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  • NotYetInACamp


    Or is that xure?

  • interventor

    I’d buy the game. However, Captain Fedora is wearing a trilby, not a fedora. Which has a much wider brim.

    • That’s literally written on the card.

  • WayneM

    I like the sound of that… “Virtue Signal: the Game” and since my son and his friends like games… although it might be too educational for them to enjoy…

    • NotYetInACamp

      Think of the satirical and sarcastic possibilities.
      There is all of PC to ridicule. (Use of Ridicule is in Alinsky’s Rules)

  • Jim Smith

    One suggested change: Name it “Virtue Signal – The Hypocrisy Game”. Otherwise…what an excellent idea Chris!

  • Wood

    Makes one wonder if the movie “PCU” could be made today, or if everybody would take themselves too seriously and be “offended” by it.

    • DCE

      “We’re Not Going To Protest! We’re Not Going To Protest!”

    • JSStryker

      What about “Blazing Saddles”?

  • Tagg

    Such a game could be used on college and university campuses to augment classroom study and instruction. The perfect fit for hypocrisy 101 and social rage 202.

    • eon

      Just reading the description is a hoot, to anybody ever afflicted with acquaintances who were obsessed with “Magic; the Gathering”.

      It is strongly reminiscent of SJ Games “Illuminati; NWO” collector card game, which had something in it to offend pretty much everybody, but especially “Magic; the Gathering” fanatics.

      clear ether


  • MikeS

    I hope they make their goal, I have a few people I want to play the game with…

  • Badger

    Elegant in its hilarity. Thanks for the link to the most timely game project.

  • Old Codger

    Breaking: OT The same slimy shyster that claims to represent the first alleged “Ukrainegate” whistle blower now claims to represent a second with knowledge of Mr. Trump’s “Ukraine interactions”.

  • Darth Bubba

    As someone said above it’s structure is similar to Illuminati which included several blank cards and instructions so you could create your own groups.

    I’d love to see the groups this crowd would create.

  • It just never ends…. Glenn Beck did an INTERESTING chalkboard on the Ukrainian mess. Did you know two went to prision, for interference in OUR 2016 Election? Not if you count on OUR media….but it was front page stuff in Ukraine.

    • CuriousB

      Glenn Beck’s chalkboard essay was a tour de force. I’ve been a GB fan since before he went on FNC and showed his depth in explaining complex issues that the MSM would love to keep buried. Is it surprising that he has never received a Pulitzer? I owe a lot of my understanding of the left through his tutelage.

      • JTC

        Beck is a brilliant guy…and to his eternal credit he has come a long way since being a signatory to the “Never Trump” National Review hit piece cover story, and his depth of understanding of complex issues now includes and admits that all the smarts in the world is no match for the streetfighter instincts and methods of Trump.

        I linked that NYT piece a few days ago too, Beck and several others have retracted their words and thoughts featured in it…but not all; looking at you Dr. Sowell.

        • CuriousB

          I was never a never Trumper, but I had my doubts at first. Like all these reformed never Trumpers, we observe the undeniable results of his presidency, and anyone on our side would be seriously obtuse not to see it. Personally, I think he is the greatest president in my lifetime, and I was born during Eisenhower. No disrespect to Reagan of course.

          • JTC

            Like you I thought for the longest time that DT didn’t actually want to be President with all its concomitant work and problems…that it was just another deal that he wanted to close; and that he just wanted to WIN. Also like you, he won me over with genuine change and progress in all of the issues important to me and Deplorables everywhere, but more important than that, with his PROVEN purity of heart and soul and commitment to America.

            And in some ways those luminaries listed on that NR cover and putting their names to letters trashing the man and his candidacy are just like us…they learned and have admitted they were wrong. But unlike us, they were in a position to not just hold their own opinion but to sway the opinions of so many others who respected them the way I used to respect T. Sowell. We (and I imagine they) can only imagine and shudder to think where we would be now if they had been successful. So their doubts were in a different category from ours and it will take a while for them to redeem their bad judgment and their misguided efforts to derail the Trump Train. Beck and some of the others are well on their way.

            And BTW, like so many Deplorables today, I am a Reagan conservative; no one could make the scales fall from our eyes as he did. The revolution that he began may have fallen short due to our own lack of follow-through and resulted in Clinton and Obama and the arguably even worse years of Bush II…but I will be forever grateful to Ronald Reagan for rescuing me from becoming a part of that which I now despise.

  • Spin Drift

    How about after this can we get:

    Antifa-opoly, Pass Go and get a beat down
    Shoots in Bladders, Inner city ER fun
    PorkSleazy, Roll the dice for bribes and corruption
    Candi’s Land, Experience Hookers, Pimps, Booze and Drugs
    Risque, Movie night at Epstein’s Island

    A new childhood in the making.

    • JTC

      Well let’s see if his project goes through without being “deplatformed”:

      Like most online platforms, kickstarter is NOT a friend to conservatives. Even worse, there is not even a pretense to even-handedness. Hopefully this gent (Mr. Dale?) completes his fundraising (looks like he’s almost there) before he gets the boot but maybe he should also check out “Indiegogo”, which thus far it seems, leaves judgment to the participants.

      • JTC

        Of course as SJW’s themselves as evidenced in that letter defending MS-13, they don’t get the irony and that this thing is the ultimate parody of them and their cause..,that’s funny right there, depending in this case on who you are.
        Sorry Larry the Cable Guy, humor is NOT the universal language.

        • John

          Scott Addams, of Dilbert fame, reports that about a third of the population simply does not have a sense of humor, and I suspect a great deal of that defect is concentrated in the Far Left.

  • LOL!!!

  • Pamela

    Hmm. Scratches the cat. I think I’ll go polish the brass…

  • TBeholder

    There’s a point here, but not great.
    1. It’s no longer possible to parody them. :]
    There was Liberal Crime Squad, but the last release was in 2004.
    3. As the stereotypical SJW clown characters go, these cards are passable, but not as lulzy as the competition. For example:


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