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  • Too Tall

    The last panel sums up the State of the Union far better than any speech by Biden* ever could.

  • RHT447

    Like anyone is going to believe that line from the former republican governator, machine or no.

    • Henry

      Most gun owners would.

  • DogByte6RER

    Yes … relax indeed Madam, as long as you CCW.

    Other noteworthy Democrats … Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Christopher Dodd, Al Franken, Bill Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Barney Frank, Bob Filner, Mel Reynolds, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Jim Jones, John Wayne Gacy, et al.

    Any wonder why Democrats are so in for gun control? They don’t want their future victims to shoot back …

  • Rockbend

    Better yet:
    “I… am a Democrat… and I identify as a woman!”

    • Also “It’s $CURRENT_YEAR”.
      More learning to do!
      Dammit. I imagine that dialog menu from Terminator with those answers now.

  • My Way Or -->

    Take a 2×4 to him and tell him to go away.

    • JR Gierlach

      I’d use a plasma cutter…

  • Halley

    Unless there somehow is a booby-trapped MOALM (Mother Of All Land Mines) cleverly placed within the Xiden administration waiting to be stepped on, today should mark the start of some grievous self-ransacking on the Right. We have both misjudged and been (purposely?) misled – from sources on the Right – about too many big things. Cold Anger doesn’t begin to describe it.

    Too big a job for even the Terminator and with even less of a happy ending, as the darkest episode of the Twilight Zone refuses to end…

    • The ultimate booby trap, as usual, is in the brains. It’s slow and prone to collateral damage, however.

      The delusion of mild Right is simple: they treat crude schematics of power structures the way otaku treat their imaginary “waifus”, which precludes sober observation of relevant phenomena in the real world. Hence the results, including counter-counter-counter-coup that turned into farce.
      If you want an antidote for this sort of wishful thinking, Moldbug is good. Even if he gets a few details wrong now and then, most important points are quite solid.

  • Spin Drift

    Admit it you read that last panel in Arnold’s voice.

    Halley, the enemy within is more dangerous than the enemy without.

    Hold Fast
    Molon Labe
    War Eagle

  • JTC

    OMG! Have you heard?

    They know that today is the day of righteous retaking of all that was stolen, and the Dims and Dimmers have cancelled their august deliberations and had to call in more troops and popo to protect their delicate selfs as the bloodthirsty hate-mongers of the reactionary right and radical white run wild, shooting and torching and destroying everything in sight!

    What? They didn’t show up? Again? Well shit.

  • Drew458

    And somewhere the 10 year olds of 4Chan an Qanon are laughing their butts off at fooling these “top men” once again.

  • Roland Deshain

    Now that is funny!

    • My Way Or -->

      Gates is nutz. Period: “:what they call the ‘holy grail of influenza research‘, an attempt to develop a ‘universal vaccine‘….”
      His lack of understanding how influenza viruses work has everything to do with having an annual flu shot: the flu viruses literally exchang RNA and come up with a new strain, hence the annual flu shot. Remember the swine flu scare? And the bird flu scare? Not so very long ago, either.
      Now I”m starting to wonder if it’s worth it to get the flu shot if this slimy scumbag is at the helm of developing a vaxx for it.
      Be very wary of anything coming out of his mouth. He really hates people more than I realized.

  • James Gemind

    And the DNC/PLD continues to push for Eldercide. Cuomo set the example, and DNC/PLD Governors(and two GOPe Governors) followed suit in forcing seniors to stay locked up in rest homes to die of COVID-19. Now the top Democrat in Florida is looking to vilify Governor DesSantis for Vaccinating our elderly;

    Hey Chris, can Sam launch an Easter Ham at Nikki Fried?


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