-predict matchup. More recently there has been less ticket-splitting, leading to sometimes-bloody contests between the LG and AG, and an “open” on the other side.

    • Too Tall

      The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia serves a single 4 year term. He cannot stand for re-election, but may run again after someone else serves as Governor.

      Virginia styles itself as the “Mother of Presidents.” Its governors hallucinate for four years humming Hail to the Chief to themselves thinking they are destined to be President someday.

      In reality, the background music in Richmond is Entry of the Gladiators being played on a calliope.

      • John

        I really like the idea of staggered terms of office.
        In theory, unlike strict term limits, at least it allows both the ascendance of new blood and the return of the tried and true.

    • Kafiroon

      Saw a comment yesterday about new laws the proglotards are proposing in VA. One was to make the Governor an eight year term.
      If the do, you can bet they will give Blackface Coonman Babykiller another four years.

  • Pete231

    Send in the clowns !

  • JTC

    Stand down. Stay home.

    Publish position letter (msm doesn’t control all of the message anymore).

    File suit(s).

    Let the gov, his popo, the instigators, the rabble rousers, and the false flaggers play amongst themselves on national media, and let the media tell its (refuted) lies.

    Announce plans for another march on another day.

  • Alaska Paul

    This whole Richmond thing is a setup. Antifa is using classic disinformation to get positioned in a place to create a Charlotte-like incident. Gov Coonman is herding well intentioned citizens into a fenced kill box. If things go sideways, expect jamming or shut down of cell phones and communications. The govt will have SWAT assets, aerial assets (planes, helicopters, drones) available. All they need is a triggering incident to get the show started.

    You cannot reason with people who have their own agenda and are not interested in what you have to stay. Better rethink your strategy.

  • Barbara Skolaut

    Chris – re: today’s ‘toon >> Snork! 😀

    • None of those work for me. Just sayin’.

    • Chris Muir


    • Too Tall

      Obviously a regular reader of DBD.