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  • Too Tall

    Chris, the middle panel is probably your finest artwork that does NOT include the female anatomy.

    I might not like Skye’s politics, but Chris has given her a sharp wit.

  • epador

    Yes too tall, I hope to see that smile more often.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    O-M-G!!! ROFLOLMFAO!!!
    That middle panel is priceless!
    Hopefully President Trump reads your daily strip, and is himself grinning from ear to ear.

    • MasterDiver

      At the Senate trial, when Qbama and Biden are called to testify UNDER OATH!

      Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    The Skye is the limit, indeed…

  • interventor

    Love this strip. As a reminder, Horowitz’s report is due Monday. Unlike the Mueller report, Trump, Barr is briefing the president on the report. He appears happy.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I concur on the second panel.
    I used to look more like the Iceman or Robert Redford depending on the day, but I am not that young anymore. That smiling face is getting closer to me. And he’s got my good hair there.
    And we both have fought communists since a young age. And they are still here.
    He is our President. And I am glad of that.

    • JTC

      You old dudes with your full head of weird orange hair… 😉

      You’re right though, that cocky grinning face does look like you. High compliment there.

      • NotYetInACamp


  • Pamela

    He’d be beating his head against the Resolute Desk after 30 minutes.
    Please tell me that’s a shredder phone he’s using.
    Smile is great and we need more of those eating the canary smiles.

    • Roland Deschain

      I would be willing to bet that Trump gets that smile frequently. Every time he baffles and defeats the progs and MSM.

  • Chris, I must say that middle panel really captures the insouciance of that well-known photo PERFECTLY. Bravo!

  • Craig

    ….laughing…. good one!

    • Bill G

      I believe this campaign is intended to point out what the left is, and is doing, in large and blazing letters. Not to actually attain the Presidency. So she could run and get her message across, but if VP for Trump she’d be stuck with a job that would conflict with raising the kids.

    • Kafiroon

      I think Kiko and Mari are Sam and Zeds children.
      He is talking to the single mom which I believe should be Skye.
      No matter what, she would make a far better VP than Slo Joey Plugs.

      • Uh, duh, and practically whenever we see Skye’s rugrats, think she named them Evita and Hugo or something, Kiko and Mari are there taking care of them. The girls are carrying those growing kids so often I wonder if Zed has them on a stealth strength-training regimen.

        South Korean Papa John’s debuts ‘American’ pizza with hot dogs on every slice
        The Koreans know “hot dog” is an idiomatic expression and not literal, yes?

        • interventor

          South Korean pizza places are notorious for cheese only. Have to request the tomato sauce. As to hot dog, doggigogi is expensive. I’d say yes they know its not dog.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Like Wednesday Addams asking if the Girl Scout cookies are made of real Girl Scouts.

          • Too Tall

            Given that Korea is the original home of “puppy (or any other unidentifiable animal) on a stick,” I would not make that assumption.

  • Bill G

    “… it’s not like he’s Ukrainian.” Glorious.

  • nonncom


  • JTC

    “Tits and wits! Beautiful! Incredible!
    Best VP in the world!”

    Careful with that “rule the world” stuff though DT. You get bumped off and there’s still a prog under there; she who would be potus.

  • Sam

    Um, Argentinian father-in-law?

    Don Portego is her step-father, not father-in-law.

    • NotYetInACamp


  • John

    I’m not a Brit, but the first thing that crossed my mind seeing the second panel was Boris Johnson, who is also known for his rather flamboyant style.

    • JTC

      Boris J…that the pretender who was standing around with those flaming liberal faggots from France and Canuckistan ragging on my Man after he ripped them a new asshole (useful for them maybe) for mooching on the US on defense?

      • interventor

        That was just the help making jokes about the boss. Happens at most office Christmas parties.

  • Interesting day. New example of terrorism on US soil by a foreign Islamic militant, namely mass shooting by a Saudi Arabian military official training at Naval Air Station Pensacola since 2017, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. First attack since 9/11? 5000 similar foreign students in various DoD departments being trained, as has happened for decades.

    And Elizabeth Warren is mumbling how the formerly-USA country from The Handmaid’s Tale is making too much money from selling drugs. Sad to see.

    • Um, Nikki Haley has been attacked all day because Media Matters’ take has been spread about that she herself believed as the linked Daily Beast article title goes, “Nikki Haley: Confederate Flag Just Meant ‘Sacrifice and Heritage’ Until Dylann Roof ‘Hijacked’ It”.

      This take is wrong, it is a smear to make people think she’s a white supremacist smpathizer, when she was talking about how other South Carolinians felt. She’s the governor who got the Confederate flag TAKEN DOWN from over the Capitol.

      ‘Must be a day ending in ‘Y”: MMFA troll misrepresents Nikki Haley’s comments about the Confederate flag [video]

      • JTC

        The direct quotes in her interview with Beck are accurate and correct. Bullshit racist PC signallers can present anything any way they want, doesn’t mean or change anything except in the minds of sheeple.


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