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  • kafiroon

    Now I totally believe there are some presstitutes that Have dropped to their knees in front of him. Female and Male. Don’tcare what the other 99+ claim to be. There Can Be Only Two!

  • Henry

    Now, be kind. A lot of them have to kneel just to get both their faces on camera.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Misinformation?! Yeah, he would know everything there is to know on that subject.
    And no one can call out a communist like a reformed ex-communist.

    Not a real network? Define “real network”. Ohhhh, you mean “DeMSM presstitutes” real network.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Hm? Maybe Skye was trying to put some real lipstick on that pig.
    And Fausti Fauci misinterpreted the information he received.
    Agenda man has a story that played in many versions and cast sides throughout history. Roles are kinda truth fluid through history, as are agendas and institutions. Power is always involved. Actually looking at and critically analyzing facts scores failures across the centuries. Examples.
    Maybe Fauci just misinterpreted that Skye was just another CNN / CNN type reporter (sic) ready to provide service? Skye putting too much lipstick on herself could be a hiding of her attractive reality. Make up news is old hat.

  • Neanderthal+JSStryker

    Does anyone besides me and Lara Logan feel like this bastard is channeling/possessed by joseph mengele?

    • steveb919

      I do.

    • Bill G

      I’d say he just has a similar mindset.

    • Too+Tall

      When all of the facts are known, Fauci will make Joseph Mengele look like Mother Theresa.

  • Dread

    Is just too easy to visualize dr falsie in a nazi SS officer’s uniform. He so naturally looks and acts the part.

    • Saaruuk

      THAT my friend is a very scary truth/fact. I’d be interested in knowing how many others around the US literally have the same thoughts/visualizations?

      • Dastardly Dan

        I think quite a few from conversations I’ve had

    • Very similar to John Killgore: Senior research scientist in the testing project of the Shiva virus (Wu Flu) in Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six”.

      Zar Belk!

      • Dastardly Dan

        I wonder who Clancy used as a ‘model’.

  • duggersd

    There was a hiccup? I never noticed.

  • Greyone

    Fauci is role playing Iulius Ceasar.
    Just hope he doesn’t get his finger loaded.

  • Halley

    From here in the peanut gallery, it sure looked like The Coup’s main weapon of choice to overthrow PDT was the Covid1984 scam. Thus, anyone involved in that viral horror show – and the amount of lies and intentional economy-wrecking misinformation fed to PDT by Anthony et al would surely indicate complicity in the plot – should be held accountable. But we know for certain now that Democrats are never held accountable, so at this point, what difference does it make? On the other side, one would think PDT owes it to MAGA to tell us at what point he knew “covid-19” was a CCP bioweapon? and when did he realize the SocialistDemocrats were onboard this early October Surprise? Also, why does he continue to minimize all the damage being done by the “vaccines”? I’m sick of being kept in the dark.

    It is extremely rare that a good-looking woman looks better with too much make-up.

  • JTC

    40 years in the gun and pawn biz teaches some lessons of survival, both physical and economic…who to believe or not, who to trust or not, who to speak calmly to while never taking your eyes off of them and with your hand wrapped around the shorty 12ga under the counter.

    What they say is mostly irrelevant; how they say it is a good clue. Body language is important too. But intent is in the eyes, squinty little windows into the soul, or exposing the lack of one.

    Pawndar I called it, a signal and a reading that I am convinced is the reason I never had a violent conflict, never had to draw down, in spite of numerous instances where I was sure it might be imminent. Eye to eye silent communication is a powerful deterrent.

    Watch the eyes of that little weasel Fauxi…squinty, shifty, never resting. Yes, little windows, no soul there but I am convinced are portals to pure evil and avarice, more so than any wannabe robber or killer I ever faced in my career.

    Make of that what you will.

  • Pamela

    Tony No Boner is a tweaker addicted to power who hasn’t O.D. yet

  • cb

    Reminds me of ~
    “The devil saw me with head down and thought he’d won… until he heard me say Amen.”

    • Pamela

      Dangerous Word.

      • JTC

        To my gear head buddy Kafiroon…

        Wish I had heard earlier about this weekend’s events at the Sebring Racetrack; a big meet-up of vintage racing combined with a fly-in of vintage planes taxied right up to the line, how cool!

        I could have set up the old motor home out there for a fun day of cool stuff to help us forget all the un-cool just for a day, might even have been able to lure Muir down; three meat fossils watching all the mechanical ones…

        Oh well maybe next time, if there is one. 🙂


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