Day By Day


  • Chris Muir

    Well, my loader ate today’s toon and published tomorrow’s. I have re-fed today’s and tomorrow’s-which you have seen-will follow. Frikkin tech.

    • JTC

      Don’t anthropomorphize your tools, Muir. 🙂

    • Wood

      Seems to have loaded yesterday’s comments into tomorrow as well.

  • cb

    No worries… well worth a second look.

  • Wood

    We refer to the idea as “FEM”

    F*ing electronic magic. Usually means it did something it wasn’t sposed to, and unfortunately more often than not means we made it do something we did t want it to

  • Tagg

    Well, at least it didit go completely fubar.

  • WayneM

    To err is human but to really fuck things up requires a computer…


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