Day By Day


  • Merle

    unless he lies – like he did in one of his movies……

  • Punta Gorda

    “He’ll live”

    • Wood

      Well, after we bring our troops home from places far away we should send them into Mexico and take it over. Exterminate the cartels. Set up a Constitutional Republic, not another damned democracy. Takes the guns from the government and give them to the Mexican citizens. We can fix Mexico, and make it a place Mexicans don’t flee.

      • NotYetInACamp

        And apply the US Constitution and send their Mexicans back, all 30,000,000 plus of them.
        Then we can consider taking application of some of them to return.
        DNC Chair Perez should be excluded, as well as invaders

        Imagine the job market then. All of those white men and military killing themselves because they have not gotten the country or life that they were promised might have something better to do with their lives. Our responsibility is to Americans, not to invaders.

  • Too Tall

    R200 will leave them mostly dead…so they can crawl back to where they came from and tell the others about the horrors of the South Parcel.

    That script could reboot the Terminator franchise.

    • Wood

      “mostly dead” is still partly alive! Better call Miracle Max.

  • Kafiroon

    “Hold this wire for me”
    “NO. It is not live.”

    (but it is hooked up to my megger!)
    Heh! Lots of laughs for those watching.

    • John M.

      I’ve had so much fun with meggers over the years… also with the TA-312 and TA-1/PT ring generators when I was in the Army.

    • Punta Gorda

      About as fun as having a charged cap tossed to you.

    • nonncom

      “Some people have to piss on the electric fence”….

      • Just Joe


  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Only ALMOST dead. Not ALL dead.
    So sez Miracle Max.

    • Swansonic

      Only mostly dead. That means a little bit alive.

      Just keep the chocolate covered pill away from them…..

      And no swimming.

  • JTC

    Here’s your money quote on the cult expatriate murders:

    “We merely await a call from your great new president!”

    Trump is mocking the commie and calling him out,

    The New Hamster couple case is a whole ‘nother thing.

    • You know what shows up these days if you search for “new hamster couple”? With “safe search” off?

      Now the New Hampshire couple that was murdered is notable for authorities not saying how they died, which indicates it might not be for polite discussion. And I’m increasingly less inclined to have these animals be treated with unearned “human decency”.

      • JTC

        “You know what shows up…?”

        No, what?

        We’ll see what emerges but based on what is “known” now these people on a dream American tour being robbed and killed IN AMERICA and their stuff smuggled across the border bears NO comparison to a cult of Amexicans being murdered by rival gangs/cartels in their chosen homeland and with a long history of similar conflict now ramped up, and who maintain dual American citizenship for purposes we can only speculate, like for the protection that they apparently lost from the Mexican gov. These people were killed and more will be killed by choosing to live in a lawless dystopian territory that even the natives are desperate to escape. It will not improve unless the money is interrupted. Always follow the money.

        But risk our men to save these expatriate from their own stupid selves? Fuck that. Track down and kill the scum who killed that American couple? Hell yes.

          • JTC

            US Military stationed in a foreign country is the same as expatriates choosing to live as citizens of a foreign country in the middle of a violent gang war and maintaining dual citizenship in the US as a matter of convenience?


            Innocent children are collateral damage all over the world, sometimes intentionally used as shields. Likely not the case here but isn’t putting them in the middle of a war about the same thing?

            They’re not my kids, and you can’t fix or pay for all the stupid.

          • JTC

            Not my kids.

            They are the same as our military men stationed offshore? Dude.

          • Dude, sailors, normal people, like the Maersk Alabama hijacking by Ethiopian pirates. We sent in the US Navy and Seals took out the pirates. Should we have left that slide?

          • JTC

            What the hell, thought that first comment was erased then
            it came back…

            Got it, yeah I read that as mil but I get your point now.

            Still. Not Americans, Amexicans. Can’t police the world.

  • Pamela

    Hmm. So is he going to plant them in a people orchard as tyrants …

    • Pamela

      Wonder what he would say about toenails and testicles…

  • Pete231

    Just make them regret the day they came down the chute……….

  • PaulS

    “Yeah, but dey were all bad.”

  • Wood

    In other news, goodbye Virginia. Now there’s no safe way to visit DC, which is only worth visiting for the national cemetery at Arlington, the museums, and monuments

    • JTC

      It’s been in transition for years and now Virginia underwent full-on official identity reassignment.

      Virginia IS DC.

  • Craig

    This makes me Laugh Out Loud. Thanks!


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