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  • JTC

    Fading away you say? That’s…that’s coercion!



    the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.
    synonyms: force, compulsion, constraint, duress, oppression, enforcement, harassment, intimidation, threats, insistence, demand, arm-twisting, pressure, pressurization, influence

    Good job Muir! Pay to play baby!

    • kadaka

      “Pay to play” would be Patreon. There’s quite a few artists boasting of their frequent and frequently NSFW Patreon postings (*cough*guigar*cough*) who yet can’t quite manage to post the two or so free “teaser” postings a week that are the main comic.

      • JTC

        It’s the honor system of American Deplorables.

        Playing while others pay is…well you know what that is.

        • kadaka

          The American income tax system?

          Willie Nelson was just on Tonight Show. Almost paper white, significant and frequent heaving (shoulders lifting up when breathing in). Song at the end of the show, seemed to be stumbling a bit, then the backup singer seemed louder and he kept along. Wikipedia mentions many bouts of pneumonia and emphysema, stem-cell therapy in 2015.

          • JTC

            Income tax…not coercion so much as conversion, theft at the point of a gun.

            Willie? He faded away and has been transparent to me for years now. Ironically, didn’t his decline coincide with switching teams to the side that robs us after a lifetime of resisting the shakedown?

          • kadaka

            JTC, Nelson’s decline coincides with being born in 1933 and smoking something near-continuously for many decades. He’s always had a country Democrat vibe, Dems will save you from The Man. Supported Beto, sang a song with him last 4th of July.

          • JTC

            Yeah, his decline with me is way more due to that last part than with the years or the weed.

            Not a country (redneck) Dem anymore; due to my upbringing that’s what I was until ’round about 1980 when the scales fell from my eyes.

            These people are full-blown socialists (and worse) who have been allowed to appropriate that culture and hide behind that term…even what remains of old-school Democrats are shocked and scared shitless of them.

            And they are being enabled largely by their lackeys in media, academia, and yeah, entertainment.

            Lookin’ right at ya Willie.

          • Stephanie Osborn

            He’s only 86…

          • kadaka

            SocSec sez: “A man reaching age 65 today can expect to live, on average, until age 84.0.”

          • JTC

            Eff that. I’ll be the six five in August and I’m done in ten.

            75 is enough, plus the half-mil policy runs out at 76, so…

    • JJ

      Patreon is a horrible website that sucks money like a sponge. Thankfully I have avoided it. Stay free and loose Muir! You are the best. Now if I can figure out how to make my donation I’ll be happy.

      • kadaka

        Ko-fi is recommended, no platform fees (whatever that means). People could tip Chris $3 or so when the mood strikes, and possibly not notice how often they do it during a year.

  • kadaka

    They’re fading out of existence! Not enough believe in them.

    Quick, everyone clap if you still believe! Clap, you deplorables, clap!

  • T Paul

    Complete transparency is vastly overrated.

  • TK

    If we were able to contribute with a debit card or Credit card, you would be a lot farther along.

    • Chris Muir

      It always has.Paypal takes ’em.

  • Wood

    Quick! Get George McFly to slug Biff Tannen!

  • Look at that money bar! Come on guys and gals, this is what he does for a living!

  • PaulS

    This happens once a year and we know it’s coming, I like to jump in early and envision the time when we, the loyal viewers, get this done in a day or three. One year I think we even pushed into the next year budget a bit. Let’s get this done so the useful content returns, along with the ongoing character development. I’d even miss the comments section, where else can anyone say that?!
    I don’t know how many viewers are here, but a little from everyone would have this done toot-sweet.

  • TRS

    Every morning, make my 14 oz espresso, sit down at computer and open up DbD. Part of life. Now have just made second donation/subscription to try make up for all the slacker/slugs that are to cheap to pay for their daily entertainment. Come on guys. Pay to Play. Think money just grows in the poor guys bank account?

  • Gus Bailey

    Hmm. A bit disappointing; however, a review of past campaigns has shown more honey and less vinegar.

    • Chris Muir

      Did I mention the big wet t-shirt car wash scene coming up soon?

      • Just Joe

        Ooooh, as in Cool Hand Luke? That scene is etched in my brain.

        • Chris Muir

          Damn right, Cool Hand scene. DBD readers are simpatico, I tell ya.

          • JTC

            Except, way better looking than that washed-up (heh) blond!

      • Punta Gorda

        Sans T-shirt would. E better. The question is whether Jo will be clad in ice or enveloped in steam…

        • Unca Walt

          C’mon guys/gals.

  • Epador

    I mail my checks on Friday. BTW maybe you could pander to Donald and Melania for a donation too? No, better not, the temptation to make her clothes transparent might be counter-productive.

    • JTC

      You know, some of us could make that approach to the Big D…after all, who/what has better promoted -and I am convinced even contributed to- the Deplorable agenda than the people and place known as DBD?

      Plus, he took in 50 Mil yesterday in the campaign kickoff!

      Keep America Great! Hell to the yeah.

      • kadaka

        Make fundraising great again, have a raffle. “For every 1 million raised, one lucky donor will win $20,000!” Any size donation $1 or more, you’re in, every unique donor gets a ticket good for the entire campaign. Dems will line up to support Trump, sounds better than Powerball. Now that will be a Presidential Popular Vote you can believe in!


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