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  • Epador

    A disingenuous # campaign otta do the trick.

  • kadaka

    Tell them there’s free weed growing wild in the desert, a strong strain known as Tumble.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    HEY! indeed. (as I chuckle)
    I’ve been seeing the GoFundMe for the wall (over $1 million so far), and the WaPo cage liner campaign against it.
    I would donate, but I don’t know how that donation would be used to help build the wall.

    • kadaka

      A few thousand shy of $14 million right now, recent donations show from $50 to $5. Every little bit helps. Remember that Democrat mantra, If it saves just one life…

      • Old Codger

        As of 1530 on 12/22/2018 there is $15,096,728 in the account. Dividing the amount raised by the number of days (i.e. 5) we get the current daily average. Dividing 1 billion by the daily average and subtracting the 5 days already spent and the 9 days left in 2018 then converting the remainder into a Julian date, we get a Julian date of 19317 or November 13, 2019. It is very do-able – before Thanksgiving NEXT YEAR!

  • Delilah T

    Uh, what??? You want Skye to t-h-i-n-k???? You Silly, Silly Person, you.

    How to get dumbocrats to move to the south side of a wall…. hmnn…..

    Ah! Tell them about all those unregistered voters over there.

    Then get out of the way of the stampeding herd of Congress critters.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Slightly OT……..
    I’m working on my new/used computer, setting up this, deleting that. activating the other………..
    I came across one of my absolute favorite DBD cartoons from July 2010, “Declaration 2.0”.

    And I was wondering if there was enough material – and interest (from us and Chris) that Chris could/would do “Declaration 2.1”, this time putting The Kongressional Klown Krew – both DildoCrats and RepubliTards – in the hot seat this time as the bad guys.

    • Superb idea.

    • Swansonic

      Love the idea. Love to print it and post copies to remind people how and why America came to be…

      I know, optimistic of me….

    • Bill

      Holy crap. Prophetic. Will enough people wake up.

  • Actually, Skye might have come up with something there…

    • wE

      Out of the mouths of babes.

      • kadaka

        Did you figure out yet how to move your cursor down to simply change what’s on the “Name” line right below the box you type the comment into? At this point I’m wondering if you’re just liking the new handle.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Actually yes. But I did not do it on this page, but the previous one. this page still had whatever i had done to change it. It usually involves opening a page, but that’s for disqus and such.
        I am now looking for a wooden sabot to throw into the machinery.

        • John M.

          Good luck with that, Sabots are mostly made of fiberglass these days… Oh wait – I’m thinking of the sailing pram! Never mind.

    • JTC

      Not sure but I think that was Sam with the idea, and Skye just saying Hey! I could be wrong but sounded a little too logical and funny to come from where Skye currently is on the right/center scale. But she’s learning…hang around that/this place long enough and one can’t avoid some real world edumacation. But that said, “Hey” what Skye?

  • Ozymandius

    I’ve been telling them for years that if they don’t like it here, they’re welcome to go somewhere else but, so far, it hasn’t done any good.

    • Bill G

      And they keep telling us what’s going to force them to leave, like electing Trump. But the teasing ninnies just stay on.

    • NotYetInACamp

      They are intolerant of you. Be more intolerant.
      The most intolerant wins.

    • John

      I’m still waiting for the ones who promised to move to Canada to do so.
      I think the main reason they haven’t is they discovered the tax rates there are already at the levels they want us to pay _here_.

      • John M.

        I think the main reason they haven’t is because Canada doesn’t want them and won’t issue them immigration visas…

  • eon

    Well, you could announce a “Day of Solidarity With The Oppressed Peoples Of all The World”- to be held in Cancun.

    clear ether


    • John

      Better still Acapulco. I understand the Cartels are particularly fond of it.

  • Redleg

    Saw on the news that the House and the Senate have adjourned and went home. Did Ryan/McConnel finally leave the door open for President Trump to make recess appointments? My fantasy is for Trump to make recess appointments for all of his administration vacancies, in particular 200+ judges.

    Wouldn’t that encourage the Democrats to move south of the border?

    • Old Codger

      And here are the cities to convince ’em to move to.
      (note where 3 of ’em are)

      The 5 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

      5. Tjuana, Mexico. Murder rate 100/100,000
      4. Natal, Brazil. Murder rate 103/100,000
      3. Acapulco, Mexico. Murder rate 106.63/100,000
      2. Caracas, Venezuela. Murder rate >110/100,000
      1. Los Cabos, Mexico. Murder rate 112/100,000

      • Brent Dotson

        I vote for Venezuela. Call it shock therapy for their economic plan.

    • JTC

      That would be great on the judges,,.

      Too bad two of ’em can’t be to the big bench to replace the corpse of RBG, and that liberal bastard “chief justice” Roberts.

    • John

      I’m all in favor of a program to export our malcontents in exchange for people who really want to live, and work, here.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’m thinking there’s a Part 2 to this for tomorrow.

  • kadaka

    This is why Twitter is so fun, it’s educational. From Talib Kweli Greene:

    So, you’re unaware of the fact that nazi Germany had a wall called the Berlin Wall that was torn down in 1991 in order to foster humanity and diversity? Walls didn’t work for Nazis so why build them here? Build bridges not walls Nazi lover.

      • Sam

        Now that’s just funny.

    • Delilah T

      Talib is inccorect about the Berlin Wall.
      It was built in 1961 by the communist East Berlin government. The Nazis were long gone when it went up. I saw all of that happening on the daily news – people climbing through windows to get out of East Berlin, doors and windows being boarded up. I also saw Conrad Schumann, a Red Arny soldier at Checkpoint Charlie, toss his rifle aside and jump a pile of barbed wire to get out of East Berlin.
      That Wall went south for hundreds of miles. I know someone who was stationed along the border between West Germany and East Germany. South of Berlin, it was razor wire on posts and was mined along the border, and mines were hung on the barbed wire.

      The Nazis were long gone. They had nothing to do with the Berlin Wall and what followed it.

  • JTC

    Yeah when all the hollyweirds etc talked about leaving I heard Canada, Europe, Aussieland, etc…but I never saw a single one threaten to go to Tijuana et al.

    Don’t have to wonder why that is…they’re evil and insane, not stupid.

  • Skye’s face has changed recently. She used to be a raven-haired twin of Sam, but she has developed a rather square jawline and less cheekbones.

    • JTC

      If you’re saying that is a negative development, let me offer a contrarian view 😉

      That right there is a come hither bedroom eyes sexy as hell look, not hindered at all by that cute little jumper with side-boob windows…

      “Hey!” she says. Well “hey” right back at ya sweet thang.

  • JTC

    Quick aside, today is my daddy’s birthday. He’s been gone now 25 years but I still feel him nearly every day in some way, sometimes hear his words come out of my mouth.

    It was already 15 years when I wrote this at the old dead blog a decade ago.

    Sorry about those occasional ten year old blog links, but that’s when I quit saying something there most every day because by then I guess I had said most of what I had to say along with some memories etc. and ’08 was also when I went back fulltime to help my son start a new custom jewelry shop.

  • Tagg

    Skye’s nose is different… bent out of shape, like most libtards these days?

  • JIMV

    On a completely unrelated topic…what happened to our hotties wardrobe malfunctions????

  • James Gemind

    The eyes on Zed and Skye were absolutely terrific! Message was good to, although I think Skyes idea would work on about a third of the DNC leaders…

  • epilitimus

    Simple solution:
    1. Build the wall
    2. Leave the gates open
    3. Set up a microphone on the south side surrounded by “We hate Trump” banners and the like.
    4. Wait for the flow to die down to a trickle.
    5. Close the gates
    6. (This is the most important step.) “Loose” the keys.

  • Bill

    Think? Probably not. But nice side boob Chris. Good job keeping our attention focused!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Skye, “Hey!” is for horses. Are you the input, or the output?


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