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  • Too Tall

    In her sultriest voice imaginable, why do I suspect Jo could make “I’ll be back!” sound far more interesting than Ahnold.

    It would probably rank right up there with: “You do know how to whistle, don’t you?”

    Or perhaps: “I only take off my earrings when I am ready to go to bed?

    • JTC

      Or, “Here, hold my beer and watch this.” 🙂

      • John

        Famous Last Words

    • GWB

      My very first thought at “She’d be back” was “Uh oh…”.

      • Bill

        Ditto that. Doesn’t sound good.

  • Too Tall

    Ahem, 52%?

    What, we got the throttles welded back against the idle stops, and our feet propped up on the glare shield?!


    (At this rate, the swimming’ hole is gonna turn into a meadow, and the next ice age ‘il cover the whole shebang with a glacier, afore we finish this here fundraiser.)

  • interventor

    I’ll take an old girl friend’s statement, “I only wear six inch heels when I’m horizontal.” Worked for me!

    I’ll be contributing at Skye High level, tomorrow. Anticipate a great car wash.

    • Too Tall

      Your former girlfriend wins the Interwebs for the day.

      I got nothin….

    • Pamela

      Last time I wore six inch heels was for a Legs Contest in 1976.
      I came in second.

      • Too Tall

        You came in second place when you were only five years old?

        Very impressive!!

        • GWB

          Duh! She’s a REDHEAD!

          • Unca Walt


  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    I sense a multi ‘toon story arc here.
    Waiting is………..

  • NotYetInACamp

    I am reminded of a story a friend told me about when they were living on a mountain and there was regularly large quantities of snow while the flatland was dry and hot. The rules said that 4WD with snow tires or chains were required which were often instructions ignored by the flatlander who would then go off the road or block it. Unknowing new UPS and other delivery trucks befell the same fates.
    She would tell her very smart kids that it was just one of God’s ways of culling the herd. During snow season the kids would often come and tell her that “God’s culling the herd again.”
    When (if) they did get out of their cars, often they were in flip flops and shorts with 4 feet of snow blowing into drifts.
    Culling, indeed.
    The police eventually often put an officer at the entrance to the mountain and stopped inappropriate vehicles at the worst times. The culling was reduced. Government interference with Darwin awards yet again.

    • Polly Cy

      “Culling the herd.” I like that. I’ve always used, “selected themselves out of the gene pool,” but your friend’s might be better.

  • Pamela

    She’d be back with more beer? Or beer and BBQ?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Jo can cook, too! How hot is she/

  • WayneM

    Our veneer of civilization is thin and those who believe otherwise haven’t seen the dark underbelly of society… And that’s here in western civilization where the rule of law is still somewhat observed unless, of course, you’re well connected with the Democrats… but I digress…

    Survival of the fittest is the ultimate form of meritocracy… Marxists don’t believe merit should be rewarded. That’s why they are focused on equality of outcome as opposed to equality of access/opportunity.

    The fact that the human species has the ability to host both K-selected and r-selected groups doesn’t mean we’re any less mammalian… The herd occasionally tramples the predator but that’s the exception.

    • Bill

      The bigger problem I sense is that many of the 30 somethings don’t have a clue or can’t do anything of value. Or they’re riding a bike delivering for Favor or some other similar nonsense. Does not bode well for society.

  • Punta Gorda

    “Back in Black”

    Spandex I hope…

  • jdow

    Sweetie, why are the floor boards under you bent as if you weighed 375#?

    • Punta Gorda

      Ya know, that’s a very good point. The floor loading on many old farm houses could not take that amount of concentrated weight. Occasionally there would be incidents where she would punch right through the floorboards if she happened to step directly between the floor joists. I attribute my suspension of belief to her insane computational power and being able to sence and detect the strongest areas of the floor.

      Essentially stepping only on the joists.

  • Old Codger

    Warning: Possibly stupid question coming

    Okay, so I did the Naomi level with the extra $25 kicker and Paypal confirms. Now, how do I go about collecting/downloading my stuff? For that matter, what all do I get?

    • GWB

      You should have been redirected to a download page after you hit “Confirm” or whatnot on the Paypal page.
      Then there’s some stuff that will get mailed, too. (I think Chris will email you if he doesn’t have your address.)

      Chris may need to email you the download stuff, or the link. I think that happened to me one of the first years.

    • I’ll email ya soon here Codger!

      • JSStryker

        Chris my home address has changed, how do I get that info to you?

  • Halley

    That couldn’t possibly be Jo in the first panel…. could it?

    • PaulS

      The “could be” is the awesomeness of Jo. 😉

      “I haf detailed files….” 🙂

    • NotYetInACamp

      Heck. I know how you feel.
      The nation as a whole supports those actions.
      I discovered that after I told the DACA and Mexicans the truth about US citizenship law and it essentially shut them up across the nation, and that and the support Americans (asross the board) had for that showed Trump that he could win the Presidency.
      That is my story, and despite Roger Stone changing his book after I sent it to him making him look the fool, I am sticking to it.
      By the way, I just heard Roger Stone on the radio change his analysis about stopping illegal immigration to correspond greatly with my position then, and now. No mention was made by Roger Stone of the foolishness he put in his book. He has bigger fish after him unjustly.
      I believe that PDJT understands this matter well. The President’s own words have over time shown his understanding. A short delay may be in order to shove it in Congress’ face if Congress neglects this matter again, as they really have done or damaged the country with their acts ever since the hart-Sell 1965 Immigration Act. The Congress lied back then, and they have lied ever since then.
      The President can tell the truth to the people, who support him in this matter. (Also good call not killing 100 Iranians unnecessarily)
      That is the background to President Trump ordering proper actions under the law and the actions that are now necessary to defend our nation. This step is only a first step. Mass expulsion is now required, and may become obvious as the paid for invasion continues. The actions against the USA constitute actions taken by powers that are at war with the USA.

    • interventor

      So, you’re second choice will be Buttgig, Biden or ?

      • JTC

        Sticking with the B’s, thinking about drafting Bibi.

        Srsly though, this is/was Job One and it’s way past time.

      • JTC

        I’m with her. Against concentration camps, detention centers, tent cities, all of that stupid shit that involves expending zillions of dollars babysitting and caring for criminal insurgents.

        Load ’em up and ship ’em back, or far better do whatever it takes to keep them out in the first place.


        • NotYetInACamp

          OK. Back to enforce the law. Immediate resolution before a military tribunal. So due process is served. Then immediate deportation of almost 100% of them as they had crossed ito the USA from a safe nation, namely Mexico.
          Then move on to catching those already running feral through the nation. Same result for almost 100% of them. That also includes an immediate determination that they were in the jurisdiction of the USA but not subject to the jurisdiction under the meaning of the 14th Amendment. Their non citizen children born her are stripped of US Passports and given ID papers and sent back to their own nations with their parents.

          Man! How easily these problems get the majority of them sorted out when the law is applied.

          The Koch brothers and Soros and the US Chamber of Commerce might shit many bricks. Fabulous.
          Sending DNC ‘Communist La Reconquista La Raza’ Perez back by following the law would be a bonus.
          The law actually is very rational and reasonable when not viewed through a progressive meaning shift prism.

          • NotYetInACamp

            I am simply using existing US law in my recommended procedures that should be used.

            Democrats will oppose anything proposed or done, even when reasonable and following the law, so their opinions are irrelevant at this time.

  • interventor

    Kicked in mine. Bit more, if needed.


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