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  • 1. Watch impeachment hearings.
    2. Hear what broadcast networks say was said.
    3. Go online for clips and write-ups that confirm you heard true the first time.
    4. Repeat until Dems hear true what voters say and call off the nonsense. Hopefully this will be before Jan 2021 when Speaker McCarthy takes over.

    Definitely the slow boring type of opposition, not the fast kind:
    Is Joe Biden a Literal Zombie?

  • Pamela

    That should be an interesting book to read. Will there be pictures of Epstein not killing himself? Or the missing White House carpet that was removed the night before Vince was found in the Fort Marcy Park.

    • Lon Mead

      But Epstein DID kill himself.

      He just had a lot of help from the other guy that was there.

      (Really, you people are so suspicious!)

      • MasterDiver

        Oh. So it was ASSISTED suicide. That makes it OK, then.

        Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    I can’t watch much of the impeachment nonsense. A few minutes of a bunch of leftist asshats trying to pick flyshit out of black pepper makes me fall asleep.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    Sounds like Trump’s style. Hire the best competition (with generous pay and benefits), make ’em your employee instead of your enemy, win-win, money saved by NOT diverting assets to fighting, and money gained by a hard worker.

    So is this the end of the S&S Purple Party?

    • MasterDiver

      No, They can always shoot for state- or County-level office. Can you see Sam as Sheriff? WOW!

      Zar Belk!

      • JTC

        “Beautiful” the Man says. But this time it’s not a general superlative but what he sees right there on the screen.

        Skye should be glad Sam has her back*, because DT is all about her front. Just because he’s a pure streetfighter doesn’t mean he’s not a letch. Better for them both that she turn down that job.

        *Which I think is Big Sister’s whole reason for standing in as veep…Skye is safe from her stupid as long as Sam is there.

  • cz93x62

    I don’t care much for the hearings horsewarp either, but the statements made by Rep. Gaetz today brought joy to my heart. His questions to the “witnesses” were instructive as well. He scored points today–LOTS of points, with viewers of the hearings and with social media onlookers as well. The witnesses did not look comfortable.

    • WayneM

      Asking them to raise their hand if they had any evidence was a lovely bit of political theatre… and, yes, they looked uncomfortable sitting on their hands…

  • MikeS

    Why I don’t pay any attention to anyone elected to DC or these proceedings. Hell I’m at the point where i don’t watch the News on TV or read the paper.-
    1. They have spent 3 years trying to get rid of the President instead of working for their constituents and working on things that are important. (Notice I didn’t use the word “matter”)
    2. They are trying to impeach the president, but they are turning to constitutional scholars to define the Presidents actions as impeachable. They haven’t given a shit about the constitution as it was written for years. Why would I think they care now.
    3. One of the books written by these Constitution experts- “Divided By God: America’s Church-State Problem and What We Should Do About It”. Anyone that thinks our problems in America are God’s fault, and that we can fix a God problem, should be_________.(I’ll let you fill in the blank)
    4. Anyone that thinks they can fix issues like murder, rape or any other crime by legislating them away needs to be________.(again your choice)

    I leave you with one of Eon’s Laws-
    Human beings choose to follow belief systems, religious, political, or otherwise, which sanctify the sort of actions they would do anyway. The belief system just lets them feel self-righteous about what they want to do to others.

    • PaulS

      You left too little space, or far too much, I haven’t decided yet. 😉

  • “Same-sex couples marry abroad to avoid Israel’s gay marriage ban”
    This was the 8:30AM ET piece on CBS This Morning, just the title as sound was off. Long piece. Israel has had gays in their military for decades, is surrounded by Muslim countries where gay marriage is also not legal and homosexuality is criminally punished. And Israel has a significant amount of Muslims in their electorate. So why not make an issue of their not giving their neighbors one more reason to wipe them off the map?

    And the 9AM Speaker Pelosi announcement on the impeachment theater is:
    “I am asking our Chairman to proceed with Articles of Impeachment”

    Full speed ahead over the cliff, damn the torpedoes!

  • interventor

    Nancy, its a trap! San Fran Nan closes the circuit for a massive conspiracy to commit sedition prosecution come 2021.

    • JTC

      The question that I haven’t seen asked let alone answered is,

      “Ms. Speaker, will the Democrats continue to seek the removal of President Trump is he is re-elected next year or will you respect the choice and wishes of the American electorate?”

      • Invalid question, Presidents can be impeached in any term. The best “strategy” I see from Nancy is quickly foisting impeachment onto the Senate who will slap it down, then riding the red wave of indignation to Dem majorities in both houses against the “Republican enablers of this immoral unethical imposter President”.

        So if their House majority makes it through the 2020 elections, expect this to be only Year 3 of an 8-year process. Plus there will be more coy denunciations of Trump’s manhood as Trump has dared to defy Mistress Nancy, something Schumer would never do.

        • JTC

          Not invalid, rhetorical. As I elaborate below about their opportunity to use a lame duck 2nd Trump term to build up America with their own ideas to contrast with their view of his as ineffective. They won’t of course because they have none and the obstruction and destruction vendetta against Trump -and us- will continue and they will be left once again with nothing and nobody with any idea of what to do next in ’24.

        • Pamela

          The only way Nancy could do that is if she has up close and personal knowledge. Though He has more sense than to tap that.

          • JTC


            Skye maybe, not his first slut. But not with Red riding shotgun.

  • John

    I don’t think Ms. Nancy will have a voice in the matter.
    It would seem the Independents have been thoroughly turned off by the shit show and the Republicans will come rule the House.
    That will be especially true if the Articles of Impeachment get to the Senate.
    The Senate will have the true powers of a Court and is dominated by the Republicans. It will be be amusing to see the likes of Schiff taking the 5th, being censured, being officially held in contempt of Congress, and/or serving jail time for perjury.

    • JTC

      Unfortunately nothing in your last sentence has any chance of happening, but correct that when the “shit show” hits the Senate it will be shut down.

      Everybody has always known that including the Dims who have twisted the Constitutional process into just another process of obstructing the work of the President, the will of the people, and poisoning the minds of the low-information electorate for the singular purpose of stealing the Presidency in 2020.

      That’s not going to work and they know that now. Hence my unanswered question regarding the four years after that. Will they take advantage of alame-duck President to build something real for America to decide the future of 2024 and onward, or will they just continue their slash and burn of everything Trump, regardless of the cost to the country?

      I’m quite sure I know the answer but it would be interesting to hear their answer.

      • John

        I don’t think the Left is going to recover any time soon.
        They are thoroughly infected with the Post-Modern Intersectional Woke anti-rational religion, and thanks to the Church of Woke that dominates so many universities the rot continues to fester among those with more dollars than sense that spew therefrom.
        Fortunately the best cure for the infection is direct exposure to the real world and how things _must_ work in order to function.
        This sunlight will not reach all, the dark recesses of some minds are unfathomable, but it will I think reach enough to protect the Republic enough to insure a better future.

  • JohninMd.(help!)

    As a (somewhat lapsed) Catholic, Nancy makes me angry with her self-serving “Faith” statements, that allows abortions on one hand, and blow a joke about Russia having Hillary’s e-mailed, ( due to HER incompetent shady dealing,) into an Impeachment case. She hates, all right.

    Anything that threatens her party’s grasp on POWER….

    • Pelosi Fumes: I Don’t Hate the President

      She will snark, slander, backstab, “accidentally” bump you off the platform onto the rails. She will focus herself on destroying your tiny little insignificant life. But she never hates, oh no, and never accuse her of hating someone or else.

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