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  • interventor

    Freedom dies in the twilight!

  • WayneM

    Speaking of Rather, why do the MSM keep seeking out that discredited gasbag?

    To this day, Dan Rather swears rushing to publish a forged document to slander GW Bush was justified. What part of that says his opinion is worth a listen?

    • Bill G

      The left wanted it to be true. That’s their justification for anything they dream up.

    • Sloth

      Also lied on camera about “seeing bodies float by my hotel room window in the French Quarter” after Katrina. Except the French Quarter never flooded. Oldest part of NO was built on the highest land around.

  • kadaka

    Where’s our Federal News Service that publishes articles straight to a web site, free to use with attribution?

    • JTC

      Waiting for 5G. Which DT has said will be gov-free.

      We’ll see how the vested interests deal with it.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The MSM. Paid for. Following orders. Seeking to fight for the heroic socialist (Marxist) Cause. And striving hard to man the barriers against all that is good and God like and kind in the world while hoisting their own petards far enough to take all of themselves out.

  • TJ

    I seriously want “Bandit 6” from John Ringo’s novel “The Last Centurion” for press secretary.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Big fan of John Ringo here!
      His “March Upcountry” series is one of my favorites!

      • eon

        I love that series. It’s practically H. Beam Piper’s Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen on steroids, especially March to the Sea.

        We Few has a very Tom Clancy feel to it, sort of what Clancy might have written as pure SF if he’d been around longer.



  • Hypocritical much there, LSM?

  • JTC

    MSM has “progressed” way beyond fake news, to criminal incitement.

    First amendment rights they say. Second amendment rights I reply.

    When theirs empower and embolden a thug to attack me, and mine empower to employ the tools to respond, how will it be “reported” and who will be held accountable?

    • eon

      Assuming the thug doesn’t succeed in killing you, your goose is cooked. Especially if he ends up dead.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Of course. Rhetorical as they control the message.

        Which was my point and the point of the ‘toon. As I’ve said they don’t grok the irony. Or care.

        So as someone mentioned, constructionist courts are our refuge. And obviously vehement defense of that construction in the meantime.

  • Bill G

    With Mitch pushing through Trump’s appointees, the left is losing the courts. And the old media is losing sway, which leaves them terrified they might also lose the court of public opinion. Expect more craziness.

  • Tagg

    Taking the courts back wont matter one whit when they are ignored and therefore irrelevant. The media are a result of the core problem. Leftist, marrxist globalist rule academia who has produced todays media. Until we have taken back all k1 through all phd programs we are losing! Only after the leftists are all removed from academia can we start fighting our way down hill. These looney leftist politicians are themselves victims of the mindwash bullsh*t poured into them while in our education systems. Where do we start? I havent a clue. Run for school board?

  • Delilah T.

    Don’t these apparatchiks know that Stalin made Russian Army officers dig their own graves before they were executed by a firing squad? Those fairy tales about all the freebie stuff — does anyone besides me think they’ll go cold and starving into the bitter winter night?

  • Browncoat

    MSM = Tatiqyya, plain and simple

    They may be telling the truth or they may be lying to your face to advance/protect their agenda, whatever that may be at the time. More likely, whatever they’re being TOLD it is.

    • PaulS

      Who, what, where, when, and why; it tells you everything, when they Always LIE!

    • Kafiroon

      On sites like here and a number of others, we have known about the lies, distortion and hypocrisy of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNC, presstitutes and regurgitating heads on TV that is finally being shown for what it was in the lying media. When we look at various history records, we see we have been lied to. Any in power entity has lied to people and practiced the great cover up. I do not see how any truly free thinking individual can believe what BS pours our way.
      Why should I trust them?
      Friends and families I know have a better or A job now and their living conditions are much better. Therefore, Orangeman Good.

      • JTC

        Are you implying that success and positive results should in any way impact the methods, agenda, and narrative of those whose best interests are served by failure, division, and destruction? Right.

        • Kafiroon

          I think I will go with the quote:
          “those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  • PaulS

    Out of the blue question:
    Is there a GC “Wild Bill” in the readership? HackerV1 likes the MAGA Deplorables! 🙂

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Sounds like Jake Tapper needs to be double tapped. THEN he can complain about “violence against presstitutes” .

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “And DildoCratic Senators want to make it a Federal crime to “attack” – I mean “refute” – journalists ”

    #1 Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.
    #2 These DildoCratic Senators don’t know their Constitution and BOR very well, do they? What they propose would be against the 1A (Congress shall make no law …….. or abridging the freedom of speech….. ), which is, thankfully, given “teeth” by the 2A.
    Which I think, is one of their Communist main goals, to tear down the Constitution.

    Anyone running for FedGov office should be required to take a test on the Constitution, and pass with a 75%, before they’re allowed to swear to the office.

  • kadaka

    Send in the troops. Or send in the drones. When will our Navy have carriers we can place near a coast and unleash drone swarms in the hundreds to thousands with each carrying a grenade-equivalent droppable bomb?

    Video here:

    This is the corrupt, illegitimate Maduro Regime.

    Armored government vehicles are running over innocent civilians. This is why the 2A allows armor-piercing ammo for civilian use no matter what the ninnies think.

    • Chris Muir

      Kadaka, thanks for thinning down your comments, I think others get more out of the distilled than the many.

      • Delilah T.

        I watched the video of what’s happening in Venezuela. It is only a matter of time until Maduro is dragged into the streets, or runs away. Argentina’s economy is slowly imploding, as is Brazil’s, per an economic article I read this afternoon. Nicaraugua is in the same state. And the sociopaths who want socialism here try to sell it as “it’s just about free stuff”.

        What fools these socialists be….

      • kadaka

        Truthful disclosure, I just had a bunch of stuff to do out of the house and away from the computer. I’ve got a house cleanout and fixup to do, besides ongoing on my house, so that will be the default for now.

  • JTC

    Occasionally some truth gets through…a blurb from a WaPo contributor piece:

    “Last week’s message from a booming economy should have rocked the Democratic field. Alas, the party seems collectively intent on poring over the Mueller report yet again in the hope that, somehow, someway, there’s something there. But the probe is over. No collusion. No obstruction. Democrats have to campaign on something else besides a great economy, rising values of savings, low unemployment across every demographic, clarity about allies and enemies abroad, and a rebuilding military. It’s a tough needle to thread, condemning everything about Trump except all that he has accomplished that President Barack Obama couldn’t or wouldn’t. Not just tough — it’s practically impossible.”

    • NotYetInACamp

      The bigger the booming economy, the more they can take. .. as it always has been. We live with parasites. The more removed the healthier we all are.

      • kadaka

        “the more they can take”

        And when the economy goes down, do they decide to take less? Nope! And in PA the casino revenues were going to reduce property taxes and fix our roads. Guess what happened. Now they want to legalize weed, which will fix the PA Turnpike system, and roads, and reduce property taxes…


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