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  • If Skye’s not the man,
    Then Sam da Man.
    So Skye, go make Sam a sammich.

  • Pamela

    Give the Man a Blowjob from Sister Margaret’s.

    • Too Tall

      “Interesting.” – First Officer Spock

      • Mike-SMO

        It doesn’t seem as if Skye is ready for the Big League. She is supposedly “Purple” but reacts like lower tier “Blue”. “Big Sis” has a somewhat more appropriate response but doesn’t “move the ball”. The “Trump” character offered bait/information that needs to be incorporated into an action plan. Could be “truth” or a “ploy”. Play or be played.

        Purple, “Batter Up!”

      • Roland Deschain

        I believe it was, “Fascinating.” Maybe both.

        • Doggo

          I think “Interesting” was for run-of-the-mill stupidity. He saved “Fascinating” for over-the-top buffoonery.

  • Pamela

    Angel on the morning needs to be playing in the background,

      • JTC

        Juice Newton is a friend of the owner of a local country club here in Sebring FL and she put on an impromptu performance there. Wife and I had a nice dinner and drinks and Juice came on stage ten feet from us. This was maybe eight or so years ago so she was older but she belted out that song and her others perfectly live as if it was a recording…something few contemporary singers could ever do.

  • Randy

    I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies of the “political dance” but I try to read about and learn about as much as I can. I think today’s tech such as instant access to information and social media (instant access to opinion) have done a disservice to the voting public. Many want instant gratification so they only read headlines from the lefty dominated media. Then of course there’s the appeal of “free stuff” that drives supposed positive polling for leftist candidates. I strongly believe there is a silent majority out there that are going to put the President back in 1600 Pennsylvania again. We’re just not vocal because it causes way too much aggravation from left leaning friends and family. I simply smile, nod and watch my 401k get bigger and bigger…muuuwwwaaahhhaaaaahhhhaaaaa

    • PaulS

      I think you are spot on! Even further though, the insanity on parade is starting to make those that thought they were on the screeching demoncraps side (cuz they say they are such good people) are beginning to see the truth and realize THEY are NOT THAT!
      It’s gonna be Yuge! 😉
      I still cringe when I hear “black, Hispanic and women unemployment at all time lows” Why TF do we throw in discrimination qualifiers in the most inclusive country in the world?!
      Unemployment 3.5% a 50 year low, economic growth twice what happened under entire previous administration, markets acting accordingly in spite of media “sky is falling “ sycophantic wailing, nuff said!
      The Trumps liberal application of ShitToFix(tm) is illustrating how much time the usual politicians have simply wasted, and the peoples are getting pissed off!

        • Pamela

          Knowing Nancy, she’ll get in the boat still wearing those
          ” F*CK ME Pretty Please” stiletto heels.

          • interventor

            Hopefully, the lifeboat will be an inflatable. Stilettos and balloons don’t mix.

      • John

        I’m crossing my fingers in the hope that the Election of 2016 triggered the biggest political realignment since the Election of 1932.
        In the end, Obama proved to a lot of people that their problem was not race but the Democratic Party itself.
        People standing in the ruins of the likes of Baltimore and Detroit are now waking up to the fact that they are chained to the Democratic Party’s plantation at the electoral beck and call of their Corporate Elitist masters and maybe, just maybe, they should do something about it.

    • interventor

      Add, we don’t trust that polls may end up including us in a hacked database.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    President Trump is playin’ ’em like a fish, and they don’t even see the hook, line, and sinker.

    • PaulS

      That’s cuz they swallowed it!

  • interventor

    Sam’s spaghetti straps appears to be exceeding the laws of physics.

    • Too Tall

      An astute engineering observation. As in it’s intuitively obvious to the most casual observer….

  • JTC

    He is unbelievably good at stirring up the internecine warfare…the battles of the Dims is largely at his instigation. And let’s face it, this purple party ticket ain’t, it’s still really Blue v. Red. And we know how that will end.

    And it starts with this: “Hellooooo George Conway!” Ouch. Can’t imagine what it’s like to live in that house, and that is not a relationship to emulate for the purple people.

    Long story short, there ain’t any purple and there never will be, far too much division has been sown. It’s just a matter of how many Blues will join the Reds to save the Republic, or how many Reds can be lied to, cajoled, and bought by the Blues to finish destroying it.

  • Kafiroon

    Love the Smile. Go for it! Any simple comment winds the progletard left up. While they suffer in their insanity, I am enjoying it.

  • JTC

    Lest we forget, 7 December 1941, “A day that will live in infamy.” That’s one thing that FDR got right. Yamamoto got it right too, the sleeping giant was awakened.

    The sleeping part, whether or not Yamamoto said it, wrote it in his diary, or it was just part of the movie script, was very accurate as the Navy was so comfortably ensconced in the Hawaii country club atmosphere at the time.

    I’ve mentioned the little stucco elementary school on Lake Okeechobee that I attended from 3rd through 6th grades when I wrote about the book “A Boy And His Gun” that so influenced my life’s path. Another that had a major impact on me was “We Were There At Pearl Harbor” written from a teenage boy’s first-person perspective as that idyllic Sunday morning erupted into world-changing chaos. Brilliant, I loved it, and it made my 10-11 year old self feel like I lived it.

    Amazing that such history and effects would be gleaned from the tiny library in that tiny (one class for each grade 1-6) school, but it was a different-and in my mind far better- time and place than that we live in today.

  • Ol' Country Boy

    At Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University), they replaced Thomas, the Famous, all encompassing Calculus Text (about two inches thick, with a brand new pretty, modern text only about an inch thick. Thomas was probably the most universally and usable calculus text ever published. Unfortunately, the replacement text did not have all that was necessary to teach the Calculus. The authors were too lazy to include the proofs, necessary for teaching. Therefore, the phrase became rather universal as the authors either didn’t know the proofs or could not find the space to include them. Instead, they put forth: “The answer will be intutively obvious to the perspicacious student.” Thank you “Too Tall” for your grand memory!


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