Day By Day


  • Too+Tall

    Cruel to the parking meter to be sure….

    • RHT447

      True. Call the city and have xir towed.

      • the+Chicken+of+Depression

        Xir’s gonna need a rollback

    • steveb919

      For real. They will have to disinfect it.

      • Nah, the contamination is too deeply ingrained. Scrap and replace.

        Zar Belk!

  • Kafiroon

    But did he feed the meter? Could be hard to get a wheel boot on that heifer.

    • Son Of A Valkyrie

      Begs the question, where would you put it?

      • the+Chicken+of+Depression

        I’m betting there are other parts on Xir with rings on them.

        • That is one topic I have NO desire to explore!

          Zar belk!

  • DogByte6RER

    Heh … I think that ranger parked that porker at a porking meter.

  • Doc+Savage

    That wasn’t a ‘nose ring”….it was a tow shackle.

  • Bren

    As I grow older, it grows easier to overcome my early conditioning to feel sympathy for those utterly undeserving of it. Still not my default setting, but getting easier.

    • brodder

      Life is easier when you give zero fucks

  • Pete231

    Pork… The “other” white meat !

  • Mike-SMO

    I suspect that deploying armed Federal forces would be a “bridge too far” at this point. Maybe in 2022, after Americans are declared to be “terrorists”.

    • John

      Considering his track record so far, I would not put limits on “the most popular president in US history”.
      As I see it, such a declaration by him would make him the first POTUS to actually be _removed_ from office after impeachment and trial.
      I find it interesting that the Framers actually envisioned our politics to become so divisive that such actions might be necessary to preserve the Republic, but then again they did live in a time of rampant no-holds-barred political revolution.

      • TBeholder

        As I see it, such a declaration by him would

        Any clear declaration would be unnecessary. Just like it wasn’t like before. See also: “salami slicing”.

        would make him the first POTUS to actually be _removed_ from office after impeachment and trial.

        Who would you expect may be able and willing to do this in the real world? The USA Outer Party that returned to the habit of playing to lose, nominal sovereign (Supreme Court) that bowed out and effectively agreed that it’s the power of Unofficially Official Press to declare the winner, or said press?

  • Dread

    After reading how much ammo the USDA bought during the Obola administration, one must wonder how much the department of exucation bought?

    • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

      Wouldn’t that be The Department of Edsecution?

      • JTC

        Good Lord, have we gotten to the point of destruction of God’s Perfect Food along with all the other food production and distribution sabotage already in process?

        There can be nothing but Satan behind all of this.

      • TBeholder

        What is stupefying is that ostensibly smart people somehow STILL don’t expect this sort of crap.

  • One riot…

    To put 1/6 in perspective as the mild protest that it was.

    Fuck their fake “process” of impeachment.

    Removal from office will not be a legislative process, and will not be limited to the cadaver in chief. The framers provided the alternative means with the Second Amendment, guided by what was necessary before.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Whatever happened to one ranger, one town?
    Properly administered State power is an effective exercise of the will of the people.

  • Halley

    No one wears the emperor’s new clothes as perfectly as DBD women ; )

  • JTC

    For any that got the recent email from Gab “Gab is not for sale”, it is worth a complete read. Quite an indictment of the “grifters” surrounding DJT and Trump Media and even a suggestion that he himself has made a deal with “the Beast”.

    A lot of good and true information there but some unanswered questions and possible motivations too; like I said worth a read. Anybody that knows more facts and details about the whole thing please post it. Also anybody less ignorant than me that knows how to post that full email here please do so, as I believe it includes critical info going forward.

  • John+M.

    Beer’s not my thing, but I suppose Jack Daniels would work as well?

  • What had been left out was that NH officials had apparently predetermined to segregated the audience into “acceptable” and “non-acceptable” citizens to make arrests of the unacceptable (9) more “efficient”.


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