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  • merle

    But she is only half gaijin…

    • MadCat

      “Gaijin” is not a complimentary word.

      • JTC

        Neither is redneck but I embrace it proudly.

        Maybe kinda like that for whitey among the gooks.

        In spite of -or rather because of- the original intent.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I was a goy among the Jewish people.
      Groucho Marx, who was not allowed to join a particular country club, once asked if they would let his daughter in. She was only half Jewish, so she would only go into the pool up to her waist. (She may have had friends whose parents were members.

      The Japanese have had a great aversion to foreigners. That includes Japanese who go overseas for any extended period of time.
      Now they are trying to get some of the Japanese foreigners to come back as they have deluded themselves into not having children, as has so much of the Western World who were brainwashed that no growth is good. Meanwhile the western world has traveled from about 40% of the world’s population to about 7%. All the time the West is being said to have been committing genocide against the rest of the world. Control the narrative or it will kill you appears to be the lesson. Truth is irrelevant to the enemy as shown by history.
      At the school my family helped build I was a Cracker or a redneck to all of the Yankees who populated it as fellow students.

  • Too+Tall

    So much truth in that final panel. Progtards as 13-year old girls perpetually on the rag pretty much explains everything.

  • Henry

    It’s particularly true of Jim Cramer.

    • Eh+Wot

      Agreed X 100!

  • William+Henry

    Wait till you have a wife and two teen-aged daughters in sync all at the same time years back like I did.

    I wanted a sound proof cell with thick armoured steel doors just to survive.

    • Pamela

      My Dad said Viet Nam was a cake walk compared to 5 females in the house cycling at the same time.

      • MadCat

        Totally sympathize with Dad. I thought 3 was bad…Hell, even the cat went into heat. I disappeared into the man-cave for the week.

      • cb

        Read a meme that took me back to ‘da time’:

        I’m giving up drinking for a week.
        Sorry, bad punctuation.
        I’m giving up. Drinking for a week.

  • Kafiroon

    Oh Man!
    I have been on the receiving end of THAT look a number of times before. Even the big red hair, but from a smaller version of that bod.
    We decided Nitro-Her and glycerine-me, was self-destructive. Left on good relations for both sides. Was a lot of fun though.

  • Halley

    Some of us, no matter age or geography, will always be gaijin in a gaijin land…

    • John+D.+Egbert

      RAH would be so proud . . .

  • Mike-SMO

    Isn’t “Fwap” spelled wrong? My “Shield Maiden” explained to me in pointed terms, that it was more properly, “Fwaap!”. She stopped correcting me about it since she could see that I was enjoying the spelling lessons waay too much. Her look carried more of a lethal threat than the spelling lessons did.

  • cb

    Quote from the web: The only thing systemic in America is the left’s hatred of it!

  • Punta Gorda

    NICE hit. Got the crotch of the jeans perfectly planted, leg on either side of the head!

    • Pamela

      Imagine what the Sniffer would do with those jeans…

      • Petey

        I’m afraid he would, and probably has.

  • Jay Dee

    So we need to play a game that we will call Prog-Baiting. They do it to us. Let’s see how they stand it.

    Their weakness is groupthink. Feed them lies about themselves. Worse yet tell them the truth; preferably in a wholly unflattering matter. For instance, my favorite was telling someone that they’re not fit to be called a bastard is merely saying their mother and father were married when they were born. Accuse them of being addicted to dihydrogen monoxide. Convince them that buffaloes are being killed for their wings. Remember the campaign to save the nauga? Create gossip that various members are secretly Trumpers and have MAGA tattoos. We want that hysterical groupthink directed inward at the group until they are exhausted, paranoid and completely disillusioned. In other words no longer able to function as a group.

    This is not a particularly new idea. There is a whole community dedicated community dedicated to baiting email scammers. Look up scam-baiting. I suspect many of their techniques could be adapted for our purposes.

    • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

      They certainly are master baiters!
      Sorry, couldn’t hepp myself;)

      • CDR 215

        In college my dorm used to sell hotdogs on home game days which we would advertise by yelling “Our hot dogs are basted by the Master Baster”

        • We referred to the Captain of the Debating Team as the Master Debater!

          Zar Belk!

    • Halley

      A calm, cool presentation of rational common sense, informed by history and delivered with a confident serenity – in my experience, that is the winning formula to make their heads explode and implode simultaneously.

      • JTC

        Well that’s pretty much the opposite PDJT’s SOP…so what are you saying?

        • Halley

          I loved his rhetorical way, too. Just wish the Bad Actors had been dealt with instead of just denounced.

    • TBeholder

      > Convince them that buffaloes are being killed for their wings.

      There are people who do such things regularly, but what does this achieve? You are late to this stupid bandwagon, so here’s a summary.
      They do it for years, and the results are consistent. Namely, they still can’t get it through their thick skulls that making woke duckfaces make stupid noise about “ok” gesture is not in any way detrimental or even inconvenient for either duckfaces or their owners. So the duckfaces readjust their Problem Glasses and screech at people they don’t like over some BS nonsense instead of… well, screeching at people they don’t like over some BS nonsense, after making up their own nonsense. Yay. Sounds like a victory.
      It’s an equivalent of throwing a chew toy to dogs — dogs will get some exercise if they want to, and that’s all. This could momentarily distract a few of them, but it’s not really used this way, and someone did, the effect would be negligible.

    • PoppaGary

      Mr. Leonard Pitts is another of the far left columnists and I read this opinion piece when it was published in my local rag. For that that did not get the opportunity or TL:DR:
      He attributed the problems to President Donald Trump and other GOP or conservatives shattering norms, flouting the law, police not wanting to follow mask and other mandates, Bandon and others not submitting to Congressional subpoenas….basically is it the Right’s fault.
      I will say this about Mr. Pitts, he never fails to disappoint me with his tirades.

    • Pamela

      The newest cat like to PLOP on the keyboard while I am typing, and bat at the mouse

  • JTC

    Master baiters…heh.

    Hysteria sells!

    Speaking of bloody rags, from the studious, staid, and serious NYT…

    “Omicron has plunged the world into collective uncertainty.”

    Why do I find that partial panel of those jeans undone and about to slide off and be weaponized (Hit me! Hurts so good!) so damn sexy???

    • MadCat

      It’s the slight tummy bulge get me. That and “tight-fittin’ jeans”.

  • JTC

    Pretty easy to turn their words against them…tweeted by a sitting Congressthing terrorist and retweeted by another wannabe one mourning and in remembrance of a terrorist…

    The FBI called the Black Panther Party “the greatest threat to America’s national security.”

    I thought that was the White Nationalists? Everything that goes around comes around, my brother.

    BTW great job cleaning up Chitown back then…

  • JTC

    “…most of them will turn out to be ordinary, workaday folk who got the word there was free stuff to be had, and all you had to do was take it…”

    What Pitts is saying is he is an unapologetically racist leftist lying pos who in his dark (heh) heart desperately wants to avenge his own typically crappy black upbringing by joining that mob…

    • Henry

      Yeah, I got the word they wuz givin’ stuff away to anybody who could show they haz a crowbar. So me and all the kids went down! What a trip!

  • Halley

    High school at 13? IQ high 5, sista… ; )

    • Kafiroon

      But, they are so offended by F joe Bai Den that they forget it is the same cheer they used against Trump. Imperative Not to offend the wee delicate snowflakes.

    • Henry

      Dole served long and honorably, huh?

      “I sat there with the majority leader and everybody else had gone home, and we made an arrangement. We let that [Brady] bill pass.”
      Senator Bob Dole (R-KS), August 23, 1994, p. S.12363, Congressional Record

  • Alec Horne

    America on the rag, day 846.

  • JTC

    For any that got the recent email from Gab “Gab is not for sale”, it is worth a complete read. Quite an indictment of the “grifters” surrounding DJT and Trump Media and even a suggestion that he himself has made a deal with “the Beast”.

    A lot of good and true information there but some unanswered questions and possible motivations too; like I said worth a read. Anybody that knows more facts and details about the whole thing please post it. Also anybody less ignorant than me that knows how to post that full email here please do so, as I believe it includes critical info going forward.


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