Day By Day


  • JTC

    Man, that is one hot bot.

    All 350 pounds of her/it.

    • kadaka

      She looks real pretty but she’s really kinds dense.

  • JTC

    And I’m guessing that little dark triangle is shadowing and not anatomical correctness under translucent hot pants? Still…

    • WayneM

      Why not both!!

  • interventor

    Those off the shoulder, deep decollete clothes make a man imagine doing something he really shouldn’t do, at least in public.

    • kadaka

      Yup, nowadays they can scream at you on the street just for asking for their number. “Stop Stalking Me!” “I first saw you two minutes ago.” “You Admit You’re Stalking Me!”

    • JTC

      Man, if you get in trouble for thinking about fancy terms like that imagine what they’d do to me for my thoughts of hooters & cooters…just imagine, mmm.

  • Pamela

    Travis you should know by now never to ask a woman her age, bra and cup size and shoe size.

    • kadaka

      And accept being yelled at for getting her the wrong size. “You could have asked me!”

      • Yep. Entirely too many times.

    • Andy

      Any man worth his salt knows to pick them up off the floor and note the brand, size, style, etc… Surreptitiously, of course. Makes it more of a surprise should you make a purchase for a special occasion. Although at my age, I can usually tell just by a passing glance.
      Who was it that said “Youth is wasted on the young.”?

      • kadaka

        Surreptitiously, of course.
        “What are you doing in my bedroom, and with my clothes?!”
        It’s a surprise.

        I can usually tell
        “I am NOT a 16! Don’t guess! I’m a generous 12. You needed to ask me where to buy generous 12!”

  • Punta Gorda

    Thar really should read “perky silver girl.”

  • Halley

    “…sail on by, your time has come to shine…”

  • Pete231

    A woman’s hair may be her true glory, but never inquire about her avoir-du-pois or if her curtains match the carpet. You have been warned…….

    • Too Tall

      You’re saying hardwood floors are safer?

      • Wood

        I’ve never heard that before, will be stealing it! I do prefer the bald eagle, it’s the patriotic thing to do!

    • I always thought that was “carpet matches the drapes”, but I too prefer smooth.

  • Always fun!

    • Punta Gorda

      At this point, what difference does it make?

      As far as I know, criminal indictments come from the justice department.

  • Roland Deshain

    I didn’t think Sam would be the kind of woman to be sensitive about that subject.

    • Punta Gorda

      As evidenced a few panels back, with the right setting, you take away her shirt and she is plenty sensitive about them.

      • kadaka

        Plus she likely doesn’t want them burnt and tender when it’s the kid’s feeding time. And isn’t it about time for baby’s first tooth?

  • kadaka

    Will Muir make it back from the rally in time to finish and upload the Wed strip?

    Stay tuned to find out!

    • It’s already in the can. And it will be glorious. Now, who hasn’t put their funding in yet?

  • PAY YOUR DUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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