Day By Day


  • Too Tall

    In panel one, behold the Left and the Right.

  • Too Tall

    Perceptive and devastating observation by the twins in panel two with a very appropriate use of the word “its.”

  • Buck

    Somehow “Karen” just doesn’t cover “it”.

    • Too Tall

      I believe that one is Karen’s partner, Xir, whose first appearance in DBD resulted in Sam shooting a Taser into her more than ample “target,”

      • Henry

        It’s so thoughtful of Xir to come with one electrode preinstalled.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      a Parachute could not cover “It”

      • NotYetInACamp

        Time to call “Omar The Tent Maker.”

  • Kafiroon

    Triggly would require Huge parameters.

  • Mike-SMO

    Oh, jes get off R200. He is just “doin’ his job.” Which is sort of like, “Ve Vas on-lee follow-ink orders”.

    R200 will get his battery pulled if he isn’t careful.

    But why ain’t the “Ladies” calling in a “SITREP” and a call for “Over-Watch”?

    Is one of them carrying a concealed turkey, or some such?

    • JTC

      Some such. Smaller, harder, faster, but probably not more devastating than a turkey-launch, but very effective mano y mano.

      Lay off the ‘bot. He’s working defense, not making moral judgements.

  • interventor

    The purpose of putting a ring on a hog’s nose was to deter it from digging under the fence and escaping. Appears, that failed, in her case.

  • Pete231

    Pork….The “other” white meat.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Cat.. the OTHER other white

    • Doggo

      I ain’t porking that!

  • Halley

    Sam, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.
    It’s March 5 and it’s still Nothing Makes Any Sense world.
    Missing Milo’s jokes about Twiddly Puff there.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Did not FIB Wraith Wray assure us all, that after extensive research on everything about the people in that Capitol arrests all the way back to kindergarten, that FIB have determined that there were no antifa involved. And FIB knows that antifa is just an idea just like they were back before WW2 and before that. Notwithstanding any “false” evidence to the contrary.
        They also say that 500 people out of a crowd of 500,000 plus tags every supporter of causes and ideas contrary to our illustrious and bountiful real leaders who won last November, is a traitor, an insurrectionist, and just a bad person deserving of incarceration and NKVD treatment and some STACI thrown in. and more

  • Pamela

    Oh dear. Omar the Tent Maker has his work cut out for him.

    • JSStryker

      I was thinking American Bridge and Girder might need calling…

      • Pamela

        Oh for it’s boobs, ass and mouth?

  • Kafiroon

    When I used study these things, common use hand cannons would only penetrate gelatin so far…

    • Browncoat57

      “So far” may be more than enough… Nothing gained by over penetration except, perhaps, negative results.

      • Kafiroon

        Depends on where you hit all that blubber, and then with what.

    • Wood

      There’s a reason the minimum caliber for safari is .375 H&H

    • interventor

      .458 Winchester magnum, copper washed, steel rounds.

  • My Way Or -->

    How does that ummm…. individual get through a door?

    • Larry

      Loading dock in the back.

      • Pamela

        Forklift in the back

  • It’s a long story but here you go –

    I’ll bet I could drop “Xir-it” (kind of reminds me of the clown on It) with a 105mm I am an excellent FO…

    • The 300

      Well, that beats the guy I knew who used to duck hunt with the minigun in his Cobra.

      For this target, I recommend Mk. 20 Rockeye. Weapon of choice for heavily armored targets in a large area.

  • As Sam “Casts down her Gage”!

    And may God defend the Right!

    Zar Belk!

  • James/G

    See my post concerning FL politics I made in yesterday’s comments. Nlkki Fried is attacking Governor DeSantis over his vaccinating the elderly, instead of following Cuomo’s policy of Eldercide. Using my phone for this post, so you’ll have to go back a page for the link to the story…

  • “That’s the SECOND BIGGEST strawman I’ve ever seen!” – Maxwell Smart

    • JTC

      HELL YEAH!!!

      (Not a redneck girl but I sure do love me some, and most especially one!)

    • Pamela

      Never drove a Quad. Did drive a ’52 Willys M38 in Utah mountains mud during hunting season with the Winch option.

    • JTC

      And the tie-in of that to the ‘toon?

      That’s Red’s real opposition…but I wouldn’t call them “esteemed”.

    • Halley

      Yes. Perhaps the most depressing thing about this Bizarro World we are being forced to endure is the comatose notion that electing more anti-MAGA Republicans, after stabbing us in the back at both national and local levels during The Big Steal and the blood still wet, will somehow (?????) reverse the fascist Coup (in power solely because of said Republicans) now outlawing the Bill of Rights and legislating their permanence as overlords.

      Maybe we’re all in RAH’s Job (A Comedy of Justice) book, and (spoiler alert!) all these bizarre, unreal trials and tribulations turn out to be just a bad dream…. ? Hope springs eternal.

      • James Gemind

        Halley, the reason, *The Real Reason* that Baen’s Bar was attacked and forced to shut down temporarily, was because several of us had started pushing for Moderates and Conservatives to do everything possible to put a stop to the DNC/PLD overthrow of our country. We were discussing having people run for office, and/or at least taking a hands on approach to the election process, namely by taking the job of poll workers to prevent the kind of shenanigans the DNC/PLD are so proud of. We also were pushing for measures that would have cut down a good measure of the cheating they pull. Photo ID voter cards, Absentee Ballots that have a Notary Public stamp, A dyed finger/thumb to prevent people from voting more than once. We were even pushing for full purges of voting rolls to eliminate dead voters and people who had left the voting district, or changed their names.

        The number of Progressives who came up with arguments against every measure suggested is proof enough that the Bar is not, was not, and likely never will be an echo chamber.

        So, I’m telling you and everyone else here, you don’t like the way the system is working, fix it! Register to vote, or take the time to convince someone why they should make the effort to choose a capable, honest individual to hold office. Work to change your state and local government’s methods of holding elections.

        • JTC

          “…you don’t like the way the system is working, (kill) it!”

          There ya go. “Fixed” it.

          But the Baen stuff? Of course. All discussed right here, where we have (so far) not been Baenned.

    • JTC

      To the degree that the story is accurate, it is double-edged; the weapons systems and the soldiers who serve them are as likely to be deployed by and for deplorables as against us.

      And again, if true, can there be any doubt that CW2 is already implemented by them if not declared? Best get our asses in gear.

      Time’s up! CRA Now!

  • Mike-SMO

    “GOP party leaders don’t get it”? They been raking it in since forever. They have been getting well paid for an occasional bit of “theater”.

    Go easy on the bot? he is just like an Animatronic Nation Guard. All show. Give him his cookie and he is done. The way he responds is just an invitation to the game. There is no deterence in that tin-man.

    Does he “shape shift” like Jo? Seems like he is working on “lap dog”.

    • JTC

      Just a ‘bot, dude. A tool.

      No response but what you tell it. No deterrence but what you program.
      No morals, no gratitude, no honor, no ethics, no responsibility.

      Just a ‘bot.


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