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  • Indeed, I can see the truth of this.

  • JTC

    Unfortunately, that checkbook gives even a snide, fake, anti-Constitution, anti-American POS actual super powers, but he’s sure as hell not a super hero.

    Always follow the money, and do not underestimate its superpower of persuasion.

    • JTC

      To wit: $230M spent so far on ads targeted at “swing” states like here in fla so we’ve been inundated by “Mike’s” wretched visage. And $1000,000M (yeah that’s a frickin’ billion) promised for the Dim nom whether it’s him or not. That knocks him all the way down to $59B, how sickening is that?

      You can buy a lot of votes and souls with that much dough and he loves it. It is for those like him that bible passage was written; not that money is the root of evil but the love of it and the evil it can do is.

      You don’t hear that much about him now, but you will.

      • Kafiroon

        Then he should be a ‘rich’ target for Squaw Spouting Bullshiite and her nemesis Commie Bernie with their tax everyone for everything they have policies.

        • JTC

          They are now somewhat. But if one of them does get the nom watch how fast they backpedal or figure some way to get their share of that $1B pie…money makes them flexible.

      • Old Codger

        Been a shed load of Bloomberg ads here in Alamo town, too. Guess Texas counts as a swing state now.

        • JTC

          Yep, blame Austin, San Antone, and Houston for that I guess.

          Bloomie is skipping the Feb. 3 states altogether and has his eyes and his money on the Mar. 3 prize.

        • Punta Gorda

          Just gives me another reason to shut off the TV.

  • Too Tall

    Infantile accurately describes Progtard DildoCrats.

    • JohninMd.(help!)

      Nobody’s had the guts to say “NO!” to Bloomie’s bucks… Until now. Too bad it wasn’t the Gov. of Virginia…. Bought and paid for, the finest crop of totalitarian boot-licks money can buy.

      • JTC

        If he’d said that, he wouldn’t be the Gov. of Virginia.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Poke more holes in Bloomin’idjit. He needs serious deflating.

  • John M.

    Shouldn’t his name be BloomBORG – as in “Resistance is futile. Lay down your arms and prepare to be assimilated?”

    • interventor

      He’s more a morphing of Borg and Dalek — assimilate or be exterminated.

      • WayneM

        Hmmm…. Let see…

        … assimilate AND be exterminated.

        Fixed it…

  • Henry

    GWB: I responded to your request for cite under yesterday’s cartoon.

    • GWB

      Thanks! I will look it up. (It appears to be available in a nearby library.)

  • The brave media firefighters are gathering to report on the white supremacist rally. It’s getting ugly out there. One local reporter heroically posted video of a hellish Mad Max-type vehicle with a Gasdsen flag she saw Sunday night in Richmond. Shelter in place and stay safe, courageous reporters.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      A standard military 2 1/2T (diesel?), in one of its many configurations. Nuttin’ to be scared of, honey chil’.

      • John M.

        From the air filter, it’s a five-ton, but I think the late M-35’s may have had that air system also…

  • eon

    Last week his news service posted an op-ed excoriating the rally for being on MLK Day because, as it said, these “people” are not seeking “civil rights”. They are refusing the government’s legitimate demand that they give up “instruments of violence”, which should only be in the hands of government to begin with.

    In short, as “government”, they demand to have the privilege of using force, or at least the threat of it, to ensure the obedience of the peasants.

    What people need to understand is that there are very few in the “blue archipelago of enlightenment” who disagree with this. And fewer still in the news media , and virtually no one “inside the Beltway”.

    Northam and Bloomberg are simply the latest manifestations of this malady. which carries with it a steadfast belief in their own perfection and an intense hatred of anyone who fails to worship them.

    The malady is called “progressivism”. Also known as “liberalism”, “socialism”, and “We’ll all get along much better as soon as you admit that I am a god”.

    It’s probably incurable, but those who suffer from it should be kept away from sharp objects- and political power.

    clear ether


  • Badger

    The last pre- Lobby Day blurb from VCDL last night has the following for its #2 bullet item:

    “One of our members with access to police intelligence has advised us that specific threats have been uncovered to three of the speakers at the rally. Yet, just a few days ago when specifically asked about any such threats, the Capitol Police denied knowing of any and have not shared any such information to date.”

    Wishing them the best of luck. There are many eyes upon them.
    And thanks Chris for the timely sequence on this topic.

  • Bill G

    “The Virtue-Signal”, perfect. As imperfect as Bloomie. A classic example of Rights for me, but not for thee.

    • JTC

      So, the Bat Signal was a bat emblem; shouldn’t the Bloomie signal be a $ sign? I get the reference but like the rest of their signals, nothing virtuous about it.

  • Why is this even a thing?
    How do we sto- Oh wait, we already did. Throughout American history.

  • interventor

    Bloomberg is a micromanaging nanny stater. However, in the campaign, he protecting his investments in China.

  • Bill G

    After his nappy … is that ‘after his nappy is changed’? Did he see that not everyone was bowing down to his power, and soil his nappy?

  • JTC

    “You will see sensible gun violence prevention legislation pass this year.”

    So says one Va Dim rep. at the rally.

    That’s a mouthful to avoid saying what it really is.

    • eon

      The “sensible gun violence” law would be one stating that using a gun or even having one in your possession while committing any other crime makes that crime a felony and gets you an additional ten years without parole for a first offense.

      For a second, it adds fifteen years.

      For third, life without possibility of parole. You’ve proven you are a danger to everybody else.

      This will never happen. Or if it did, law-abiding gu n owners would be getting lifge for overtime parknig violations while criminals engaged in carjacking and armed robbery were being released without bail.

      Because the purpose is to terrorize the peasantry into remaining defenseless against the depredations of their “betters”. And to shield those “betters” from any consequences for their actions.

      Since the Prime Order of the Empire is “Terror Must Be Maintained”, no law that could actually inconvenience a criminal will ever be passed. Criminals are a terror group the elite’ don’t have to pay for or admit any connection to.

      As once once said of Chicago when Snorky ran the South Side, in all too many places today the criminal is a businessman, the businessman is a politician, and the politician is a criminal.

      clear ether


      • GWB

        One of the gun-related bills in the hopper does something like what you state, eon. I do not think it is one the Dems are proposing.

        Today went well, with no violence, lots of non-white-supremacist folks in attendance, LOTS of guns visible outside “the cage”, and good words said.

        I hope it provided the right message (sic semper tyrannis) to enough of those Dems to get this crap stopped.

        • Punta Gorda

          It won’t work. Dems=crap.

        • Too Tall

          The obvious and painful misery in the faces of the lame stream media dolts when the realized that every crowd shot was far too diverse for their scripted storylines was priceless.

          As was their horror at the number of couples with matching his and her modern sporting rifles outside the fence line. A couple of local media hacks looked like they were going to lose control of their bodily functions at that sight.

          • Too Tall

            Come to think of it, the DBD crew showing up in the VAG would have been even better. I am sure Naomi would have given some great interviews.

            (Background Note: The Vehicle Against Government (VAG) is an armored vehicle that one of the corrupt government agencies left behind while on one of their many trespassing forays at the Double D ranch. Sam um, “modified” it, and painted the sucker pink. It is worth a trip through the archives for the cartoon strips of Zed driving it)

        • Too Tall

          Only thing that would have made it better would have been a couple with a church pew full of their children, all openly carrying modern sporting rifles. However, the Progtard DildoCrats at Child Protective Services (CPS) would have chimped out at that, and then the taxpayers would be paying them Workman’s Comp for the rest of their sorry-assed exist nice due to PTSD.

      • JTC

        Fla’s 10-20-Life law was similar, enacted 20 years ago.


        “Show a gun 10 years”
        “Fire a gun 20 years”
        “Shoot someone 25 years to life”

        All mandatory minimums with no discretion by judges, what came to be called by LEO’s man-min cases.

        Gutted a few years ago under Rick Scott. They used the example of a father who fired a warning shot in his house to scare off his daughter’s undesirable boyfriend and is halfway into his 20 years. Of course the real impetus was due to the usual suspects like the Miami Herald claiming that minorities were affected far out of proportion in the 15,000 or so locked up under the law.

  • Alaska Paul

    Did anyone see any Antifa presence anywhere at the event?

    • Too Tall

      The one lone arrest was of a Panty-fa dude who thinks he is a girl.

  • Great rally sign, says it all:

    I’d rather be an
    than a

  • millard fillmore

    We went to Richmond today,and just like 1865,the democrat leaders took off before the opposition got there.’We took a ride to Richmond,it fell’.(I hope,it’s a time we’ll remember oh so well).The day they drove old Northam out.There may have been bells ringing,but not that many people singing,yet.

  • Too Tall

    At least 50,000+ (official estimate, other estimates had twice that many) attended Lobby Day. Only one arrest, a Panty-fa dude who thinks he is a girl. Arrested for failing to take off its mask when ordered to do so.

    Pictures are what you would expect and its Facebook and Twitter pages got hammered. All in all a good day.

  • has a petition to recall Northam. Last I heard there were over 70,000 signatures. Thing is, it wasn’t just Northam. Recall the rest of them!


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