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  • JTC

    They don’t believe in capital punishment for criminals, but didja ever notice that when discussing us every sentence out of their mouths is a death sentence?

    Too bad for them it ain’t gonna go like they think…

  • WayneM

    The leftists are trying to pull the Overton Window so far to their favour that (in their fevered minds) it could never return. That’s why they’re constantly labeling anyone who doesn’t spout Marxist rhetoric as being “far right” as well.

    • MasterDiver

      Capital punishment may not act as deterrent, but it does eliminate one more rabid dog from threatening society.

      Zar Belk!

      • WayneM

        Do you think it’s prudent to allow government the power to kill it’s own citizens? Can the government be trusted?

      • JTC

        Yup. When (eventually…about 20 yrs on average between sentencing and carrying out…except maybe in Texas; what did Ron White say, something about “other states are trying to abolish the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane!”) is deters the fuck out of one individual at least.

        As to more general deterrence, capital punishment is best carried out on the spot by the victim; tell me all the spooks and bangers in town don’t talk amongst themselves…”man them fools in that neighborhood will kill your ass!”.

        • NotYetInACamp

          2 AM. An edgy area and street on Miami Beach. A solitary man is walking on one / his side of the street minding his own business. Two large thuggish (fluid definition) looking “gentlemen” (not in any way) start walking from the other side of the street towards their prey in a spreading boxing pattern. The solitary man stops and states loudly enough to the thuggish appearing “gentlemen” “I will drop you where you stand.” The Thuggish appearing “gentlemen” stop turn and walk away from the solitary man. The Thuggish appearing “gentlemen” chose to live, and likely pursue other prey at another time. A parable of life.

          • JTC

            Perfect. Myself, in forty years of fairly high-risk business enterprises (pawn, jewelry, guns) I never once had to draw down on a potential attacker though I have come close; I’ve always attributed to respectful demeanor and eye contact when I sensed the boogeyman about to come out.

            I guess the closest I came was a youngish thugish and aggressive black dude coming at me quickly in the shop with just he and me there. Yes I was prepared to do what might have to be done but I said evenly…”Boy, are you ready to die today?” He stopped in his tracks and pretended at innocence, looked around the shop for a few minutes…me watching him, hand on the shorty shottie under the counter the whole time…and then he walked out the door.

            I thanked God then for that and I still do.

  • Pamela

    Wonder how far they need to go left before the circle turns right.

    • PaulS

      What goes around, comes around.

    • JTC

      But, space and its cadets have one helluva long orbit that makes Halley’s Comet seem like a daily visitor so we can’t wait for that…better to nuke it on the near trajectory.

  • Must be why they keep calling us fascists and racists, they paint us as so extreme with imagined acts that the real ones they do are only “moderate”.

    Can’t believe it took so long to finish and polish, but the new piece is done. Length’s about a short magazine article. If you like humor like mini-mart coffee, dark and bitter, feel free to try it. Good Halloween vibe. 😉
    AOC finding legislating boring, thinks of the children and perhaps pumpkin spice

    • MasterDiver

      Good article. I sent it on to Facebook.

      Zar Belk!

      • Thanks. Got a link to where it’s at? The WP dashboard lists the referrer as only FB.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

      Nicely done. I left a comment you may want to incorporate.

    • Kaffiroon

      Considering AOC and that babies comment, I then Could say that Africa will then be the “Breadbasket of the World”.
      I Know. Boo. Hiss.

    • JTC

      Nicely written, and a Knoebel cause!

      One question: Is graphitti the same as graffiti or something different?
      Not that I would leave either there, but I used to put it a bit differently on the comment advisory at the Old Dead Blog…

      “Don’t be a dick. Or a pussy.”

    • Punta Gorda

      Those idiots are so stupid that they can’t even conceptualize the word “Nutmeg”.

  • Bill G

    The pendulum swings, in spite of the left’s desire to have it stop all the way to their side.

  • Well, what goes around comes around.

  • eon

    Democrats have reached the Futsie stage;

    Like Sgt. Gragg Pappard’s Lunatic Homicidal Crazies Brigade, their credo now is (in a Lolita lisping falsetto),

    “I want to establish World Peeece, free all the Umpty Candeees, and KILL EVERYBODY!!

    To them, anybody who is not exactly like them is an “Enemy of (the State, Holy Mother Gaia, or whatever icon or shordurpersav* they are enraptured by at any given moment)”.

    Like Islamists or the IRA, it is interesting to speculate re what will happen when they run out of “enemies” to exterminate.

    (*Short DURation PERsonal SAVior- see Church of Subgenius)

    clear ether


    • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

      “I want WHIRLED PEAS!”

    • Punta Gorda

      AntiFirstAmendment shits are the “ENEMA of the State”

    • Bill G

      “Like Islamists or the IRA, it is interesting to speculate re what will happen when they run out of “enemies” to exterminate.”
      I have long had an image in my mind, in two pictures, of the result of Islam achieving it’s World Caliphate.
      In the first frame, the various leaders have gathered in unity to congratulate themselves on the achievement. This had lasted about 30 minutes, when one leader proclaimed “Well, we did it! My fighters have brought this about!” And so, the fighting resumed.
      The second image shows one single jihadist; battered, bandaged and bloody. He stands in rubble and is surrounded by corpses. He’s saying “Well, Allah, I’m the only one left, but as long as I live you will be worshiped properly!”

  • Too Tall

    Skye will owe Sam a dozen or so breweries on that bet.

  • MikeS

    Loved it!

  • Robert Arvanitis

    True about blind hatred of the left, but the left is ineffective – complete lack of verbs.
    Antifa won’t go after anyone under 75, UNLESS they got 6:1 odds.
    And even then, they get their asses kicked more than half the time.
    Think about that.

  • Pamela

    Too bad Sam, Jo and Javier do an OVERHAUL of the drive line of Government.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Buy or possess a plastic straw. Amputation of one digit or appendage upon each conviction.
    Edgy enough.

    Also applicable as a social justice foreign policy against alleged “third world” nations that deposit about 90% of the plastic in the oceans through six of the great rivers that flow through these nations.

    • Doggo

      China wants to know who you’re calling “Third World”.


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