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  • JTC

    Man that butt is nice even all chromed-out!

    And that BOOM! With that particular weapon used in that particular way, I guarantee hurt Sam more’n it hurt Jo. The ‘bot will just BLORP back together but that big knot and black eye on Sam will take a while to heal.

  • Epador

    1) Status of check –

    In the mail

    2) Status of Art –

    On the wall in bedroom

    3) Status of this commentor –

    Presence demanded in bedroom

    G’night All.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      G’night, E. Sleep well (eventually). See ya tomorrow.

    • Chris Muir


  • Why is Trump guilty until proven innocent while new standards of “intent” are required for Hillary? Silly, that’s easy; he’s a Republican and she’s a Democrat. Geeze.

    Besides; Trump is guilty only in the feigned imaginations of Dems. They know he’s no more guilty than any of them, but they must act as though he is. This is simple, junior high school petty social clique stuff. AND it’s all fake, all posturing, and Trump is every bit as much a part of it as any Democrat. He has a role to play and he’s playing it. So what?

    • WayneM

      Trump was a Democrat before he was a Republican… I doubt Trump is heavily invested in either tribe… but Trump recognized the American Experiment was in danger and slipping into tyranny so he acted to secure the future for his children and his grandchildren.

      In other words, Trump is “guilty until proved innocent” because he doesn’t worship at the altar of Marx… he pushed back against the Establishment which he was once part of and prevented the coronation of Queen Hillary… and he did so with a smirk and a quick jibe…

  • Punta Gorda

    “You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!”

  • Mike-SMO

    Playing a lot of themes here.

    What did Jo turn into? Was that a Hilldebeast suit? or military?

    Don’t worry about Sam. I am sure that was a custom load, tuned to her specific chassis resonations….

    But notice, Jo went along a perfectly logical path, but not realizing the difference between a democracy/mob-rule and a Constitutional Republic. Jo “acknowledged” the rebuke (“ouchie”). The A.I. that comes out of the Google-werx will never be exposed or accessible to “correction”. The software will grind on, following the dictates of its creator. Jo has a fixed focus on “family” unlike the system that will be provided for “us”.

    Yes, Jo has a fine chassis. Who was she morphing into? Certainly not the Hildebeast. Dark hair…. Maybe just a mechanized Skye. That has to be another layer of the “problem”.

    Note also, no matter what Jo looks like, Sam will shoot. No costumes in this game…… No compromise…. A hint at the potential of “Civil War”? None of this “hurt” Jo but there was a message in Sam’s reaction.

    • JTC

      @Mike…”custom load…” Maybe, but it had to be a pretty hot one to get that kind of penetration on Jo’s heavy-metal noggin. “ouchie” indeed.

      Forgot to acknowledge and compliment the total recall (heh) of the characters and costuming in this installment…excellent!

      • JTC

        Too, that appears to be the reconverted Win 1887 chopped down spin-cock lever gun which would make it a TEN gauge…more than a handful for any mere mortal…get your left hand out there on that thing to hold her Sam!

      • Mike-SMO

        @JTC. Rmember them “resonators”. Then there was the friend, 8+ months prego, that swung and fired the 12ga like a champ. Said her condition lowered her center of gravity and provided a thorough follow-through [We all figured that the infant would arrive at 5’10”, at least.] She also did very well with one of those full-auto Soviet pistols. We [He-Men] struggled and made it into semi-directional hand grenade. She “danced” the recoil and ventilated the H— out of the target. Similar with some good Lady High-Power shooters. They got moved around by the recoil more than the He-Men but dropped right back onto the X-ring. Those do the “same” in a very different manner. Then there are the “cute” Kurdish snipers, adding insult to injury.

        And Jo may be dense but pliable like mercury. As I recall, that is the state in which she was when delivered. “Sides, her new face had to be hidden somehow. A “cartoon” star around “Kablam” would have been way too crude and might not have “made the point” to the Tin-Girl. Likewise, Sam might have just threatened but Jo might have been too dense for such subtlety. “Splat- Ouchie” made a point that even Tin-Girl could understand. [Showing it all without showing anything. It’s a thing with illustrators, I hear.]

        Something going on since Sam doesn’t typically arrive in leather with a “chopper”, at least not in that neighborhood. Carry On.

  • Sam n Jo are imagining a scene from T2….

  • Bill Willett

    Chris, Snail mail must be taking the long way to Florida. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow that I sent my contribution. I have been reading this comic for several years and just now am able to try to help.

    • Chris Muir

      Bill, I handle the ol’ snail mail Patrons in 2 week ‘chunks’ and enter their data, contact ’em, etc. Otherwise, it gets confusing. Good timing, ’cause it’s exactly tomorrow I do them!

  • Kafiroon

    We can screw up.
    Computers can screw up spectacularly.
    Garbage in, Garbage out.
    Electricity and electronics can do as it pleases.
    Murphy would have gone nuts if he knew about computers or AI.

    • Too Tall

      Particularly since Murphy was an optimist!

    • Christopher Cole

      Murphy’s Law was not written by Murphy, but by someone else with the same name

      • John D. Egbert

        CAPT Murphy (First Name, M.I. unk.), USN, was a real Naval officer assigned to the office of Naval Operations (OP-05 — Naval Aviation Operations) back in the 1950s when he began a personal mission to reduce maintenance errors leading to aircraft mishaps/fatalities.

        It was he who coined the original Murphy”s Law: “If it is possible to install an aircraft part incorrectly, sooner or later someone will do it.” The rest is history.

        He is directly responsible for such everyday things as one-way connectors, Cannon Plugs, etc., etc., etc., not to mention more corollaries than you can shake a stick at. Genius is as genius will do; and bless CAPT Murphy for all the lives and materiel he saved.

        • John D. Egbert

          Damn — been gone too long. Should be “. . . Office of the Chief of Naval Operations . . .” Late. Lo-o-ong drive. Bad weather . . .

  • Pamela

    A Technical Question. Is Jo able to purge herself of Contaminants she has absorbed from the various contacts? Can she download the memories, visuals, etc of those contacts to an offline secure device? And, who is the LEO she blorped into with her last split?

    • Yes,yes,and LT AUSTIN from T2.

  • NotYetInACamp

    States. States. More states. States of many things.

    Thank God they have not yet made all grey goo.

  • Punta Gorda


    Sounds like a Deadpool remark.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I liked the “OUCHIE.”

    I have over the decades watched long standing precedent, and logic and common sense, be tossed aside in order to strip power from those who oppose the unistate and the globalists.

  • The reason liberals call the Constitution a “Living, Breathing Document” is because they fantasize about choking the life out of it.


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