Day By Day


  • Pamela

    I think Zed and some of Zed’s Walks-Through-Walls friends need to pay a few people some midnight visits.

    • DavidM

      In real life…

      • Indeed.

    • David Grimes

      I remain amazed that when the Amerikan Gestapo make their pre-dawn raids, whether it’s the Wisconsin State Police a few years ago or Bobby Mulebrain’s shock troops, that some of us haven’t answered the door with Remington 870s and buckshot ready.

  • Delilah T.

    Oh, gee, that old ‘guilt by association’ chestnut….

    What a lamebrained twit. Stupid is as stupid does. Backfiring doesn’t just happen with cars.

  • kadaka

    So basically it’s a nuisance arrest done with “shock and awe” and footage of the perps. Nothing much to worry about, the feds are just yanking chains, maybe begging for a confrontation.

    This can be well met by waiting until the raid starts, property damage begins, then have the team get a call from the supervisor saying the people and their lawyers are waiting down at the office, with their own film crew.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Javier’s drone live streaming from the no knock arrival.

      • Old Codger

        But isn’t Javier’s drone with Javier – in Italy with Jan and Damon?

    • Ray McCune


  • John Block

    Our problem is they feel they can do this with NO viable charge,to people on friendly terms with the President, and what? Get no consquences? Hitting friends of POTUS just because? When do we start feeding the hogs? Grrrr….

    • Old Codger

      Problem is to date there HAVE been no consequences. IMS, Fibbies who attacked the Davidian compound all got bonuses or medals or some such, Lon Horiuchi did get some sort of medal for shooting a mother with a baby in her arms. Anybody heard about prosecution for LaVoy Finicum’s murders? Me either.

      After all:
      Who watches the watchers?
      Who polices the police?
      Who judges the Judges?

      Whomever it might be I no longer believe it to be President Trump.
      I’m sorry but it would appear that last week Pelosi succeeded in making him a nullo.

  • interventor

    Too bad, Trump couldn’t be visiting. The ersatz feds raid at the same time. Met by loyal Secret Service and others, resulting in dead raiders. Trump announces a coup/assassination conspiracy. Real suspects rounded up.

    • Old Codger

      How certain are you that the SS truly ARE loyal. Oh sure, they’re loyalto their oath but if the fertilizer really did start hitting the wind machine would they be more interested in seeing their wife and kids than protecting someone they (likely) secretly despise? If I had the President’s money, I would have long ago hired a dozen or more former spec warriors (and maybe a retired SS troop) and had them sworn to me personally. I’d pay ’em out of my own pocket and credential them as “consultants”. I would do everything in my power to make sure the people protecting me were actually protecting ME and not merely the office holder they were detailed to protect.

      • Kafiroon

        Right On!

        • John

          Wrong path
          That way leads to the dissolution of the Republic.
          The Oath must be to the Constitution and not to some personality, otherwise we’re screwed.
          The President, and we, must rely on the Rule of Law alone or the whole thing falls to corruption and Venezuela.

          • Kafiroon

            You think all of the departments of the govt, that have been operating Against a legally elected President do not include some Secret Service?
            So far a personal physical attack against him or his family has not been needed.

      • Warhorse

        I seem to recall reading somewhere that Trump does in fact have such a cadre, his private security force from his pre-political days. Don’t know how (if) they interact with the Secret Service, though.

  • WayneM

    When you’ve been warned of a pending raid, the dynamic shifts because the element of surprise is now in the hands of those being raided…

    • Kafiroon

      “This is a good day to die.”

      Oglala Lakota Chief Low Dog

      • kadaka

        It is always a good day to make the other guy die first.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          I like Gen Patton’s quote about making the other bastard die for his country.

        • Kafiroon

          Y’all can be sure Low Dog planned that as many as possible enemies would precede him.

      • Tagg

        That quote is attributable to all Lakota for eons of generations.

  • Too Tall

    It is unlikely that this raid is coordinated with the local sheriff. He might not take to kindly to this.

  • Too Tall

    Ask not for whom the flash bang knocks,
    It knocks for thee….

  • Too Tall

    Evacuate the house and prepare it for a thorough pest control treatment using bromine gas to start at 0500. Guarantees the members of the raiding party will suffer horribly and die.

    If they use flash bangs, there could be a sudden and spectacular annhilation of the local population of vermin, especially the two-legged kind.

    Then, sue for damages….

  • James Gemind

    Went back and double-checked Sunday’s strip because I couldn’t figure out what was on the SWAT guys, then I got it…


  • Pete231

    So, having white teeth through the proper application of conscientious dental hygiene is now considered racist ? Wait till the militant oral surgeons and the Crest folks hear about this dingbattery. Meanwhile, I’m moving down to Middle Earth till this shit blows over….

    • Delilah T.

      ‘smiling while white’ is a reference to the dustup created by that obnoxious drum pounder last weekend in Washington, DC. It is not a reference oral hygiene.

      However, chlorine bleach IS a great disinfectant. Also kills pests, as does wasp spray.

    • eon

      In the progressive dogma, “existing while white” is now a federal offense and an unforgivable sin.

      White progressives square that circle by claiming to be something else. Being “hyphenated” or “non-Western” is all the rage, and also the all-encompassing excuse for their rage against society.

      A society ruled by self-anointed Social Justice Warriors and self-created Rage Gods cannot long survive. It either comes apart at the seams due to them exterminating everyone they hate, or those they seek to destroy are forced to destroy them to save their own lives.

      It’s noteworthy that the progressives, who are consumed by hatred for anyone and everyone who is not exactly like them, accuse everyone else of being the haters.

      clear ether


      • Old Codger

        They don’t realize that when you point the finger at someone else you also point three fingers back at yourself.

  • Jak

    “this shit blows over”? The last time the socialist democrats were allowed to do “this shit”, it costed over twenty million lives. It coulda been stopped when it was only a bunch of brown shirts. Ignore history. Repeat history!

    • JJ cooper

      Santayana Lives!

      • Warhorse

        What Santayana declined to mention was that remembering history is no defence. It just means that you are condemned to stand by, helplessly screaming and gnashing your teeth, while the rest of the idiots go ahead and repeat history in spite of your best efforts to save them (and yourself!)

  • Tagg

    We are repeating history… Sheesh!

  • GWB

    At a minimum have the drone fly over and shine a light on them, so they know they have lost the element of surprise.

    Also, what’s the max range on .50 beanbag rounds?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Arm everyone at the DD Ranch with 2W near IR lasers (with extra battery packs). See a black cloaked SWAT or FBI? Shine the laser in their face. They may be wearing goggles, but they aren’t laser blocking goggles. Blind them without killing them. Make them unable to aim their weapons properly. Make them medically retired.

    • Delilah T.

      Seriously, is that the best you can do?

      Why not turn loose a pack of angry, angry skunks on them?

      You had to be there….

      • Pamela

        WOLVERINES!!!!! Angry Wolverines and Wild Boars with tusks.

    • Old Codger

      Simpler to shoot paint balls filled with pure, synthetic skunk musk. Could also fire paint balls filled with the pure synthetic substances (putrescine and cadaverine) that make dead bodies stink. Imagine a claymore-like device filled with paint balls loaded up with pure skunk musk along putrescine and cadaverine. Detonating that thing onto the squad would – I suspect – pretty much end the mission right then and there unless they were already wearing gas masks. Would also make heading back to their base purest hell. I can just see them sending someone to the nearest grocery store and buying up the store’s entire stock of tomato juice.

  • Fronk!

    We are hurtling towards this reality and we get closer everyday…

    • Punta Gorda

      Welcome to Venezuela.

  • Precision270

    With RED FLAG laws and the like. This is currently reality. the Mueller probe is just a test, like the many other tests of our resistance to tyranny. Wonders if the DD crew will resist the temptation to set up a violent ambush, as in the “no more free Waco’s”. Or is they will live stream the raid on empty houses then encircle and hold the perimeter with Tucker and a posse of other Deplorables on the ground and one Helicopter for air superiority?

  • Delilah T.

    If they are seeking a “confrontation”, then let them eat cake. 😉

    Taquitos, anyone?

  • Spin Drift

    If it is ok for the DS to screw with the POTUS then what makes you think you are immune. The only recourse is to make it hurt and make them think that this little onesie twosie actions, “plus les autres” are going to have to be stepped up to whole communities being led to the box cars. How easy was it for Ruby Ridge, Waco and Twin Peaks?

    Let’s see, ex SF and Mossad agents with favorable Sheriff against Fat, Bald and Ignorant. Or private plane to Argentina and then the above taking the raid to the head perps. A little Texas justice with a pinch of Arkancide thrown in?

    Two can play this game.


    • JTC

      Even Waco wasn’t boxcars.

      And they won’t escalate right now because onesie-twosie works…just look at their “progress” in the last decade on race baiting, gender issues, societal division and hatred, and especially media control.

      Note that these attacks on high-profile DJT associates are for show while the myriad others are for go…much quieter but just as chilling -more chilling- in actual effect (notice I left the P out as this espionage and character assassination goes to way back before he was). As I’ve said before, who would willingly subject themselves to it? They seek to kill this Presidency and us slowly and with a thousand cuts but they cannot do it without winning on immigration and restricting our guns. Everything they do now is to accomplish the former so they can get to the latter. And then?

      Everything rides on 2020; if their war of attrition accomplishes that, our chance is lost and so is the Republic. So jackboots won’t be coming to your door yet, but then…look what they are already doing with the bit of power they regained in gov, and just imagine when they take back the big chair…they know they missed their opportunity with Zero and the Beast and they will not let that happen again.

      We best not let that happen. Because then maybe jackboots AND boxcars will be in our future…or more likely, full-on war. Maybe that’s what they think they want, but I do hope it doesn’t come to that.

      • Old Codger

        Everything rides on 2020…look what they are already doing with the bit of power they regained in gov, and just imagine when they take back the big chair

        And don’t forget that unless President Trump gets to replace Breyer or Notorious RBG, they will have a solid 5-4 SCOTUS on their side (I’m counting Roberts for anything critical to the progressive makeover) to rubber stamp whatever the progs do. I still say that Donald J Trump will be the last non-Democrat (he’s really not a Republican) POTUS and I have come to the conclusion that he can no longer win in 2020. I’ll still vote for him but I’m not sure he’ll get enough votes to counter what bodes to be the most vote-fraud riddled election in the history of the Republic.

        Oh, and the way things are going now, I am not sure that, were Breyer or Notorious RBG to for some reason step down, McConnell, Graham and company would even bother to let him name the replacement. Face it, friends, as of Friday last the Donald is toast. Pelosi and the Dems completely neitered and nutralized him.

        • Old Codger

          {dad ratted, carn sarned, racklefratzed lack of an edit function!}
          I MEANT to write ” neutered and neutralized him”

        • JTC

          That last is what the left believes of course, and would have you believe as well which they were apparently fully successful at.

          That is a pity OC as in the real world perception has a way of morphing into reality so let us hope that the majority of real deplorables have come to understand the methods by which our potus operates, and look to the results of the last two years instead of fake news and outright lies to reach conclusions.

          By “everything rides on 2020” I implicity meant we have until then to win or los…let’s see what transpires before we raise the white flag shall we?

          • Punta Gorda

            And if this is a ploy to literally HANG the millstone of NOT bargaining on the bitch’s neck?

            Remember, tge zombie agreed to negotiate for this temporary reprieve.

  • JTC

    Other notables of DJT acquaintance got the no-knock with no-notice…

    Zed ranks.

    • Old Codger

      Damn. Just Damn. I ain’t getting on no train to no “settlement camp” without putting up a fight. Better to die on your feet than slowly wither away in a latter-day Auschwitz-Birkenau. AM . . . I . . . WRONG?

    • kadaka

      cc: Former Pres. O

      PETA Grills a Dog as a Publicity Stunt

      “If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb?”

      Because the dog is useful as is? Oh, and don’t boil a kid in its mother’s milk, get some from a different mother.

      • John

        It’s all cultural of course.
        My great uncle rented range land from an Indian family in South Dakota and occasionally had to renew the arrangement.
        He was once invited to dine with the family and was having a good time with them until the Missus came up beside him with the main course pot and asked him; “More puppy? More puppy?”

      • Old Codger

        Hey! I’m not all that fond of mutton. But lots of people eat dog. I’d even go so far as to speculate that more people eat dog than don’t. I worked with a guy in the Philippines who got invited to go home with a Filipino he knew on weekend. The guy lived on the north end of Luzon. While they were the Filipino guy’s family threw a barbecue and roasted several dogs. My buddy said he tried a chunk of dog meat and said it was pretty good. I know the stray dogs in Angeles City (the town near Clark AB) all look about half starved and yet they won’t eat a chunk of meat you throw to ’em. Fat dogs get eaten. I also saw rats in the gutters – some of ’em as big as house cats! One trip to the P.I. I knew what is meant by the phrase “3rd world nation”!

        • kadaka

          That’s what I remember of China Beach, the series like Viet Nam’s M*A*S*H but without the humor. First episode, USO singer goes into the village, she sees a puppy tied up at a stand, says she’ll take it, talks about taking it back to the base with the other woman she’s with while the merchant takes the puppy away. The old woman soon comes back and hands her a brown paper bag…

          • interventor

            Most of those I saw eating dog in Nam were the Montagnards. Rather greasy and stringy to my taste. Less said about a maigai (rice alcohol and water buffalo blood) the better. South Korea has a lot of dog eaters. Its considered a delicacy. I lived there during the Olympics. One American lady saw a number of puppies and kittens being wheeled around in a shopping cart. Thought it was so cute, selling pets. Lady, that’s meals on wheels.

        • Brent Dotson

          Never ate dog, but I have eaten coyote so I guess that’s close enough.

        • Punta Gorda


          But I never made it out of Olongapo. The bar fine goes a long way…

  • rickn8or

    “When you stop thinking of the FBI as a law-enforcement organization, it all makes sense.”

    • John

      Calizuela is now a textbook example of what happens to a people under an unfettered democracy. The whole reason the Founders insisted on a Senate was to temper the short sighted stupidity of the Tyrannical Majority who will always consider themselves to be the Have Nots. No matter what their standard of living they will insist on looting their neighbors for _more_.
      Our Republic is not all that far behind, since even the Senate is now popularly elected and refuses to insist that the Federal Government live within its means, all the while supported by the Coupon Clipping UniParty who rake in the interest on a hyperinflated debt.
      This state of affairs is so bizarre any sane person would insist it is the ranting of a madman, but it is actually only the result of von Bismark’s Sausage Lawmaking.
      The real tragedy is that this sorry state of affairs is the direct result of public education, which dropped the discipline of Rhetoric from the curriculum at the behest of Politicians and the Advertising Money that supports them along with various other vested interests.

  • kadaka

    Kamala Harris Made Her First Campaign Speech All About Race

    “I’m running to fight for an America where no mother or father has to teach their young son that people may stop him, arrest him, chase him or kill him because of his race,” Harris said.

    *insert pic of kid in MAGA hat smiling while white*

    • Kristophr

      That would be a HatCrime, as well as a facecrime.

  • Kristophr

    Hmmm. Everyone wears a MAGA hat, locks up the house, and waits for the FBI, sitting on lawn chairs in the front yard, with all the local press in attendance?

    Be sure to give the mug shot photographer a big campaign smile.

  • cb

    Re FBI: The rank and file’s silence makes them complicit in this treachery.

    • Warhorse

      I hear what you’re saying, and I don’t necessarily disagree, but … who the h3ll should they talk to??? Sure, there are powerful people who could use the information and be able to protect them, but how can you be sure that none of the minions you have to get past to see the powerful person won’t betray you? And at these stakes, that is quite possibly a literal life and death question.

  • Pamela

    “She’s asking for it”. I guess they take offense and consider the way she dresses to be treasonous and a danger to the safety of the Nation.

  • Indeed. Something tells me there will not be the easy ride the Feebs expect.


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