Day By Day


  • kadaka

    I have never liked that expression since first hearing it on “edgy” NYPD Blue, makes me think of a baby or dog “doing a solid”. Mixing in talk of something “going sideways” sure doesn’t help.

    • JTC

      I remember that NYPD thing, one cop covering something up for another as I recall, pretty sure it was the first I heard the term too. It is kind of irritating, but in this case if it keeps the T&A on view I’m good.

      • Jak

        Really? NYPD Blue? It’s a term from the ’40s Hipsters

    • Too Tall


      Zed’s disapproval not withstanding, I like the pun.

      I’m not a fan of NYPD Blue or Seinfeld (the other reputed source of the phrase).

      I am sure the phrase pre-dates both shows, because television writers aren’t that creative.

      Chris’s use of the phrase is far more appealing.

      C’mon guys, chivalry is not dead. Who among us has not done many a solid to gain favor with our chosen fair lady?

      Those still on a quest to find their fair lady would happily contemplate doing a solid for a real-world version of Sam.

      Perhaps a few have contemplated penetration of the fourth wall?

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Solid enough to take a naked dunk at the ol’ swimmin’ hole? Alternate days men and women, everybody has an enjoy.

    • WayneM

      Car wash scene ala Cool Hand Luke… bubbles & boobies…

    • Old Codger

      Why “Alternate days”? What is this hangup so many have with nudidity? We’re all the same model/Mk human; just differing body styles and trim/upholstery scheme. Ain’t nobody got nothing everybody else ain’t got. What is the big deal? Somebody sees you butt naked, the world will go right on spinning like nothing has happened – ’cause nothing HAS happened. That whole nudity taboo thing never made sense to me. Guess that’s why I was skinny dipping at the Boy’s Club at 8 years of age. It was no big deal and I didn’t have to put up with that damned wet “bathing suit” thing.

      Q: Why do nudists get along so well?
      A: Because they’re always airing out their differences.

      • Agreed, my friend.

      • Mogrith

        I think it’s because for most people the only time they see nudity as part of sexual activity. So they assume that any nudity is invitation to sex.

        I used to go to some nude beaches in CA. It did take a little time to get out of the above mindset. Guess some people can’t do it at all.

      • JTC

        Q: Why do all God’s animals but us go naturally naked?

        A: Well notwithstanding the whole Eve thing (or maybe because of it), it’s because hoomins are the apex animal with dominion over all others and uniquely gifted (or burdened) with logical thought and theoretical self-determination.

        And that thought process invariably leads to thoughts of sexual activity, as He intended to ensure procreation. If not self-limited that intention is affected one way or the other…and so it becomes less mechanical and more psychological. What makes us want something more than it being not randomly open and available? Restricted access, whether for sexual activity or for consumer products, induces desire and demand.

        And if all that gobbledygook doesn’t explain why universal nakedness is not universally acceptable or desireable, taking a seat on the fender of my black F-150 in the mid-day Florida 100 degree heat will.

        And failing even that, just google up Naked Hillary. If that doesn’t disavow you of such Bohemian notions, nothing will…of course you may not survive that method.

        All in all, this is for the good, as I eagerly anticipate the wet shirt/hotpants scene that has been promised, and that anticipation alone will enhance the enjoyment factor.

        • Punta Gorda

          Why? Because we would die if exposure. If we didn’t learn how to salvage fur from other animals we would still be relegated to a tiny sliver of the tropics.

  • JTC

    I remember that butt more than the boobs in that scene…

    Yeah, I’m an Ass Man.

    • kadaka

      Did Kramer have your plates?

      • JTC

        Definitely the source of the capitalized and popularized term, from the most brilliant writing in the history of teevee.

        The preference/perversion though is all mine…well, mine and my little man’s. 😉

  • Punta Gorda

    Still wanna see it Jo makes ice or steam. Remember, she can resize her anatomy at will…

  • Mike-SMO

    In what circumstances are only the clothing transparent?

    Asking for a friend…….

    • kadaka

      When using backscatter X-ray imaging, the very-low dose technique that with airport scanners famously made “naked people” pictures. It’s been proposed for drones and robots to see behind curtains and under tarps, etc. Javier’s creations could be using it for weapon detection. So to Jo, everybody could be naked.

      But it may be hard to get an artist to draw a view from Jo’s perspective as they’d be prone to clutter it up with readouts and displays like it’s the inside of Iron Man’s helmet, which is only valid for an external observation monitor.

  • Van

    Farm out and stolid!

    • Too Tall

      Well played, well played, indeed!

    • John M.

      Right Arm, Butter!

  • kadaka

    Who told Biden about Jo?

    Joe Biden Thinks DNA Operated Guns Exist

    “If I get elected president of the United States of America with your help, if that happens, guns, we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it,” Biden said.

    Biden said the technology exists and it’s only because of those pesky gun manufacturers that it isn’t universal.

    • GWB

      He also thinks he’s gonna cure cancer if he gets elected….

    • Wood

      He’s not wrong. I can’t fire my guns without getting my fingerprint and DNA in them. Unless I use gloves… you’ve done it again Joe!

    • eon

      One more example of why Biden was The One’s choice for VP. He’s not just stupid, he’s stupid in ways that are acceptable to socialists and fascists.

      Once again, the Democrats want us to elect a Fantasy Prone Personality (FPP) as President. Because they like what his fantasies will do to us peasants.

      I suspect this is just one more reason they hate Trump. He listens to actual people, instead of hearing voices in his head.

      clear ether


    • Henry

      What does he care? He’s only going to fire it through doors and into the air anyway.

  • GWB

    The placement of that one rosebud on the dress. Man!

    Ummmm… A comment problem. Says I’m posting too fast, even though this is my first one.

    • kadaka

      The system is stupid, it appears that message just means you’re trying to post while the system is processing another comment. Note the system is filtering out lots of spam so you might never see the comment you had conflicted with.

  • Too Tall

    Lest we lose sight of the important things, (or fail to see them at the swimming hole), if you have not already, please fill the tank.

    We déplorables need to contribute the way the progtards vote: Early, often, and in whatever quantity we can stuff in the box. Unlike the progtards, we’ll keep it legal.

    • Henry

      If you write DBD into your estate plan, then you can even legally vote the way D’s illegally vote — from the cemetary!

  • Pamela

    I thought Zed was solid enough for Sam.
    *need coffee. brain at quarter speed*
    Keep Jo away from the soap and water car washing. The frozen soap bubbles will scratch the paint and all the clothes will be stuck until they thaw out.

    • John M.

      I thought Jo was able to control her surface temperature so she doesn’t injure someone or something by accidental contact. Otherwise, Mari would hand her the beer and it would instantly freeze, possibly with enough energy (Entropy?) to shatter the bottle!

      Back to the car wash – imagine if she deliberately over-warmed certain portions of her anatomy to create interesting steam and foam patterns as she worked on the cars!

    • Too Tall

      It’s an asymmetric world. On any given day, a 14-year old in Mom’s basement, waiting to be called to dinner, can ruin the oligarchs’ day, and ultimately destroy them.

      Javier may be the most realistic character in Day by Day.

    • Old Codger

      “What Do the Oligarchs Have in Mind for Us?”

      Short answer is, “Nothing good.” And you can bet the farm, the family jewels and your life on that – guaranteed.

      But the writer of the article wrote some super good stuff there.

  • kadaka

    We are now in a three-way race between the Progressive nihilists who view humans as a plague upon Nature to be contained and regulated, oligarchs who will likely have to work together, and a few statist regimes who aren’t yet too broke to try.

    Nearby Star May Be Supporting Life

    A nearby star may be supporting life on two newly discovered Earth-like planets, according to the journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

    The two yet unnamed worlds were recently discovered by the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC) orbiting Teegarden’s Star, an old and remarkably stable star located just 12 light years from Earth.

    If scientists are correct, the stability of Teegarden’s Star has enabled the two newly discovered planets to maintain consistent orbit, temperature and rotational speed. These qualities make the two bodies similar to Earth and may enable the flow of liquid water on the planetary surfaces.

    • Becoming the Kadaka Report again, cut comments by half please!

  • JTC

    Either we hit another one o’ them time warps, or the fading away went into reverse and we can now see the future? Sharp kid, a product of situational awareness training no doubt.

    • JTC

      And speaking of Mari’s sharpness and perception, she knows that “please” and “thank you” are for people, and machines no matter how advanced, operate by “on” and “off”.

      Don’t anthropomorphize your tools. Well, maybe your cars and guns.

    • Too Tall

      Whatever happened, these three panels speak volumes of wisdom and are a perfect counterpoint to the comic they replaced.

      Mari embodies the evolution of wisdom, the ability to perceive and comprehend reality.

      I anthropomorphized my ships and planes as “she” because it cost so much to keep them in paint and powder.

      • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

        Spoken like a true “squid”, whether in the Navy or not.

        • Too Tall

          Twenty-four years. You always miss it. I’d go back and fly as a Lieutenant, if they would let me.

          Alas, the Navy is far too smart for that.

      • John D. Egbert

        I believe the quote re “. . . powder and paint . . .” was made be ADM Chester W. Nimitz during an interview. Still the best explanation I’ve yet heard for regarding ships as feminine.

  • Too Tall

    Isn’t there a “BLORP” missing somewhere? Perhaps that is why there are two comics today?

    Not really a stretch for Mari to see that Jo is “cool.” There are professional golfers who can perceive the “waterfall” of cool air evaporating from a line of trees, and play a shot off of it.

    Finally, at minus three degrees, Jo would consistently deliver to you a perfectly chilled beer.

    • JTC

      Okay, cars, guns, ships, and planes.

      And cats, says 15 year old Felix as he rubs against my laptop and looks accusingly into my eyes, purring/growling for his midnight snack. And maybe your Sexy Sally Doll if she’s all you got.

      Oh fuck it, Jo too. Chill my beer please, Jo. Thank you. 🙂

    • And thanks for the idea, Too Tall! 🙂

      • Too Tall

        Hey, the BLORP is back!

        (Please DON’T cue Elton John.)

  • Punta Gorda

    It’s actually quite simple. In the oppressive Texas heat. I imagine its pretty comfortable to stand near Jo.

    • Too Tall

      It’s a good thing it is a dry heat in west Texas. If it were humid enough, Jo mighty be walking around with her own personal rain (snow?) cloud above her head.

      • John M.

        JO is a cold source – wouldn’t she be enveloped in a fog bank?

  • Grunt GI

    Sigh, at last able to chip in my copper coins.
    Thanks for a great year.

    Bring on the car wash!!

    • John M.

      I have a feeling the Car Wash is going to be a Saturday night (Sunday Morning?) panel…

      • Too Tall

        ” I anticipate a deeply religious experience!”


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