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  • Too Tall

    The computers will crash and burn from boredom, while being overwhelmed with noise, looking for a signal that is less than the round-off error of decimal dust.

    Banality kills (artificial) intelligence.

  • Saaruuk

    True dat…..but artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. :-p

  • Pamela

    Ah so they are a pervy lot the always watching computers. How does one tell when the computer gets carpel tunnel from repetitive motion?

    • JTC

      Or when they are done with the motion…always wondered what they meant by “sticky keys”.

  • NotYetInACamp

    A different storm is here.
    1984 and the other UK books have been implimented by the current generations.
    The UK has been destroyed from the inside by long planned actions and following of beliefs claimed to be correct, but anything but good for the Kingdom and its people.
    How to lose a war internally.
    Boring Marxists, but they destroyed the UK together with the others.

  • Halley

    VR + AI + sex = ?

    • Paladin


  • GWB

    OK, for irony, that second panel needs a drone way up high………

    • JSStryker

      I’m sure one of Javier’s drones is providing overwatch on the QT.

    • What about the cellular devices they both likely carry?

      Also, that old truck is “analog” and “EMP hardened” but most people now drive rolling computer networks connected to satellite services.

  • Chris, cartoon name has an extra “7”.

    CBS This Morning just now: Ammo used in Mexican massacre from a US maker and is a common type used in assault weapons. And very cold weather coming for most of the nation.

    So bundle up on the gopher and varmint hunts when you’re using that extra-deadly lethal-plus assault weapon ammo.

    • Norm

      I guess they couldn’t get Aquila ammunition from their own country.

  • WayneM

    By strange coincidence, it’s actually storming in Texas just now… pounding rain and thunder… but we’re inside & dry. The coffee is strong & hot.

  • PCChaos

    I was reading Michener’s “Caribbean” and the chapter on the French Revolution’s effects on Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti. The focus was on a character, Hueges and his portable guillotine. Nantes and Lyon had 15,000 and 10,000 executed by The Cult of Reason for hearsay crimes, “your hog trashed my garden,” and such. I’m not sure what the total numbers were before the Beast started eating its own, but it did, thankfully. This tie to so-called “red flag” laws was chilling. Neighbors ratting out neighbors based on petty and not-so-petty disagreements, to the State and seeing the State take arbitrary action based on hearsay brinks insanity. The further we descend into the twisted mess of woke people, the more we need to support and defend the 2nd Amendment lest a portion of us end up under the blade. Anyway, it’s a great book but that chapter “woke” me up to current situations. Keep your powder dry.

    • cb

      Red Flag laws coming to Virginia soon… thanks to… Virginians.

  • Democrat-media complex in operation:
    CBS News Fires Employee Who Leaked Amy Robach Video

    Amy Robach complains of ABC spiking her story of Jeffrey Epstein. Tape gets leaked.

    ABC response, hunt down who accessed that footage, find out that staffer is now at CBS. ABC then got CBS to fire that person.

    Whistleblowers are fine and deserve protection unless they challenge the ruling Democrat hegemony, in which case they must be destroyed to send a message to the rebellious peons.

    • Kafiroon

      The peons are revolting.

      • Saaruuk

        Revolting? They stink on ice!

        Tip o’ the hat to Mel Brooks. 😀

    • JTC

      The question, and what the 86 of the story was meant to cover up, is what is the quid-pro-quo here? They love that term so much it would be wonderful to see it turned against them.

      • Kafiroon

        Thus the problem.
        Biden threatening to withhold funds, implying with obamas permission, unless a prosecutor is fired; does NOT equal
        quid-pro-quo in democrat minds.

        We did it but we are prosecuting you for doing it even though you didn’t.

      • All three broadcast networks had sexual predators, Jeff Zucker went from running NBC during that time to ruling CNN. Harvey Weinstein did nothing worse than what a lot of network execs did, and NBC squashed Ronan Farrow’s expose. Jeffrey Epstein feted a lot of powerful people besides Mr. Hillary, which of course included network execs and talent.

        Sure we’re hearing things like the Palace wanted the Epstein investigation killed because of the Prince Andrew stuff and ABC wanted their William and Kate interviews. And the coverup for the 2016 election helped Hillary. But it sums up as the Liberal Elite had yet-another shameless sex club going on and they really don’t want those details getting out.

        • John

          Power protecting Power.
          The Elite used to be cautious about such things, but once they believed they had a monopoly on information they went hog wild.
          Now the Woke has corrupted the Elite’s schools with visions of Socialism and the public is beginning to get its information by alternate means.
          We’re not out of the woods yet though, The Elite still have plenty of financial clout and still own the Democratic Party, which still outnumbers, and will continue to outnumber, the rational population.
          Once upon a time we taught things like critical thinking in the public schools, starting even before high school. But this has been discarded by Progressives to make the Great Unwashed easier to brainwash using their bought and paid for “journalism”.

  • Yup. Why do ya think history, esp. of our Founding, isn’t taught well anymore? The ignorant are easier to control, and hoodwink…


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