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  • Delilah T

    No, Skye, you are blind. Try to see past the end of your nose.

    You might learn something.

  • kadaka

    This tiresome concept of “race” is so outdated, with genetic testing revealing how much so many of us are mutts. And now in this modern age of reliable affordable transportation allowing easy individual migration that defeats geographical isolation, future generations will only blend together further. The “Browning of America” is not just a gun brand.

    Besides, genetics no longer determines sex so why should it determine race? If a “black” person determines they are really Chinese and gets plastic “confirmation surgery” to assume the characteristics, who are we to judge?

    • Swansonic

      Wham! I’ll have to throw out next time this comes up. Brilliant point well made, kadaka.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Randy Marsh became a dolphin on South Park.
      Mr Garrison had a vagina, then had his original parts cloned and returned to his original identity, Confused.
      All dogs are wolves.
      Everyone’s IQ is equal.
      South Africa’s Bantu tribes are building the next manned space vehicles.
      Magic is as real as science.
      All men are equal.
      White people must leave South Africa, and leave all possessions.
      I support the Black Ethno-state of Wakandia as depicted in the Marvel Comic movies Black panther and the latest Avengers movie.
      All Migrants are equal and have a human right toi migrate.
      The three Muslim humans who executed the hiking and camping Danish girl and the Norwegian girl near Marrakesh (site of the Global signing of the UN Migration pact) have as much right to go anywhere as migrants and practice what they believe is their religion.
      Stop me.

    • Old Codger

      kadaka, there might not be “races” but there very much ARE phenotypes which not only breed true but their traits are observable even in crosses. (See my rather lengthy discussion in yesterday’s comments.)

      Phenotype DOES NOT determine character. Only a fool (Biblical definition “moral degenerate”) judges another solely on the basis of phenotype.

      As for “confirmation surgery”, if the phrase “my body; my choice” has any meaning other than an excuse to slaughter the innocent unborn, then a consenting adult has the right to have any modification made to his/her/ze body they can afford to have done.

    • nonncom

      All races are the same…..hmmmm… this akin to “It’s all pink on the inside”…?

      • JTC

        Dude. Ew. :p

    • Henry

      I keep telling the government that I self-identify as a minority female small-business owner, but somehow the grants just never arrive.

  • WayneM

    All races are exactly the same. All genders are exactly the same. All cultures are exactly the same.

    Now shut up, white men, and hand over all of your money.

    • kadaka

      I was a white man then I realized I’m really something different that’s more oppressed than you. So you hand me all of your money.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I have more intersectionalities than any and all of you.
        All of you give me all of your assets.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Ouch! And touche’.

      I was (in serious) going in the other direction.

      If all races are exactly the same, then why are the natives in Africa poor, live in grass houses a lot, haven’t sent a man to the moon, and still subject to droughts and starvation?
      OF COURSE they have only overcome those obstacles……but only with the help of the Euro-centered white race.

      And even when you DO give them money by the pallet load, what do they do with it? Hint: how many African countries have lifted themselves beyond third world shithole status?

      • NotYetInACamp

        They do not create ongoing functional systems that produce wealth for themselves and all.
        And they relax before they do it. Not after, like the Protestant ethic demands. Pallets of fiat money with value just increase the relaxing. The President of Zimbabwe and his sons bought about 80 Bentley’s. His people were starving. That trend exists across much of Africa. The billionaire daughter of an African president whose people lived in abject poverty. She bought a huge estate on the California coast.
        But then there is California achieving its s-hole status. Different people. Equal idiocracy and greed. There is some equality.

        • eon

          Tribalist cultures tend to accomplish three things;

          1. Taking everything from the majority to enrich the tribal leaders.

          2. Substituting superstition, dogma, and magical thinking for facts.

          3. Blaming all problems resulting from (1) and (2) on “outsiders”, and concluding that killing said outsiders and taking their “stuff” will solve the problems.

          The above probably explains why progressives love tribalist cultures so much and want to run the world the same way. Among other things, thought is not only unnecessary in such a milieu’, it can be defined as undesirable.

          And progressives don’t like thinking, anyway- it’s too much work.

          clear ether


          • Kafiroon

            eon; your three points (and add various groups of crazies with AK’s) explain why ebola is fast expanding.
            If it keeps up, it will go to anywhere there is an airport.
            Merry Christmas!

        • JTC

          “…money just increases the relaxing.”

          That about covers it. Man, everybody is on fire here today!

      • JTC

        DBW, “,,,why are the natives in Africa poor, live in grass houses a lot, haven’t sent a man to the moon, and still subject to droughts and starvation?”

        Because the Clinton Foundation raised zillions to save them?

        No wait, that was Haiti. And floods not droughts. Same result.

    • Fronk!

      Heh! Like

    • Old Codger

      I’m not “white” (kinda ruddy, truth be told) but I am an adult male Caucasian. In today’s America I have 3 strikes against me because of three conditions from which I suffer:

      1. I suffer from HCMD – Hereditary Congenital Melanocyte Deficiency – i.e. My ancestors came not only from Europe but NORTERN Europe.

      2. I suffer from XCD – XChromosome Deficiency – i.e. I am a male/man

      3′ Lastly, I suffer from SA – Super Annuation – you guessed it, I’m old.

      • MasterDiver

        A lot of that going around, Brother

        Zar Belk!

  • “All races are the same”? Yeah…

    • kadaka

      They all have red blood of the same four basic types. They all are capable of incredible and exceptional feats of rank stupidity.

  • kadaka

    Tonight’s Nightline featured Majuro, the narrow coral atoll that is the capital of the Marshall Islands. Pointing to crumbling sea walls, they warned that by UN reports the atoll could be lost due to sea level rise from global warming as soon as 2030, and somewhat portrayed Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords as a betrayal of the Marshall Islands that destroyed their last great hope.

    Apparently no one ever told them how atolls will normally change shape and position over time, how even a single powerful hurricane/typhoon can wipe such little places away. Nor how America has reduced “carbon” emissions while other nations have increased theirs.

    And they really never heard of the “committed warming” already in the system. When I first seriously looked into global warming and read summaries of the early IPCC reports, I found we had decades to centuries of dangerous warmth to come no matter what, so the voices to DO SOMETHING NOW OR ELSE WE’LL DIE SOON went against their own science. The alarmism couldn’t be justified.

    Read about this 2009 peer-reviewed paper published in PNAS which basically says if we shut down civilization tomorrow it could still be a millennium before climate change effects are reversed. There are unimaginable amounts of thermal energy stored in the oceans which really control our climate. Anyone saying we can turn things around in a decade is a liar and/or an idiot.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Citation, please. My research skills are very old and rusty in science. I found the PNAS and the list of articles for the two months prior, and then looked up the scientists name and year and a couple of topic permutations and could not find it. The last one on this general topic I read had holes that others also later pointed out. I have not seen good science well presented for me to base good conclusions on.
      I do not consider Al Gore’s movie reputable science, nor what Bill Nye, the science guy, says to have any concrete value. Bill Nye had his tv show where he defined male and female by the chromosomes pulled. But I could not find Dr Susan Solomon’s work. I would like to see some work not from East Anglia, and not using temperatures long term with the latest from next to recently installed blacktop parking lots, or in the city heat bubbles used as data resources. The CO2 numbers need to have their methodology also explained. But I always ask much, and sometimes I understand it, and sometimes I don’t right then.
      If you have original work publication citations or better would you please oblige. Thank you.
      You make some good points.

      • kadaka

        I use Google Scholar for paper references. “susan solomon 2009” pulled it up as the first result, “Irreversible climate change due to carbon dioxide emissions”. The pdf downloaded and opened just fine, no paywall, so here’s the listing:

        Opening it up to “susan solomon climate carbon dioxide” finds other work like 2010 S. Solomon et al “Persistence of climate changes due to a range of greenhouse gases”, 2011 “Long-term climate implications of twenty-first century options for carbon dioxide emission mitigation”, and others.

        • kadaka

          PS, this discussion and info presented in an “using their own words against them” manner. I used to believe there was obviously some warming that could be somewhat tied to humans. Then as I saw more of the data manipulations and how our historical temperature records are so crappy and sparse as to be pretty worthless, and geologically so short on just the different ocean cycles that we’ve only recorded a few to none of their complete cycles. Basically all of the “human influence” could amount to statistical noise compared to the natural trends.

    • JTC

      “…if we shut down civilization tomorrow it could still be a millennium before climate change effects are reversed.”


      The former is the goal. They don’t actually give a fuck about the latter.

    • JJ cooper

      We really can’t change anything. Nature does as it wishes and always has. So, Ice Age or Global Warming, in the long run, it has nothing to do with us.

  • JTC

    All races are the same. Either you win or you lose.

    • kadaka

      And if you lose you keep counting ballots until you win.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I used to run fast and drive fast. I could even sail fast. I need to go fast.
        I feel the need for speed.
        Race fast.

        • Kafiroon

          Oh Yeah! Tornado Cats, E-Scows, Deep V’s w/big engines, Shelby-American car, and… Big Ice Boat! Hoo Rah!
          SPEED and races make the world go Round!

      • Old Codger

        You betcha!

  • kadaka

    Planned Parenthood doesn’t much like having “breeders” in its staff, and the NY Times called them out on it. This must be bad. Ignore the slight undertone that this wouldn’t happen if the government gave them more money.

    Planned Parenthood Is Accused of Mistreating Pregnant Employees [and new mothers]

    • Kadaka,throttle back some.Good stuff,but it’s becoming the Kadaka Show® in comments.Thnx.

    • Delilah T

      Thanks for the tip, Kadaka. I always thought that PPd was run by the biggest bunch of hypocrites on the planet. This article supports it.

  • Bill G

    We are mutts, and the differences in the races are noise. But the differences in cultures shouts with a megaphone. To the point that it’s deafened the left and they have to ignore it.

    • Chris Muir

      Damn, that was good,Bill.

      • Tagg


      • Bill G

        Thank you.

  • Bill


  • Delilah T

    The Sun is/has been in a dormant state since it burped a Big One in 2006. Came back briefly, and then went back to sleep. No sunspots. Loss of magnetic shield protection from deep space radiation.

    Algorebull Sendmeyourcash made a panic attack movie out of styrofoam and stale baloney. He was proven wrong. It’s been downhill ever since. Send him some pity cash. He’s a politician. He lied.

    The magnetic poles are slowly shifting so that North will be South and your compass needle will be pointing the wrong way. Learn to navigate like a Phoenician. The Sun rises in the East, sets in the West. If sunrise is to your right, you’re facing due North. To your left is West, and South is behind you.
    Venus is the Morning Star now.

    I think Skye has brain fry.

    • eon

      And at night, the Big Dipper’s handle ends at the North Star. Even if you call it the Great Bear, Charles’ Wain, or whatever.

      I’m seriously wondering how these people are going to find their way around when, not if, GPS is no more.

      clear ether


  • Tagg

    The freaking planet’s climate has been changing since day one of creation. To assume that we humans can influence that natural progression that the universe imposes on this planet is the greatest hubris of our lifetimes, if not all time.

    • Old Codger

      I liken that hubris to farting downwind of a sewage treatment plant and apologizing for the odor.

      • Swansonic


    • JTC

      Oh humans do have an influence, just like everything else does.

      But it’s only us that the elite want gone because we also influence their natural “progression”.

      God made all Creation including us. He did give us dominion so we don’t want to fuck everything else up, but we do (most of us) deserve to live which will have some effect on it.

      But leftists don’t like that. Or us actually living. Or God’s plan.

  • Old Codger

    OT: For those of us who agree with building a wall on our southern border, there is a GoFundMe effort to raise the money. A triple amputee vet started it.

    Here are the descriptions of “competing” fundraising efforts from the other side.

    Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall
    We saw some folks are raising money for a border wall to keep out our migrant siblings and fellow human beings, who are fleeing violence and persecution and whose tragically-underpaid labor is essential to the U.S. economy. Seems like a bad idea on countless levels for everyone involved. Maybe we should focus on human rights and creating a community that reflects our supposed values.

    Build a Giant Escalator Over the Wall
    The wall is never going to be built but just in case it is we will build a series of giant escalators that are spaced out a half mile along the wall on either side and if that doesn’t happen we’ll just give the money to people who care about the well being of human beings no matter where they’re from.

    Leftards WILL be leftards.

    • Henry

      “and if that doesn’t happen we’ll just give the money to people who care about the well being of human beings no matter where they’re from.”

      Translation: we’re keeping the money, because our hearts are pure, and our student loans are due.

  • PaulS

    Okay, we’re all equal!
    Now get out there and prove it!
    No more “Affirmative Advantage” programs that would only prove otherwise.

    Kind of a strange lack of reporting on the House passing the $5 Billion Border security funding, now over to the Senate where we hope Mitch won’t Chuck it up!

    • JJ cooper

      Someday someone will read “The Bell Curve”.

  • Mike Seden

    Even though I get an email with the cartoon in it, I still come here to read all y’all. I am actually going to create a screensaver set with eons laws. A deck of 14 slides. Anyway, the reason I am posting today is that I grew up in the 70’s and was part of the govt plan to de-segregate. Over the last 45 years I have become color blind and faceache (book) intolerant. I think the only people that see race or color are the true racists. Keep on thinking for yourselves. I tend to be drawn towards a libertarian perspective, but I choose not to be a party member. More self sufficiency and less govt. Here is a link I don’t buy in to all their tenants, but find it easier to say I am a libertarian rather than I am a conservative or a republican. My conscience doesn’t bother me when I vote that way either.

    • JTC

      First it is important to understand that being have libertarian views has zero to do with being a Libertarian or any “party”.

      Upper and lower case makes all the difference.

    • Henry

      “I think the only people that see race or color are the true racists.”

      There are two types of applications in America: the ones on which they are forbidden to ask your race, and the ones on which you are required to supply your race. All of the latter are government forms. And there are more of them now than there were when the government was running Jim Crow.

  • Sarge

    I enjoy the comments… It gets me to thinking and expanding upon my knowledge and understanding… None of us knows everything . Some may have different viewpoints… But in listening and thinking we come to common truths …

    • billrla

      Sarge: All men are created equal, but, not all men create equally.

    • wE

      We all know more together than each of us.

  • PCNot

    Race? I’ll race you…to the eggnog. Happy Holidays to all. Chris, thank you ever so much for providing such a smart and fun web comic. Best wishes to all this season and a prosperous new year too. Primaries start in June? Jeezus…Game on. And not the Rose Bowl. Eon, NotYetInACamp, and Delilah, thank you for your wit and insight and comment. Whoop!

  • Those same government data which Murray used in The Bell Curve indicate that Japanese are, on average, smarter than white people. I wonder when the Wonder Twins will make note of this.

    • Coeurmaeghan

      Smarter? Or have an average IQ that is slightly higher. IMO, the two are not equivalent.

    • Ashkenazi jews are the top in iq.

      • John

        The problem is we don’t have nearly enough of them.

        • JJ cooper

          That’s because people keep killing us. but, no matter, we have a saying,” They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat.”

  • Swansonic


    Statement, a women-only festival in Sweden, has been found guilty of discrimination by Sweden’s Discrimination Ombudsman (DO).

    To quote Homer; Doh!

    • Old Codger

      Sounds perfectly reasonable to me! This is just the kind of thing that libtard ideology inevitably leads to. Wonder how much longer the olympics will continue to have separate men’s and women’s competitions? Or how much longer Wimbledon will continue to be segregated by gender? Or college sports? Or sports in general? Wonder how long before Men’s Magazines will be FORCED to feature men as well as women? Oh and just imagine when a cis male walks into a titty bar and there is a GUY gyrating around the pole center stage! Hey! If you cannot “discriminate” on the basis of gender . . .

      DAMN! I’m glad I’m old!

      • Old Codger

        (reckon gay bars will have to hire WOMEN as entertainers?)

      • Henry

        Get woke, go broke. Target Hooters, take down Curves.

        As my colleague Rick Cook pointed out, “The key to understanding the American system is to imagine that you have the power to make nearly any law you want. But your worst enemy will be the one to enforce it.”

        • John

          If only we could get the Left to understand this.
          But then again when has the Left stopped to understand anything?

  • wE

    Chinese have told me that the Chinese use Americans for imagination, creativity and ingenuity.
    Supposedly Chinese have a national average IQ of 108 or so.

    And I would make babies with this woman. She has tremendous ideas and has fought for her own self. (Fat chance she would agree, but the kids would be very smart, and with a sharp mother to raise them well.)

    Russell Brand vs Candace Owens on under the skin.

    Marvelous conversation. A potential guest for the DD. The Physics alleged “national socialist” does not need to be invited, but he could use the coaching and advice of someone who has traveled the path before him. She could give Skye all sorts of advice from someone who has, but rejects, the intersectionalities that Skye once followed blindly as to the left’s interpretations of what they meant.
    It’s almost two hours long, and I watched it. Lot’s of great advice for Skye in there.

    • wE

      FRAK! I changed my name on the AVATAR . How the heck did I do that?

      It’s still me. Don’t you recognize me? Please. Say ya know me. I’ll remember the password soon. just give me time. I’ll remember. i’ll figure it out.

  • NotYetInACamp

    aM i bACK?

    • JJ cooper

      YES!! OR Mostly YES.


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